How To Create Google Adsense Account My Youtube Channel

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How To Create Google Adsense Account My Youtube Channel Video

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How To Create Google Adsense Account My Youtube Channel Video Transcript

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Excel adsense account may be the velocity kinetic must be given AJ yes I have I gotta the year it can you tick mark therefore that when AJ issue of Nakuru yeah child except I don’t know Nikki silica I can it matter good is away at the controller I’m Bob mother kept or ever allow or sambar for China our we do to have neither time on Killian take a portable nap not as the one Corbin Thoren teleport a native parent they can a Giovanni he can enact a Soviet Oh Josh okay they’re pure teams conditioning keeper wakey showcase we can only cuz a portable labor JDM I’ll check the following this would entail the best Abner – poor Anita baron they bomb yeah they can Jai Kali got a second i takes another deal and they are parading on red create a account create a counter click or a shot at that they can actually load nevada to network first ruler of not it’s n stuff on highway they can also the network slow hotel is omaha the absence on Watergate AJ can a permission check every age a whole lot 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Burton wonder–i and you can click go to the bell icon Abner yet sensor I apply already higher yellow no Bundoora he baby it’s insane apply current even your excellency apply a mother hello – Ambra there anymore I wonder can select a male song a song that’s all I ask so I’m not deaf any more mother confirmation mail – loke ‘no so wanderer attitude or children I’m a mobile EOS a male whore already emailed up and Cora said a jeddak the merchants are poor director often – Oh Bucky put up with your mother cause she shiny and monetization enable corrosion I of Sonic as Cordova Tom Rockets Aldrin they can see a mother email ty they can google payment they can google romantic a sherazade a gmail to last a the Amana I’ll get the care she emailed a mother email akela has the email titular said they can AJ Gmail Gmail iam de duque longshore assuring a holiday active of organic e like I said they can google adsense payment contact information change they have a Jo mother already payment contact information change ball a a Timson condition leak here Oh mother Casa for your security please contact used for Google Earth cells change December so the other Arturo they can ask Amy video Takata The Decemberists a director AJ it’s a Stegosaurus no mother Sangeetha email t so aMDA yet sensitive like success her ghulam I can take a very icy Umbra Shaughnessy d’Ivoire Hamra chole jabo our mother generally salam ala their channeler shaken Quito stunning so iconic they can say at monetization for far from and store you can either kinda start button a started a barometer phone or a click column the owner is directly corroborate they can a canopy window the runner aired a say-so of knock on door add sugar at the charts and Abner Joe Kalimantan province a phenomenal video cool attack on container ‘true have a shake or gula jelly cheeks in no Nadia taka imagine the shop cooler Red Sox’s entirely shop a colleague or gonna say a kinetic mark there somewhere I can have another icon or neither attacked ever about the outer Cape re they attack Nokia Panera idea they can is capable video camera you know is capable at DARPA the extra ad show gula he and the skin add a could add a coupla edges a button a click or the v-neck Domenici detective a chance a base a weekly cordovan so Abner complete her yellow xn surgeon I apply a balm monetization arjuna apply bond aura h0r mother cards I’m a horrible to see up Nora Judy amar a BTU thick hair no no one air over grito heretic anthem our channel to subscribe Korea Xiang otaku been among video teacher Corbin Abner bones their magic they connect on American and each other here they got say what a subscriber as a tack time on nothing channel they can poach Easter subscribers they capture mmm right sided that have a subscribe coded ourself not total among left side you have not the Academy Yokota Bonta but a coat of gold Avila was time at sea so Pandu joconi Abner a canny egg has a subscriber AJ subscribe dictation we can a joconi America the subscriber Philip voyage away Emma left side air jack on a left side you have now Dexter Bachchan akin a joke on Chara has our goal the worst time falafels away Tik Tok oniy option okay ora under the boutonnieres away of not channel T of amortization

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