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in this article we are going to show you how to set up your inventory or allotment contract for your item here we have an accommodation item and on the left hand side we see the option for inventory click in here when the screen opens you’ll see that the inventory setup is set to on request this is the default for capture travel to change your inventory setup click on edit on the right hand side of your screen in the modal select advanced and set your fallback status as required and this will be the status of that will be applied to any booking lines once the allotment has been consumed click Save and you’ll see your settings displayed at the top of the screen now we are ready to setup our contract or our inventory season status click on new inventory season status and you’ll see two columns a time period on the right where we will define the time for the allotment the allotment days and on the left hand side this is where we’re going to set the contract details in inventory status click on the box and set the value to allotment when you do this the field populates with more values let’s add a description for our allotment because if you have multiple allotments for the same item you want to be able to distinguish between the between you not below this you need to specify your room types so even if all of the rooms are to be part of the contract you still need to specify them they won’t be added automatically so click into the field and check that lines that you wish to add into the contract and you can see them displayed below you can remove them just by clicking on the cross below this you see a checkbox to mark the inventory contract as active and this enables the product team to set up the contract in advance and for it not to be used by bookings until the contract is for the active the next few fields define the rules about how the contract will be used or who can use the contract so they have here the group travel availability and this enables you to assign a contract directly to a group travel or not to great travel now or if you want to sit for a group travel that you could assign it to a specific group they click into the box here you can see the options their group travel or group travel well these are great travel records that we have for set up analog I’m going to select no group travel the booking availability allows us to us to define whether the allotment can be used for packaging item bookings item bookings only package bookings only or a specific package and this will be determined by the your supplier as to how you can utilize your contract so I’m just going to select package and item bookings Amy the field below called supplier allotment code allows you to enter a code that the supplier might have provided which we need to send when you report on them on the unit sold again you can make a restriction by channel you can select all channels or select individual channels for this purpose we are going to select all channels and an accounts you can also specify a particular travel agency account or wholesale account that you wish to restrict the allotment to and you just need to set the first three characters of the name and then you can add in as many accounts as you like we’ll leave this now for accounts in the priority field you can set a number and this determines the order in which the allotment contract will be utilized so if you have more than one contractor spanning the same dates and similar criteria then the contract that will be used first will have priority one and the contract that will be used next will be priority to priority three etc we had a fallback status on the item when we set up the inventories for all the item but if you have multiple contracts you can set a different fallback status on each contract here we see the fallback status is currently using the master fallback but I can change this to perhaps change it to on a quest or sold out I’ll stay with the master fallback below this we have the release fullback status and this is the status that you might want to use if once the inventory or allotment has been released back to the supplier and what do you do in the interim period between the release time and the travel date it could be 90 days 30 days and do you want to accept the Kings or do you want to deny them so if you click in here you can see you have an on request option or sold out option and that enables you to send individual requests for items that have been where the contract has already been released back you’ll see there’s supplier and finally we have a field full allotment type and it’s just for reporting purposes generally used for reporting purposes and so I don’t know if you can but there’s one for mainly lot meant that I can select but there’s several allotments that I can use once all of our rules have been set up for our contract we need to set up the dates that the contract will be available for so we click on add under time periods and you can see here the start date and the end date defaults here the end of the current month and when I change the start date here the system will also ask me move the end date to the end of the month defined related to the start date that works for me I’m not going to change that in the days of the week I can specify which days this contract is applicable for maybe you have a contract for weekdays only Monday to Thursday has a different contract two weekends maybe you don’t have a contract at weekends at all and then you can also set the release schedule and here is where you set the number of units the the cobbler supplier has provided to you for this contract so and ten and in the number of units released we can have a release step so we could have five units released 90 days before and we could have an additional five units released thirty days before and then we can say that just changes to ten so now we have units released five and five and once these numbers release matches the number units available then you can save so here we have our inventory status season status or contract all set up and I’m ready to save here I see an overview of the allotment that I’ve just created and if I click on view I see the dates that were entered the number of units entered and my release date if you’d like to know more about the allotment table please view the next article for how to manage your allotment table

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