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at someone ever apologize to you but you do not feel apologetic but have you ever apologize to someone but they are fully did not get you or they communicate the team this week we talked about how to apologize to your girlfriend to a boyfriend to your friend the qur’an’s parent around there’s so much to do with apologizing there’s so many things that have that surround the topic of apologizing and none of the main things is to listen to the other person and make them feel hot because you can’t be apologizing for means you have not had right however I think this is a whole topic the whole video needs on that I’m sure we’ll talk about sometime today we’ll talk about five apology languages according to Gary Chapman and Jennifer Toma in their book the five languages of apology okay enough chitchat reading apology language number one expressing regret this until showing this faster that you feel bad about what she did this type of person responds to words like I regret what I did to you I am deeply I truly wish it was like I feel terrible about what I see what the accounting feel nice you did that to me was like I am really upset these are the words that this type of person responds to so the second apology language he accepted responsibility between deep second category respond better toward like I accept responsibility I tickets for the video my mistake there is no excuse what I did I had no right to do that but like I admit I did it it was my fault basically they just want better – I take full responsibility for what I did apology language number three expressing desire this person wants to hear you express lecture they desire to never do that again and they also want to hear how this plan of not doing that again this person will respond better towards like I promise to you I promise not to I plan on doing this at least this person responds towards like let’s talk about these so that in the future I don’t do it let’s talk about how in the future I wouldn’t do that to your kid the other thing you don’t want to do this parcel is to swear to never do it again because we are swearing to never do it again takes away the German English from an apology you’re human you will most likely that it this person is more concerned with your desire too much ever to the country not will you never really tell if they are more concerned with your desire for the apology language is requesting for forgiveness the people in this category want to hear what like will you forgive me will you give me another chance I know you don’t have to forgive me but I hope you do apology long with number five making restitution this person responds to show me your soul you don’t just leave it there is on it more with words like I feel like I need to do more than just they also tell me what I can do to make it up to you they respond more to do do do not sakes people’s apology languages are shipped by maybe the life experiences or the personality we are sanguine choleric melancholy yes and other factors we’re not trying to tie you down we know that people’s apology languages just like love languages I’ll kind of a meekly the strong one and maybe another one it’s not like you just put someone say our talk I am upset by we’re not telling you don’t you just threw that you know you can so many people’s apology languages let’s just like love languages around me right so focused on that wrote to tell us what is your political I think my main apology languages taking responsibility funny enough you don’t even have to say yourself just say that I did it I was wrong and you don’t even have proper register was nothing has enough to say sorry I mean I wasn’t again Christine what’s your policy language my apology language is a bit of a mix mainly expressing desire to change and a little bit of accepting responsibility I stepped on you I’m sorry I plan on where the lighter shoes to not step on your head so what’s your apology language tell us on the comment box below yes and so you act how do I know me for example is a test on the Gary Chapman site will link for you now description be sure to take a friend and tell us you

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