How To Counter Zero // Black Ops 4 Tutorial (Satire)

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How To Counter Zero // Black Ops 4 Tutorial (Satire) Video

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How To Counter Zero // Black Ops 4 Tutorial (Satire) Video Transcript

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yo guys this pussy Slayer 420 here teaching you scrubs how to counter the newest piece of bullshit add to this broken fucking game zero bitches armed with an EMP grenade from hella some people like to call the ice pick personally I call it by what it really is ass rape I’m sure it was going on one enough so let’s get right into this bullshit I call a video all right step one run TAC mask because apparently plastic and glass reduce the effects of a fucking EMP grenade step two don’t run streaks unless you want them hijacked and falling into the fucking Twin Towers step three if you get ice picked just roleplay at Frank until it’s over at before play zero and tactically feed just to hack the enemy streaks and ruin their gameplay expect hate mail step 5 an installed fucking game step 6 bitch a Treyarch on Twitter two nerves zero into the fucking ground step 7 this one’s hard so pay close attention tie a noose to a vehicle put a brick on the gas and play fucking tug-of-war ok have your ass spread wide open by this email cock if you’re fucking dead step 8 hit the subscribe button it also cures cancer assume when you followed steps 1 through 8 you’re now ready for step 9 just play BOTS and disable zero and finally step 10 sudden ludicrous amounts of hate mail to anyone who runs this bitch are you happy guys my guy had a counter zero I can assure you this works 100% of the time so drop a like on this video so I post more in-depth and helpful guides sorry about the lack of uploads my schedule is worse than the train a toss to it so don’t blame me for it that wasn’t funny I hope you guys enjoyed this video and have a good fucking day peace

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