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hi everyone welcome to this Shopify tutorial my name is Andrea Swartz and today we’re going to learn about this ok everyone’s in this shop with back tutorial we’re gonna learn how we can change our Shopify theme alright so to do this just go to your Superfly back-end in your Shopify store go to online store click on themes and here we see our current theme I use simple alright you can do this two ways if you already know which theme you want to use you can just click on free theme click right here explore free themes and here you can choose the one you want to have in your Shopify store let’s say I want to have Brooklyn so you can read about the theme right here the features the styles included and if you want to have this one just click on add Brooklyn then click on actions you can click on preview and then click on publish if you have already build your Shopify store you may have to do some custom work to suit this thing alright and for all of you that don’t know which team to use you can click on visit theme store you can go down and you see trending this week we have three themes Shopify have a ten free themes that you can use so let’s say we want to check out Brooklyn look in your search Brooklyn okay click on Brooklyn and here we see two styles included we can also check demo so here you can see a demo of the Shopify store just click on a product alright you can go back you can also read about theme features right here some more right here and you can also read the reviews see what other certify store owners think about this theme alright and if you like this theme just click on Add team right here or right here okay and then you can do the same thing so we can do preview so as you can see I need to make some changes to fit this team and if you want to have this team you stick on publish then go to publish all right so now we have the current team as Brooklyn if you change your mind let’s go to your team that you have before click on publish publish and it’s all back alright so simple theme you can have a preview like that okay everyone so this is how you can change your shop 250 in 2019 okay everyone’s I hope this one helpful tutorial if you want more of these videos you can subscribe to my channel right here you can check out my playlist right here and my latest video right here okay so hope you have an awesome day take care and bye

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