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right I think I’m live okay I am doing a video here to show people how they can buy XY oh token if you already are on an exchange then you probably already know how to do this I got my XY Oh hat on kind of a big fan of that so let’s get right into it I’m gonna post this on youtube and I just want to thank all my subscribers and those people that have commented there will not be a drawing for this video but there is a drawing for the video on z cache it’s the video before this for a Skye coin so leave a comment get a Skye coin wallet and I use a random generator you might win some secondary cryptocurrency is very speculative you can lose all your money and I’m not a financial adviser I don’t give advice of any kind I just tell you what I’m doing and share with you some of the things that I find in my little opinions so let’s get right into it XY oh if you’re familiar with it pretty cool token in geo locations and I’m gonna try to keep this real short I know famous huh short but sweet so the first thing is is if you have never bought any cryptocurrency before you’re gonna want to go to coin base and sign in and if you don’t have the account I have a link it will be on the bottom there and it will tell you how to sign in I was signed in a minute ago so I don’t know what happened but you’ll be able to sign in and and get that so what’s required to sign in is going to be a little bit of information it is going to take some time you are going to have to scan that probably the front and back of your driver’s license and you are going to have to give the last four digits of your social security number be aware that coinbase this is corn-based pro here but coinbase is a solid company they are registered with the SCE and your us cash is secured up to I believe it’s two hundred thousand dollars okay so what I do you do what you want to do but this is what I do so I signed up for coinbase I signed up online they’re gonna ask you to like you know you know scan the front back your driver’s license the you’re gonna verify your email you’re gonna hold your ID up in front of your face and you may have to hold a little card that says coinbase with the date on it and snap a picture or have someone snap a picture and you’ll submit that as part of the verification process and takes a little bit of time and your verified and you’ll be on there and you’ll be able to make trades so one of the things that you can do I’ll show you my phone here it’s gonna show up in mirror-image I believe but you can see that I have the coinbase app so I have it on my phone for a particular reason because it’s it’s easier sometimes to transfer to other accounts okay so I would suggest if you’re not going to store any money on coinbase that the phone app is really handy now the way I do it then I’m just going to show you right here I click on this I’m gonna log in it has a quick login that you can do once you have your phone I don’t have very much money on there right now but I’ll show you so you have all these different crypto currencies that you can buy they’re the top once and you go to accounts and go to your wallet and I click US wallet okay it’s tied to my to my bank account and when I want to make a deposit I just hit deposit and then I hit at the top bank deposit okay and when I hit bank deposit it’s gonna have me put in the amount that I want to put in and then I just at that point I hit deposit right here and it’ll take about about ten days to be in there where I can use it now if I want to just buy Bitcoin or aetherium I could do that too I can click on a theory em I just hit by I put in the amount I want to buy and it comes right out of my my linked bank account so one of the other things you’ll want to do when you set up this account is link it to your bank account if you’re you know if you want to be safe it’s there’s free bank accounts all over the place you can open an additional bank account US bank I think it’s like $50 deposit or if you have a credit union you can link it to that okay if you want to be extra safe but wing base is very reputable and there hasn’t been any big problems that they haven’t been able to fix so that’s you know comfort level so once I would suggest getting the US cash because if you buy bitcoins on here it’s gonna cost your premium it’s gonna cost you probably about two or three percent and sometimes it even costs up to five percent with the transfer fees and everything but if you get the US cash then what you can do I’ll show you what to do next is you set up a coin based Pro account and I’ll have a link to that in the description of the YouTube and it’s very simple once you are signed up for coinbase the one I just showed you corn-based Pro is like a sister company okay it’s very easy to open this up and see I thought I had one open did I not open one hmm to open it up or once you you know get authorized again they’ll want you verify your your driver’s license and all that stuff because it is a separate company so you get all that verified just similar to before walk they’ll walk you right through it and then when you want to buy what happens is you go over to the cheer wallet and you hit USD let’s say you did like I did you have some money in the USD on your coin base on your phone app so and now it’s a you want to deposit it over here well after about ten days two weeks at the most it’s going to be where you can send it elsewhere and you will hit up here will be another choice that will be let me look here actually I want if I to show you let me turn the camera back on and I will show you from right here because it might make it even easier alright let’s see so here’s the camera I’m gonna set this right front up here okay so you can see I don’t use the same oops well they just do oh okay I don’t use the same camera for what I do here bumped oh geez I hope I didn’t where is it where is it oh man we try oh darn it shoot I think you’ve just logged out oh wait maybe here it is okay here it is all right all right so there it is you can see it what I would do is you can look right here it’s ëthere iam USD and then over here is my wallets so I can change this whatever I want and you can buy you can buy and trade but all my wallets not very much money over here but I’ll go to US dollar this one right here and it’ll automatically change this one over here on the left to USD and then you scroll down to here and you hit deposit when he hit deposit this comes up now it’s linked to my coin base account so then get this mouse to work right here it says coin base and we’ll go to my coin base so you can see I got $50 there so it’s still on hold but once it’s not on hold any day now I’ll be able to just hit this and deposit the $50 on the coin based Pro now why do I want to go through all that the reason is is that when I go to buy Bitcoin it’s gonna be only a third of a percent it’s only gonna cost me 30 cents for every hundred dollars if I buy $50 worth of Bitcoin it’s only gonna cost me 15 cents and then I would just go over here and I would be able to make aperture purchase well actually want to go to exchange trade go to trade and then here’s a theory mus D so if you wanted to theory him all I’d have to do is I could buy up market if you buy up market it’s only 15 cents so I put like $50 and I would just purchase boom then I have $50 worth okay and then once you want to transfer that from one site to the other you would get would the money would be in your wallet so say you bought some Bitcoin and you go to your wallet and I don’t know if I have yeah I got a little bit of Bitcoin here so you would just go to your Bitcoin wallet and at this point up whoops I think I made a mistake go back to my wallets you’re good on your wallet and then again you go over here to the left and you hit their BTC and then I would hit withdrawal once I hit withdrawal this is going to come out it’s going to select currency and I’m going to go to coin and then now I have the address where I can send it so if you have a coup coin account which we’re gonna talk about next I know that sounds like a lot of steps but this is the cheapest way to do it if you want to if you have a coup coin account you go there you open that account similarly and we’ll talk about that in just a minute you open that account you get the wallet address and you copy it and you put it right here in this area here you paste it there and then you put the amount and then this and then you hit send and we’ll send the money to your cuckooing account so the last step in this game here is to coin I’ll go over that and I already have it open so if I want to go to cou coin which now they have XY oh heck did it go and it open okay here we go so if I want to go to XY o XY o and again opening this count is the same they’re gonna ask for the same kind of information you’re gonna have to take send them a picture of the front and back of your driver’s license and verify your email and all that good stuff and once you so you can you’ll want what you what you’ll have to do is if you buy Bitcoin you’ll have to go to a Bitcoin wallet actually so let’s say get Bitcoin me let’s what the trading pairs are for or I think you could trade with ether or anything on here actually so let’s say you put big point on here B T C there so there’s Bitcoin and you’ll want to deposit so you just click the deposit and I’ll come up right here well that’s not exactly what I thought I haven’t been on here for a couple days the first batch I bought from a of xyo I bought from another run another website but I like cuckooing they give you if you keep cuckooing they’ll actually give you little payouts on every single coin that they have so keeping the actual cool coin token can be beneficial kind of like finance so let’s see let’s see and oh my having such a hard time here this is not what I want okay assets see I have a few cuckooing there so if you go to Bitcoin and just go deposit should come up why is it not coming up the way I wanted maybe I have to go to the and been on here for a while okay it’s okay so go BTC here BTC and that’s weird yeah and I thought on here but it hasn’t been that long ago yeah this is not going good why is it not coming up right hmm BTC these are the trading pairs okay so this is all the stuff you can trade with BTC so let’s go XY oh okay so you can trade you can’t trade BTC with XY oh so that’s good because the other site supposedly you could only do it with ether with eath so there it is all right very good okay yeah Bitcoin you go here to your overview you can see overview right here on your assets go to bitcoin you hit deposit and they give you a warning there and what don’t you hit it I think you got a hit confirm okay there you go so now they give me an address so I would copy this address and then I would open up coinbase Pro like I showed you and I would put it in that address bar I’ll show you again it’s right here now if you had coin based Pro on your phone you could literally scan that QR code and you would be able to transfer the Bitcoin over to here okay so now you see over in the little corner there right up here is where you put the address and for receiving the Bitcoin okay or for sending the Bitcoin so you put the address here you put the amount say I want to send 50 bucks up to 50 if I want to put a hundred to put a hundred and then once I hit Send it’s going to go over to the cou coin account I might have it there so there that’s the cheapest way to get your Bitcoin to buy it safe and to get it over onto COO coin and then once you get it into BTC you can go to the markets right here on the top of the screen go to BTC and that’s your trading pairs and then you hit X Y oh and there it is once you hit that now you can scroll down you can buy it see it’s asking for my to party often indicator I usually don’t open this on this computer actually so I use another computer but I did this time just to show you oops not there so somehow yeah I guess I have to put that there before I can go any further anyway once once you do that it’s pretty easily to be able to let’s see if that puts numbers in no I don’t want to do that okay so I’m not gonna do that right now but that’s basically how it works see Bass Pro there we go trying to move this I have no spots left moving on huh down here though but see where this arrow is what would happen is once you put your second party Authenticator in here you’ll be able to buy you know put in your buy order and then you can buy it at a market is usually the cheapest if you want to do a limit or a stop order then it’s gonna cost you more and that’s how it works so one other thing I’ll show you before I end this video since you saw the second party Authenticator is I have one on my phone here I’ll show you how that works just download the app it’s that one right there hit it and all these accounts the little password changes yeah I have one for cuckooing have one for every account that I have I have a second Authenticator and then you’ll see that change is red and then boom you get a new number so I’ll put all the links below on the YouTube and try to make it easy easy for use as I can there are some affiliate links so we appreciate your support on that and I would just go to the website for the instructions they have the instructions on there that’s the best instructions for how to get started step by step real simple if you’ve ever opened a bank account that’s how you do it it’s just slower there’s a little bit more steps but hey you don’t have to go down to the bank you don’t have to wait in a big line so it is have its benefits so that’s about all for now thank you hope you’re able to buy some xyo and if you have any you can always text me or join our patreon group and we will try to help you out some more all right take care this is Shane Ripley your host Mountain crypto over and out so I thought

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