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How To Buy Xyo Tokens On Kucoin Video

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and walk you through how to buy xyo on the cou coin exchange it’s really simple you can do it using aetherium or Bitcoin first thing you’re gonna need to do is go to KU coin comm and sign up for an account that’s really simple you’ll just need to give them your email give them a password and then verify your email by clicking a link that they send you after that you’ll need to download the Google Authenticator app on your phone that’s a what’s called a two-factor authentication app it gives a one-time code for every website that changes every few minutes or so and so when you have your phone on you you entered that code and it verifies that it’s actually you that’s logging in and not somebody that has access to your password so you’ll once you’ve done both of those you’ll just go login to ku coin click on the assets tab right here in the in the top bar there and then search for what you want to send to the exchange I’m going to well I already have sent etherium but I’ll walk you through it so the first time you do you’ll click deposit right here the first time you click deposit it’s going to give you the instructions of how to set up that two-factor authentication if you haven’t already so go through that process it’ll give you a code to enter and then I believe a QR code to scan to verify it and then click go to deposit click it it’ll give you a warning saying hey make sure you only set aetherium to this address don’t send anything else confirm that it’ll give you the address to send from your wallet like coinbase or mehta mask or whatever you use to keep your theory amend I’ve got it blurred out here but you’ll see it there so send it to that address once it shows up it’ll be right there in your assets again you can see that I already did this and did one test by already then you go to the markets tab again I’m since I’m buying xyo with cerium I’m gonna click etherium right here in this top bar and I’m gonna do a search for XY oh you’ll see it right here I’ve already favored did it click there and you go to the order book here on the right hand side you’ll see all of the existing sell orders and then all the existing buy orders and then here in the center is the most recent price if you notice it’s once again asking me for my Google 2-step authentication code so I’m gonna fill that in right here and obviously that’s blurred out right now all set and notice that if your step away for two hours you’ll have to enter that again so I’m just gonna do a market 5xy oh but that means is I’m gonna use the most recent price and then they’ll say oh well how much you have this is not as much as you can buy I’ll go ahead and do 300 this is just a test by I’ll click the Buy button right here that’ll submit it see my buy orders been placed I see it here shortly in open orders it might actually not even show up before I have the chance to uh before it goes through it let me do a quick refresh here yeah it looks like it went through incredibly quickly so I see it here in my trade history if it’s gonna take some time or if you do something like a limit order you’ll see it in your order barcode so you see it in your trade history right there and then you can just click click back here on to coin to go back to the main site and you’ll see it right there in your assets now to send to send it off just make sure that when you do send xyo off of an exchange like COO coin that you don’t send it to another exchange wallet like coinbase you want it to be something that’s er C 20 compatible like meta mask or my ether wallet but there you go that’s quick and easy hi mate kya purchase of xyo on cooling

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