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have you never been on a date before well no you have so um you said there was steps to this meeting yeah okay super step one cool I’m like there we go I’ve never really paid attention to people they can let’s go that turkey so that was step what step being a gentleman I would tell you well I guess it’s pointless so you’re telling you to open the door that can’t be a pun all right I’m doing are you ok I told you I’m trying to open the door I hear this well that didn’t go as planned it to not maybe next time you should choose a place with actually open I didn’t know that they weren’t going to close I mean who is closed at this time of day whatever time of day it is like come on I want it I want cheesecake you can add cheesecake any time of the day cheesecakes and disgusting so no anyways what anyway no no no you said cheese tastes good not good I said was disgusting anyway anyways now that that didn’t work out you have to come up with a different set business location it has to be so that was step one two and two point five what step number three the Cheesecake didn’t work out I are going to move on to chocolate sure you like chocolate don’t you like chocolate let’s get you some chocolate yes what do you want yes so I guess that was step five yep or wait no that was step three that was step four no cuz we had a to a step two on a step two point five and then in step three because this step two didn’t count to the right hook on the door so now we’re on step four yeah that’s what I said wait no we’re not on set for we’re still on step three because we bought these with candy apple eating it that’s a different stuff then what’s this stuff that’s the next step what’s the point of that you’re right you are killer we had done shooting this one yup tsubasa who so if that all there is to it like holding holding hands and you get the wrong way I choose taught you how to hold it Hey in my defense that was step number one and we’re at what step number five it’s like the easiest step you just okay now what so you said there was is there a number stock or Zenit is that all there is to it the best way all right yes so use it well I’ve never kisser than Elora right are you lying through your teeth right now I would never lie Lance I would never like I was gonna say practice make perfect so if you okay you

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