How To Care For Your Monstera Or Swiss Cheese Plant

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monstera deliciosa I love my monstera for so many reasons because of the way the leaves unfurl because it’s large deeply skip glossy up and leaves but mostly because it’s just slightly unruly and it never really quite does what are you expected to do and if you give it the right conditions it has the potential to get really big turning your inside space into a veritable jungle make sure you put your monstera in a location that’s out of direct sunlight otherwise it will get sunburned now monstera is a tropical plant so you need to mist its leaves daily to keep it happy and keep it away from radiators or any extremes of heat or cold and remember monstera need a lot of space so if you want it to reach its full potential seek out an appropriate space for it most plants are actually sold together whether supports that the plant can use to climb up now water your monstera weekly or whenever the top layer of the soil feels dry and allow it to drain completely in winter you should reduce watering to avoid water locking the plant from spring until autumn give your monstera a little bit of liquid house plant feed every couple of weeks monstera is a climbing plant so if you want to keep it to preferred size you’re going to need to pinch off new growing tips at the maximum height you want it prune out excessive growth which might be producing fewer or no leaves or new growth that appears at the outside edges of the plant repot your monstera every two years or so into a wider deeper pot we put into well-drained soil and a pot must have drainage holes it’s very important you’ll know when it’s time usually when it starts to look slightly wilted even though you’re giving it enough water and that’s a sign that the roots have gotten too big for the pot and that there’s not enough soil to hold the moisture it’s really easy to check for plant is pot bound you just remove it from the pot and have a look – keep your monstera healthy and looking beautiful wipe the leaves regularly with a damp cloth to remove the dust do try out a monstera it really is a great beginners plant and well worth the time and effort

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