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so let me show y’all the roof holding I’ll put a link to the original video see you guys it’s a video by the s way learn how to combo to get a gun boss and then put a link in the description of this video on yourself basically go something to be a choice on when you’re watching so basically the video says do this put up make sure they’ll put a float on like little more make sure the for the floor then you hit like kind of a 90 but don’t finish through at the corner do this do this then hit come and then the English so I’m going to try to teach you guys how to do don’t round floor a wall so I saw various no more so I want to do that you know a little on the first one then just do that then you interview in the left side what I’m gonna teach you no I’m just gonna all right so make sure to go succumb to this way son subscribe to me link I’ll try to put the link down in the description box below so you can check it out to the video originally posted by yes way so see y’all guys

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