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hi everyone I’m going to show you how to change the battery on a facelift backpack instead simple really there you go it’s the big boy version okay the battery won’t last forever and of course you’re going to need to change it eventually failing that buy another backpack with this it’s there’s no need the batteries are dead simple to get hold of it’s quite simple to actually change them if you don’t know it might seem a bit daunting but the seven screws they all look like this okay and they are located around the sides in the black base there’s two of them but where are the others at first I couldn’t find them when I first did this but there’s like a seal all the way around the backpack that’s to actually waterproof it so keep this in place I’ve ditched one on the other backpack a half and water turned it to run down and go inside the backpack and erect it so the other screws the other fires are actually under these flaps here and it’s three of the back as well so just don’t do there okay then it’ll expose inside of the backpack there’s no pumping this one comes demo but you’ll see the battery and it’s like an H frame here and you can see the screws and the new four screws and withdraw the battery see I’ve already done that earlier you’re wrong take that up get your new battery okay take it on out get the new battery and put it in now the connections just cut them off if you haven’t got a soldering iron don’t worry too much because what you’ll find I don’t know they can see that very very closely there’s like holes in these tabs and if you haven’t got any connections neither what you can do is twist these wires together thread them through the hole that’s in these tabs here and then twist them together after which gets an insulation tape and take this very very hard over the top like this okay that should do it it’s not ideal but it works so without any problems like that take that down hard go right around the battery okay that should keep them in closest nicely and replace the battery it’s dead easy okay put the eh frame back in there you have to move all those wires out of the way okay screw them down that’s a bit fiddly sometimes these screws come out and jump about any good lighting for this okay but there you go it’s as simple as that then you can use the original connector if you usually same wiring just connect them back onto the new battery terminals whichever way you use whether it’s solder or it’s taped on like that or Spade connectors okay so that’s it really it’s as simple as that put it all back together again don’t forget the seal that goes right around here okay so I put in proper and slap it back on your trolley that’s your thing like that you see okay I say I will change the battery on facelift big boy backpack job done

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