How To Compound $1,000 Into $550,000 With Unifii’S Forex Service

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How To Compound $1,000 Into $550,000 With Unifii’S Forex Service Video

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How To Compound $1,000 Into $550,000 With Unifii’S Forex Service Video Transcript

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in this video I’m gonna be help you to actually understand the unifying compounding in the forex trading that unify has launched in December and really is kicking off in full storm in January 2019 Ida spent the last three hours with a new member of our team wasn’t personally referred by grace and I but one of our teammates referred this person happened to be in the area where we are right now so went and had lunch and spent a great three hours kind of going over some things one of the things that he was curious about he’s someone who’s actually in the retirement age and has some assets available but they’re not producing income and so what this person wanted he had a very particular question and that question was one that I think a lot of you will be interested in and that is how to produce two thousand dollars worth of income a month just a good example but how would you actually produce about two thousand dollars worth of income so I’m going to share screen and give a couple of examples here but I want to actually show you how the compounding works because the compounding is really adding profit on profit on profit in building up and your your asset or your equity in a sense you’re trading equity your trading account over a period of time so let me show you kind of practically first I’m going to show you the examples of what compounding can do for you and then I’m going to show you how unified system is set up in the forex side to do that for you what I’ll show you is also an illustration that will also work in the cryptocurrency trade in the Bitcoin trading that we do but many people are right now aren’t really really really interested in the forex side of things for good reason because it’s it’s pretty simple and that’s a great system so without further ado let me let me share an account my first screen with you and now what you’re gonna see is a little part of the unified presentation and it’s this picture from Einstein of course to introduce you to this you should compound reduces the eighth wonder of the world he who understands it earns that he who does not pays it so you want to be earning compound interest so in the compounding calculator in the forex side of things this actually was before we got the most recent results so the average for the VIP forex service of unify as it’s in the presentation here is twenty eight percent per month actually the most recent statistics are over the past four months August through November it was thirty two percent one hundred and thirty one percent over four months divided by four thirty two percent so thirty two percent average and so they’re they’re figuring half of that 14 percent now when I do our calculations just to make it simple I’m going to do fifteen percent cuz it’s just easier to understand this uses fourteen percent I’m gonna use fifteen percent again just to make it easy to understand but we’ll use that but let’s just look here you have a thousand dollars that you can put into forex trading and you trade it over forty eight months by the time it compound so thousand dollars and then and I’ll show you how this works but a thousand dollars and then your and 14 percent you’d have fourteen percent of a thousand here’s one hundred and forty dollars so the first month you’d have a thousand the second month you’d have a thousand plus hundred forty so u dot 1140 that he’d be trading on and you get fourteen percent on 1140 and I’ll probably have to get a calculator out and then the next month fourteen percent more and then next one fourteen percent more on the built up average so that’s the compounding we’re talking about I’m gonna show you that graphically so that you can get it really simple I’m gonna use fifteen percent let’s just work with that now if you started with a thousand and just did the trades the Forex trades that the the signals the by sells information the unified gives you you’d have a 500 thousand dollars after four years assuming a fourteen percent return and recently it’s been 32 percent but let’s just confirm 14 percent that’s here on this still exercise and we use a 15-percent when I do it just because that’s an easier number to to kind of see and visualize but that’s the example and unify now that’s without adding any more money now if you could add fifty dollars a month more over the course of those four years ever so every month to add $50 so $50 a month mm-hmm times 12 is 6 times the hundreds that be $600 a year more that you can add over the course of the year so you can add to 600 times 4 over 4 years you can add $2,400 additionally an equity to your starting balance so your original starting balance of a thousand for those 40 months would have produced over half a million dollars but if you’re able to add in just another $2,400 your thousand dollars plus your $50 a month over four years becomes seven hundred and thirty thousand dollars so it becomes quite extraordinary and if you just can do even a little bit more than that two hundred dollars a month and look what happens you start with your thousand dollars a month it still produces the same amount but if you can add two hundred dollars a month so that’s four hundred dollars every two months one hundred well two hundred dollars a month times 12 is 24 hundred twenty-four hundred times four is forty eight hundred so another that’s just average that up safe you had five thousand dollars students one thousand dollars and you do it at rate of two hundred dollars a month over over the course of those four years look at your return and just 14% would be one point three million dollars so again this is why just the disciplines that you would want to learn the consistent disciplines of putting in the money doing some trading and then if you can add to it every month that’s that’s really great but this this already takes into account compounding all right so I’m gonna share something different now just to show you a little bit more how this works so where is my whiteboard hopefully I’ve still got that one that I had on there yeah there we go so um let me just move this over a little bit so we can see this a little bit more clearly okay I think I I don’t know how you see this visually I want to make sure that I can see it as clearly as possible so I’m going to move things around just a little bit hopefully you can see that but these are the three components that are part of the unify Forex system we’ve got the the VIP global FX premium signals and those are communicated to us via an app on your phone called telegram and telegram is a very simple app you can download it on your your smartphone and get it unify gets gives us the buy/sell information and so that’s that’s that’s how we get that and and then sorry where am I or am I I’ve lost my share here you clicked on something and what went to went wrong okay hopefully you’re seeing that better than I am but and then you know you you can you can have your forex trading you know almost anywhere we’re gonna in this example talk about forex comm so that’s why I’ve got these three boxes here so here’s basically what happens unifying gets this buy sell information and a signal is just the signal is a vice buy sell signal so let me just change over to drawing and so you get a buy buy sell and that’s you get you know one little piece of information that says buy then later it’ll be sell or vice versa and when we’re talking about we use the term signals but but that basically is what a signal is it’s just an indication to buy or sell okay so you’re gonna hear us talk about signals it’s not some fancy thing it’s just basically a piece of information that tells you that according to the experts that we’re associated with that this is the right time to either buy or sell something and you’re gonna be like buying buying dollars yeah and using those dollars and selling them into euros and going back and forth it’ll be just currency trading do they call them currency pairs not going to get too technical but that’s basically what it all it entails so it might be dollars in yen it might be euros and yet about the UK pounds and euros you’re just trading between those two and moving back and forth and you know taking advantage of profits so when there’s a when there’s a profit or a loss that’s the finish of your trade and so by you you buy a currency you sell you sell the currency so that’s basically how it works now we get that information in to unify unify informs the members by sending a notice into our telegram group so we do get we do get that kind of information that’s sent from unified to telegram and then once you read about it in the telegram group that that sends you back to unify tickly to get the information so the information is in unify but unify can see how it tells us about it of course you happen to log in to unify back office you’ll know about it but basically we’re we’re told you can get notified on your smartphone on telegram that you need to log in to unify unify will tell you okay for example now is the time to enter into a trade between dollars and euros okay so that’ll be in your unified back-office and they’ll tell you you know the right price to do that when you do that you will then go and execute that trade over in forex comm now forex calm you’ll have your own account this is your own account over here so again you would you would this is your account would you control unified doesn’t get anything out of that so that you set up your own account on Forex comm or it could be Yolanda or if you’re somewhere else in the world this is kind of talking about the US and Canadian market in this example Forex calm is available in a lot of countries but whatever whatever country and you could have an existing account whatever would work for you but this is your account and so you’re gonna do the trading in there so you may be I’m gonna assume you have an account starting to go out a thousand dollars now some and we’ll have more some will have less we’re asking you a thousand because it’s a round number right so so that’s that’s your account so you were notified on telegram that unify has a new new recommended trade you look in unify you get the information and you go to Forex calm in your account and you in you’d execute that trade so you maybe you buy euros you go from dollars to euros or equal from euros to yen your you’re gonna take a position and I’m not gonna go too far into that but it’s that that that part of it is fairly simple so and then you would you would earn a profit or there could be a profit or a loss but let’s assume over the course of time you get you’re getting profits as I showed you already unify has been generating about 32 percent per month we’re gonna assume in the next little example I’m gonna give you I’m going to show you how we actually build up I’m just gonna do like chicken scratches and to show you how that’s done but you’re gonna see how the account actually builds up okay so now I’m going to clear all this out and let’s let’s clear my drawings I’ve done that before okay now no we don’t want text we want to draw I want to just scribble for you okay so let’s assume that we started with your thousand dollars I’m just gonna start it over here in the far corner and this is your thousand dollars and you want to earn you want to earn on it okay now we’re gonna assume a fifteen percent return right from the signals so this is gonna be the results of you know a variety of activity so this is per month okay and this might be you know there might be one or two trades a day or three or four trades a day we don’t know how many there will be but you you’ve bought and sold bought and sold bought and sold over the course of time and and things have been working out so at the end of one month let’s see if I’ve got a calculator here pull up my calculator all right but uh yeah the obvious example is that after the first month of trading you’ve earned fifteen percent so in month number two you can have so this this is month number one okay let’s do month number two here this is how the compounding is gonna work so you got a thousand dollars that you’ve now got a little bit more money so you can have and this is just well it’s let’s make its obvious so fifteen percent more than a thousand is a is it come on get my drawing done right a thousand one hundred and fifty right so that’s fifteen percent more that’s a thousand plus fifteen okay if you need me to get a calculator I can do that now I do need to get the calculator once I start to do a little bit more but in month number two this is now you’ve compounded know the compounding is not interest people are getting confused by that all you’re doing is adding your profit so a month number one a thousand dollars times fifteen percent okay equals 150 right that’s so 150 was your trading profit you had some wins some losses in your net and result after all your trades was a net profit of a hundred and fifty fifteen percent average return so you’re going to take that 150 and instead of taking it out you’re gonna let it roll you’re gonna let your money work for you and your profit you can earn profit on the profit on the profit on the profit over the course of time we can show you how that works all right so now instead of a thousand dollars you have a thousand one hundred and fifty because you add this to your original capital okay so this is this is how you build up your equity and how your trades become self-supporting so now in month number two you’re gonna trade on eleven hundred and fifty dollars alright so let me get a calculator out calculator and if you can see this anyway where is it so a thousand one hundred and fifty times fifteen percent is one hundred and seventy two point five okay hundred seventy two point five so in month number two and I’m gonna I’m just gonna do a couple of these and then you’ll get the example a thousand one hundred and fifty times the same fifteen percent we’re just going a couple of months so that you’ll see how this works but this is the magic of compounding because once your amount starts to get bigger and what did I just say I said 170 how many 172 50 so 17250 so 172 50 alright so that was here that’s the profit for your second month after all trades so 170 50 and you add that to your your second month asset value to your capital so now you’ve got you now got I don’t know if you can see this calculator but I’m doing 170 250 plus 11050 so now you got 1300 and $22.50 13 2250 so now now you’ve got 13 2250 okay so you can see you’re already building up thirteen twenty to fifty thirteen twenty to fifty sorry this is a little slow but but actually being making it slow will make it simple for everybody right thirteen twenty to fifty alright so I’m just gonna keep going now we’re gonna trade and we’re gonna run a fifteen percent profit on this on in our third month of trades so thirteen twenty two fifty get out the calculator thirteen twenty two fifty times fifteen percent so the profit on that is 198 37 all right so let me just write that down so you kind of see the progression I’m going to run out of space here but 13 2250 2250 times 15% all right times 15% that’s we’re gonna get our amount of profit here in a second I already said it out loud but I’m gonna write it down what was it again 198 37 so here’s the here’s the power of compounding 198 37 so you can see your profit the same 15 percent once it starts to roll in compound this is now compounding so you got 198 37 and we’re gonna add the 198 37 to our previous capital of 132 1 3 to 250 and that equals oops did that wrong somehow 188 37 +13 22.5 all right now we’re up to $1,500 so we’ve made five hundred dollars profit in three months look at what’s happening here now okay so now I’m gonna make this a little bit bigger this is three now we’re into month four and you can see this is starting to build up pretty good and there we’re now at fifteen twenty eighty seven fifteen twenty eighty seven and this is how your compounding starts to work fifteen twenty eighty seven and guess what we’re gonna make fifteen percent on that number now so I’m not gonna write down all these numbers because it gets obits to slow but I want you to see that this is how you’re building up your capital and how your profits start to compound this is the power of compounding so we’re gonna do fifteen twenty eighty seven times fifteen percent that’s a new prophet of – 28 – 28 so the profit here now I’m gonna make this little bit bigger I’m just not gonna let me let me use my eraser a little bit here alright so let’s get rid of these so we can see the chart a little bit more clearly you you got the idea already I’m just gonna erase all that playing around with here all right that’s all right now we’re gonna draw again okay now we’ll just make a bigger this is bunt five and so we had a profit of two two eight thirteen all right so at the end of month five we got two to eight thirteen plus the year earlier capital was fifteen twenty eighty seven so now we’re at two to eight keep making the same mistake with the calculator sorry about that but you get the idea repetition so eighty seven so we’re at 1749 now guys 17:49 so we’ve already we’ve got profits of seven hundred and forty nine dollars because we started with a thousand and fifteen percent and 15 percent on the 15 percent 15 percent and now it’s profit on the profit profit on the profit on the profit and you can see now let’s just I’m gonna do this couple more times maybe we’ll do it to twelve but I don’t want to get too crazy with this you’re 1749 again another fifteen percent that’s going to be two sixty two thirty five all right so we’ve got a bigger profit now and that profit is plus two sixty two thirty five 2:35 and I didn’t write down all these it was too small this was plus 150 when we had the other profits along the way I think you get the idea but I’m just doing some shortcuts now that’s month six and so we’re just going to do two sixty two thirty five plus our earlier capital of 1749 you can see that equals twenty eleven thirty five twenty eleven thirty five so you’ve doubled your account in six months you see that so that’s really powerful twenty eleven thirty five and once you start to get to this level then things really begin to pick up because you’re twenty eleven thirty five now you start to make fifteen percent on double the amount that you did before listen so twenty eleven thirty five times fifteen percent that’s going to be three hundred dollars remember the first month’s profit was 150 well we’ve doubled our principal so now our profit is double right the three hundred dollars and seven three hundred 1.70 cents no I’m sorry x+ 301 then we’ll get the principal 301 70 so you can see the profit generated from this just after 6 months is already doubled you’re going 170 and then we’re going to take 301 70 + 2 0 1 135 nope did that wrong I just keep doing problem to know what I’m going on 301 70 + 2000 $11.35 two three one 305 two three one 305 two three one 305 so that’s two just to be clear all right so you can see we’re really starting to pick it pick up momentum and again I’m not gonna do a B now I mean fun maybe to do this to twelve should we do that real quick this is now month seven right so let’s notes to month eight real quick kind real quick not so beautiful let’s do ten just so that we see what what it is I don’t actually know so doing this live and you get the the idea with me and this last one will be months twelve okay let’s just figure these out real quick and I just want you to see even after one year but we’re projecting they were going to do this for four years so then after the first shirt a lot of magic starts to happen but let’s just let’s just crank this out and again we’re just sticking with 15% so 23 1305 times fifteen percent equals 23 1305 times 15% must be pushing some 346 95 3:46 95 all right I kind of ran out of space I didn’t give myself a lot of space to do this but I think you get the point so we got 346 95 plus the earlier capital of 23 1305 you can see the magic starting to work that’s 26 60 – 626 60 so look how your capitals that really starting to work and then we’ll do 15% on top of that new increased amount because that’s your compounding now we’re to $400 a month guys 399 + 399 so you now you’re earning $400 a month and just on $1000 start you haven’t added anything to it you’re just compounding this is this is this literally is the compounding that we’re talking about all right so that’s something good I can move something out of the way so I can see more clearly so 399 and then we have two six six zero so our new total is three thousand so we’ve tripled our money in nine months you see that tripled our money in nine months tell me how you can do that thirty fifty nine you okay 30 59 and again 15% more on top of that 458 so the profit really starts to act out 458 85 for eight nine five we’re almost done here but I just want you to see so you really can’t see I mean if you’re really good with that you can be skipping ahead of me and I’m obviously really slow with this calculator but even that being said you can see how the money just starts to pile up so we’ll do that and I’m not sure you can see the calculators so 4:58 95 so that’s 35 1795 35 1795 all right there we go when you’re really starting to pile up some nice money now okay times fifteen percent that’s 52769 52769 so 52769 another one plus five to seven sixty nine that’s your monthly profit now look at guys we’re earning five hundred and twenty seven dollars a month by the eleventh month we started out with a hundred fifty dollars the first month right so you can see I mean this is cool this is really cool 52769 so 527 what’s our new principal 52769 plus three five one seven point nine five equals 4045 two sixty four four zero four five six four four zero four five sixty four four zero for 564 alright and one more month times 15% what’s that going to be so we’re gonna be close to $5,000 this is gonna be 606 dot 84 cents 606 84 606 84 600 684 okay so that’s your 12-month profit so you have quadrupled your profit during the year 606 84 and add that to our previous principle of four thousand forty five sixty four when we get a whopping four six five to forty eight four six five to forty eight four six five to and 48 cents now just in fairness let’s let’s it changed the color of my ink just a little bit while we’re drawing here so we’ve got blue because remember you are going to be paying for your signals so your signals getting 15% a month your signals are going to cost you any $9.95 a month 89.95 so you can pay those separately or you could pay those so I’m assuming that you’re letting all your profits right in there but that’s your that’s the cost of your your subscription you know unify subscription but you can see if you’re just paying that you’ll cover that cost your first month if you just want to take it out of profits it would slow down your profit accumulation but if you if you just pay it separately and you can be using it for education you can also be doing cryptocurrency trading in viewing altcoin purchases but anyway you just to be fully transparent you can see you’re covering that costs already from the first month based on a 15% return and current returns are 32% so a couple things to say number one based on current returns this would be the the percentage you’re gonna earn is double so this would be double double double if we continue with the current rate of return but you can see after four years if you’re if you quadruple every year what’s that gonna be all right just quick exercise so just to just pretend we got for 650 248 what’s that times two four six five to forty eight times two so in the second year without any I’m just doing this simply now that’s gonna be wrong actually we have to we have to compound it so I can’t really do that without doing the compounding calculation and I can’t do that from here I think you got the point that after one year we’ve we’ve managed to build up 4600 we basically have quadrupled our money in one year and we’re talking about a four year or you know as long as you want to do it but you can see how things begin to work and also how your profits yes this is this is the compounding so you put your you add in your profit back in you’re adding your profit back in you’re adding your profit back in your head and your profit back in and in your trading amount you’re trading principal gets bigger plus from a thousand eleven hundred 1300 1500 1700 2000 2326 3,000 3,500 four thousand four thousand six hundred and obviously after that you’d be in the five thousand to ten to twenty to thirty to forty two hundred because we saw didn’t we that if you do this for four years what was it I’ll just pull it up myself so yeah that was at 14 percent not 15 percent at 14 percent without adding anything more to it I showed you earlier that figure was five hundred and thirty-eight thousand so 15 percent give me let’s just say five hundred fifty thousand dollars all right so that’s amazing so we’re going to be in the neighborhood at 15% for four years for four years this is gonna grow amazingly it’s gonna be around five hundred and fifty thousand dollars around there at fifteen percent do you see that guys do you see that because that my friends should get you started with this business and this practice so pardon the scribbles but I think you’d kind of get in the picture here that this is extremely powerful now how does that happen well 4,600 you just see the projection at 15% just continues to grow and grow and grow and after two years when once against two years and three years especially the fourth year you’ve already got to such a high amount and you add 15% on 15% you can see how it’s growing it’s a quadrupling in the first year it’s doing more than that in the second year and much more than that in the third year and super amounts in the fourth year and that so that’s it it’s this trajectory that you see this curve that you see once it’s because it’s getting bigger and bigger and the profit is growing your profit quadrupled your principal is more than quadrupled but your profit quadrupled in the first year if it continues every month your monthly profit quadruples you can see that you are going to be in very good shape in a very short period of time so that my friends is the explanation really of how we’re doing things and how unifies system could work for you so powerfully so I encourage you to get on board got to join our team there’s a link below this video on YouTube it’ll be above on Facebook and i post it there if it’s being shared through an email you’ll find a link on the e-mail wherever it is get yourself on board kick the tires get into the system and get yourself earning because the sooner you get started earning and compounding the more powerfully it’ll work for you the sooner you will be free so again take action today and trust that this has been useful for you and thank you again max for asking all the great questions this one was for you appreciate you and best of success to all the rest of you thank you also from Grayson myself thank you take action now you’ll be glad you did bye

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