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how to make a carpenter brut bass

good morning YouTube it is wonderful to see you I am back from Europe after a hiatus a little bit please excuse the noise wearing my guitar studio while I was traveling hi you got bored pretty quickly not doing any sort of creative stuff because of a name time you know I always have to be liked on something so what I decided to do is make the dark since tutorial because I’m putting out a dachshund so single it’s actually out now I was gonna just do this thing but I thought well look if it’s dachshunds why not like play up that element of it a little bit so it’s very silly but I think you’ll probably enjoy it and yeah this is a little bit of a prelude to the dachshund track that should be out by the time that you watch this video so please enjoy and also go check out the other track which is called draw hard I’ve done a separate spectrum visualization any video that you can get into so yeah enjoy that see you’re the new recruit huh the one who wants to make darts it well tell me you have a walk down the streets of neo New York fearing for your life that a gang it lifts ilion’s super molds might just swing around the corner on their Hobbit quads and decide you look like easy sport never looked into the vacuum of a fembot size just before you blew her away with your saw to Canada in fact I’ll bet you haven’t even had to dismantle a sonic death rate with your teeth because your arms too busy week program trying to strengthen yeah your legs we’re doing the Charleston that animal fear that’s the subtle world we’re living in here that’s a subtle world you can have to be used let you just rewatch Blade Runner and listen to a couple of john copik you better keep you wits about you because any slightly miscalculated snare gator poorly pitched bass line could be your last you just stick by me and try not to get those suits fried it’s time to get stunt and we are gonna start with the drum track not the bass not the melody not a god damn sample but the drum track so now the first track we want to line up it’s the kick drum now you want to get that off in the same sample pack they’ll be digging around and splice or whatever me smashing all your crap together you want to make sure you get one good drunken what I’m using here is the synth Wave retro limb kit it’s a nice even 4/4 rhythm we’re not trying to make any lap magic crap this is dachshund now we add the snare here I’ve already got that nice long gate on it there now we have two different hats get our first core one on the offbeat hear that good now we’re gonna add a bit of spice yeah now can you hear how it’s got that sort of tinging tone there doesn’t sound quite like an open hat doesn’t there’s something a bit special about it well damn right there’s something special and that’s cuz I’ve added a bit crusher to it and as you can see up down sample at the time six now if I bring that down further it just sounds like an 8 bit piece of crap but if we keep it at 6 times down sampled it gets that nice digging sound yeah the last thing we’re gonna add is a little bit of a polyrhythm just to add in a fine a little bit of space and this is really more than personal preference I like to add in a little clap just to expand out the drum sound a little knee and that just gives us a little bit more dimension and a little bit more punch through alright Ruki now that we’ve got a little bit of a beat to toy with it’s time to bring in the big guns you know what I mean the bass so let’s have a listen to some of that bass but nice strong groove alright now we’re gonna bring you the firepower listening up now I know what you’re thinking you said hey dad this space sounds great it’s a little thin on the ground where’s the juice man why isn’t it pump what is that Lois rookie mistake I give you the second function of the base the sub listen up there you go now it got that nice pink warm undertone of bass there now you want to make sure that you don’t saturate this with too much distortion or just go hell bent with the old your volume because otherwise it’ll drown out everything else my god damn cigarette and that’s not gonna do any good to you mix a nice little trick when the initial baseline is to cut down some of your sub frequencies so it’s got more room to move in that higher end without worrying about it getting too muddied with the sub bass then you bring down the bass lower bone a patina let’s move on so we got a nice little melody going granted there’s not much complexity to it not a lot of depth you know what I’m saying we need something that’s really gonna pull heartstrings and that’s where a poly synth comes in so now it contextualise the bass line so we know where it’s coming in but we’re not done yet we still need to leave it’s gonna be usual suspect something sounding like it was from the 80s with a lot of high end a lot of distortion or at least a very high cutoff filter ratio you know I’ve got a good bit of portamento ahead you see that nice melancholy sound bass leading from one part of the song to the next so I hope you’ve learned something here today rookie I hope you’ve learned that it takes a little bit more than a John Carpenter fan club membership and a copy of Drive on DVD makes abducts it I’m lieutenant Dan McKay signing up thanks so much for watching that guys I know that was gonna be ridiculous but I hope you appreciated it please do check out that new track throw hard I think it’s some of the better work that I’ve done but yeah as always peace out posted

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