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How To Apply Cream Eye Shadow (Shadowsense) Video

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today we are going over cream eyeshadow how to use it how to apply it what is cream eyeshadow why would you use this over powder eyeshadow can you use cream and powder eyeshadow in the same application we’re going over it all okay the main reason I love cream eyeshadows you guys is because they stay on all day long my makeup application will look exactly the same when I turn it off turn it off not kidding you guys I’ll put it on at 8:00 in the morning and when I go to take it off at 8:00 10 o’clock at night it looks exactly how I applied it okay zoomed you guys in a little bit I’m gonna walk you guys through how I really do this so the very first one I take is candlelight it’s kind of a peachy just natural shade and I do wipe this just all over my eyelid now if it had a bunch of product in it like I’m really running low on this one if it had a bunch of product you can absolutely do it like I’m gonna do the next colors but with candlelight this is how I do it I’m gonna come through with the morphe e 8 and I’m just going to blend this right in so this color candlelight is really really nice because not only does it blend in really nicely to create like a primer kind of like a base to your eyeshadow but you can also use it down along your dark circles and use it as a concealer you can spot conceal with it you can really do anything okay I can take off my friggin best I’m sweating in here excape mix skate myself I’m gonna keep it really really simple you guys and just use a few colors that I think are just basic great everyday colors I’m not gonna like go crazy there’s a bunch of colors you can use so I’m gonna take mocha Java which is a really nice Brown like a I’ll show you guys just a really nice like light brown and I do take a little bit of that on the back of my hand and then I’m gonna go through with the morphe m43 3 and just pick up a little bit of that pigment you guys not too much and kind of just blotting it out now here’s the thing with cream eyeshadows and I think this is where a lot of people get confused with them or hung up on them I don’t know um once you apply them you don’t have forever to work with them like a powder powder sits there on the surface and you can blend it blend it blend it until it literally disappears creams they set so you do have to go through and blend really fast so I’m not gonna put this on this I an aside and then come back and blend this I I’m gonna do one eye at a time because this I will be set by the time I can even get back to it taking the smallest amounts and again I think when you dip into powders and you’re so used to using powder shadows when you dip into powders you can tap off that extra and go through and really blend it out you cannot do that with creams so you have to come through here with the smallest amount work it around and then like kind of sit back and analyze it I definitely need a little bit more so I’m going to go through grab a tiny bit more less is more it’s super buildable you guys but if you get too much there’s no going back this mocha Java color is great for a transition shade so I have hooded eyes so I’m going to take this pretty high up but I’m not using a ton of pigment just whatever is left on the brush kind of grabbing it from here and just bringing it right up into this transition area next I’m going to come through with garnet which is just a little bit darker of a brown you guys can kind of see those side-by-side and let’s see I’m gonna go through the morphe M 506 the 507 would be fine the e36 would be fine any of these small tapered blending brushes will do the job just fine and then I’m gonna pick up a little pigment here you guys again not a lot and then I’m just gonna throw this right through my crease area now you may notice it’s not a huge difference you guys I am taking the smallest amounts if I was to just put a bunch of this on I wouldn’t be able to sit here and blend and blend and blend because it’s not going to go anywhere other than spreading out so with creams you really want to keep it in its place and not use a lot and then just layer it because it’s super buildable now I’m gonna go back through with the morphe 36 I’m grabbing a little bit of that mocha Java which is our lighter Brown and I’m just gonna throw that right underneath here at the bottom lash line keeping it very light just kind of doing windshield wiper motions until I really liked the blend okay I’m happy with that now I’m gonna go through with the more BM 4 3 2 and I just picked up a little bit of garnet which is our darker Brown and I’m just going to lightly run that along my lash line now if I wanted this really like a lot darker I could absolutely layer this up use it as like a brown eyeliner and really smoke out this eye but I’m gonna try to keep it pretty natural and really simple today so I’m just you guys barely just touching kind of just blending that right along the lash line keeping it really soft now just because I’m filming this I don’t do this every single day sometimes I’ll literally just leave like this throw on mascara and go which is totally fine I am going to take a little bit of snow which is a boom white white shadow and I’m gonna use this to kind of just create a slight cut crease and then pop a little bit in that corner of our eye so I’m gonna come through here with a concealer brush which is just this tiny little flat brush and I’m just gonna Pat this right along this lower part of my upper lid and then when I open my eye it’ll stamp it all the way up here then I can just kind of bring this down now I don’t want this to be too white in the inner corners so I’m just taking whatever is left on this brush and I’m just popping it right in here it doesn’t seem like a lot but what it does is just opens the eye just a little bit so don’t know there was sandstone pearl shimmer which you guys this is probably one of my favorite ones out of the whole entire thing don’t mind my dry hands but let me zoom in on this freeway so you can see it like how gorgeous is that so I’m actually just going to take this entire thing and just Pat this right over that white snow shadow we just used and then I can kind of just take my finger and work this around with creams you can absolutely use your finger and another great tip is to use a synthetic brush now can you use a natural hair bristle brush absolutely but natural hair brushes are more mint for powders and synthetic brushes are one cheaper and two they are better for cream products so I would definitely use either your finger you can use this or a synthetic brush and then I’m just going to take this applicator and pop a little bit of this for highlight right in here and then I’m also going to put a little bit right up through here I’m not using a lot you guys I don’t want it to like look like a ton of highlighter but I do want to give it a little something at the brow bone now I’m gonna come back through with our more p-m 4-3-3 grabbing a little more of that mocha Java and then I’m just going to clean this up just a little bit and then if you guys notice that you need to clean right up through here a little bit just pop a little bit of candle light back on there with like a smaller brush and just with circular motions just kind of clean up there a little bit I’m gonna pop on a little mascara and I will be right back okay I am back you guys I have to say this mascara is like the best mascara I’ve ever used I do not have any real lashes like they’re so tiny I wear fake lashes all the time and this is the only mascara that I’ve got these results from plus there is a lash growth serum in it so your lashes actually grow when you’re wearing this so I have to say it is my new hands-down favorite and I never thought I was gonna say Sun engines mascara is my favorite mascara because let’s be honest the old one was disgusting and I hated it and I never worked and now this one is like night and day difference and I love it and because I’m giving everything just super natural today I’m just gonna go through with a little big gloss bougainvillea Dugan BIA not sure I call it bougainvillea but I think it’s boo gonna be yeah but I really don’t care throwing this on just give this little like slight reddish pink tint to your lips like there’s something there well there is something they’re just the perfect reddish pink tent I’m obsessed this is like my favorite gloss in the entire world out of all the lipsticks all the lip glosses I’ve ever tried this wins it for me okay anyways that’s it that’s our simple look I just used a few color eyeshadows on my eyes I didn’t do much with my brows if you’re wondering what I had on my face prior to filming I did a mixture of dewy foundation and one pump of medium tinted moisturizer mix these two together use my hands to apply it super simple and then I use the Too Faced Born This Way concealer I then threw on some hoola by benefit bronzer and moonstone by Becca highlighter this is like my everyday go-to I know I just did a really simple look so if you guys wanna see that I will link it above now that our cream eyeshadows are on you guys this is the point where you could go through and put powder eyeshadows over it you never put powder first cream products in general not just eyeshadows always go first and then you put your powders and then you put your setting sprays so if you want to use powder and now is the time to do that and it’s gonna stay all day long that cream will actually help that powder stick to your eye a little bit better and you’ll have longer-lasting results with that powder which is why when I use powder eyeshadows because you guys know I love morphe products I have tons of morphe palettes I use them almost every single day I always use candlelight first and that’s for prepping my eye but that’s also to have a cream base because that powder just sticks to it so much better I hope you guys learned something from this I tried to keep it really easy trying to keep it really simple and if you guys have any more questions or need to order cream eyeshadows and then drop them below thank you everyone for tuning in I hope you guys have a great day see you later

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