How To Build A 20 Inch Neck Part 5

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How To Build A 20 Inch Neck Part 5 Video

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How To Build A 20 Inch Neck Part 5 Video Transcript

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what everybody mic machine here part number three exercise number three of my gauntlet challenge how to build a gigantic neck to become my neck still a step in the yoke Phil neck Ville now number three side neck here side neck curls it’s known this way okay now when I competed as I’ve always said for I don’t know how many years I’ve been doing video since 2007 on here I never really focused on side of the neck when I compete it just wasn’t my thing I did neck curls and neck lifts extensions which we covered in the previous videos but part of the gauntlet is to do to side the neck to right because we have that ability using the next slice right know when that carnage can’t do that as I got older later on in life I did start doing side neck now slide next off you can work the side of our necks how does it look again you’re gonna put on our MMB Pro neck harness if you have more you don’t have one you will put on the regular neck flex which they’re both outstanding pieces again Jenn’s pull this down on your head to make sure it is level equal all around you don’t want to flip flop around now when you put this on and look it up what you’re going to do is you’ve got a front ring and a rear room okay you’re not going to go to just one side I go to the front in the rear alright so I’ve got a pin setup now I could put it on top and when I pull this up a chance it might slide up and down so I’m gonna go under the pin this way it should stay up here instead of moving down and to apply to push more up so it works better for me again I don’t want to cross these alright I want to make sure everything’s going to the right spot so what I’m gonna do is hook this to the front ring right like so okay now I think this one behind my head and go to my back right for this you gotta find out where it is where you don’t make sure you hook the right now I’m good now so you don’t even know I’m so I’m gonna do something to come here right like this now step to the side okay now what I want to do is take my head this way like so now see I’m leaning and also going here like this I wanna make sure I’m good to go right here see my neck look side I’m working the left side of my neck okay now I’m sure the the versatility is thing how easy is to change all the move her around and show you this way all right so we take you off the back side while I’m gonna turn around again put this here hook this up to the back of the neck okay yes here we go see now h1s yep pull pull pull here here here here and that is it to work the side of our neck in the mic the machine neck Scylla you’ll fill program so you got a brain you got to protect it not building your neck yeah the next Lex machine calm you don’t take your brain out rolling rock roots – because I always say and if you’re real man all you can ever do is build that next to look up so you can never look down keep moving forward on your stinking day

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