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hey what’s up guys so question of the day what do you want to become a life what do you want to achieve in this life who do you want to become I asked this because I have a belief I have a thought that anybody can achieve whatever they want in their life they can become whoever or whatever they want no matter your skin color your gender your sexual preference your height your weight no matter how smart you are or no matter where you’re from on this planet of ours because a simple ugly rock like this that will normally be kicked off to the side it’s gonna become a diamond so no matter who you are what you look like or where you’re from you have a diamond deep inside of you I want to let you know that you will not go from ugly Rock to diamond and it’s not no that’s that’s not even how a diamond works the ugly Rock has to be put under intense pressure a bunch of heat and then it’s gonna get cut and cut and cut over and over again so if you want to become a diamond in life be prepared to get cut because like somebody once told me in life everybody wants to become a diamond but not everybody is willing to get cut are you

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