How To Dominate In The Pop-Up Tournaments! (Fortnite Tips!)

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How To Dominate In The Pop-Up Tournaments! (Fortnite Tips!) Video

fortnite 1v1 tournament tips

How To Dominate In The Pop-Up Tournaments! (Fortnite Tips!) Video Transcript

fortnite 1v1 tournament tips

hey guys how’s it going t-bird here coming at you with a brand new video and today I have a really cool topic for you guys and it is how to get the pin in the pop-up cups in this particular gameplay I’m playing a solo pop-up Cup but this works for duo squads you name it it’s gonna help you improve your game and get that pin so as of late um the pop-up cups actually is was introduced to us around a month or two ago and they’ve really gained popularity due to a lot of the popular streamers and fortnight pros they are participating in them and also the Winter Royale the Winter Royale really showed us as a community that anybody can make it you no longer need to have the popular name or be a super popular streamer or youtuber now it’s solely based off skill and can you execute it when it matters in the tournament and the tournament layout is very similar to the pop-up cups so now you have more and more players participating in them which probably led you to my video how to do better in the pop-up cups how to get the pins and the pop-up cups you name it so the first tip I have for you guys is more of a tip if you’re not the high skilled player maybe you’re new to fortnight maybe you haven’t played as much or maybe you’re just new to competitive fortnight and it’s a little difficult for you the best way to get points believe it or not is to start later in the cycle of the tournament so what I mean by that is I’ve actually stumbled across this tip on accident because I’ve come home from work late or I just didn’t realize that the pop-up Cup was actually happening I would accidentally start like an hour or two later and you’re versing players that just really aren’t skilled it’s because they’ve been playing the game for an hour or two and they haven’t gotten a point yet so you’re kind of just in a game full of BOTS to be you know for a lack of a better term you’re kind of just playing against players that aren’t very skilled and it’s a really easy way to just come in nine points right away I don’t really do this too intentionally because if I’m on and I realized the cup is I just want to play and I’m not really concerned about the competition I actually like to practice against good competition but I think every time I’ve come started the tournament lead I’ve gotten a win right away so maybe that’s a something you guys want to consider like I said you’ll get a quick nine points if you get the win and the max points and then you’re kind of halfway there so it is something to think about but the second tip is more of an actual tip to give you guys and it is to really focus on a spot all right the biggest thing I think if you have to come up with a spot that you like to land like me I’m a very impatient person so a lot of the times I’ll land like the first spot I see on the map that I kind of am familiar with and it’s really not the play to go if you watch any of the pros like poach and vivid they landed containers every game when it’s a tournament or if it’s a scrim or a pop-up Cup that’s their spot they know the ins and outs they know all the weapon drops they know the crates it’s just so familiar them and they like they’re comfortable enough fighting their early game so that’s why they landed every game um liquid shap and 72 hours they land whaling woods T fou West world so you know what I’m talking about by now that’s their spot that’s really feel comfortable with and when you get a big enough name it’ll become uncontested so what you want to look for when you’re trying to think of a spot one where’s the spot that you are comfortable fighting with believe it or not in fortnight it’s not always just your skill and it has good of a PvP player you are a lot of the times it’s are you familiar with you are you comfortable with the environment you’re fighting in you know there’s some spots on the map I just get destroyed it feels like every time I go there mainly because it’s a spot maybe you can get third party or maybe it’s just a spot where it’s just weird there’s a lot of high grounds and low grounds so it’s definitely theirs and their spots on the map but I feel like I do great every time I go there so kind of discover that play around land on different spots on the map in regular lobbies and then kind of stick to it also is there a lot of loot there is there a lot of chests are there a lot of weapon drops is there a lot of materials to be harvested and not just wood is there wood metal brick that’s a half’s Lee ideal also are you doing solos DuBose or squads because sometimes you can land somewhere if you’re solo that you couldn’t land if you’re you’re playing as a duo or a squad because maybe there’s just not enough loot for more than one person all of these need to be accounted for for example my solo spot believe it or not it’s tomato temple I’m just super familiar with that area now and it seems like there’s always a few players there and I just know how to find that first weapon and have an instant advantage so I do like to land to me at a temple a lot and solos but in duos my favorite spot to land is Paradise Palms for some reason I just am very successful there and there’s a lot of it’s usually a lot of people and like I said I just feel comfortable fighting there so I feel like I have an advantage over most of other players but once you get this spot it really gets you into a rhythm it gives you just a spot in every game and like I said the best players have their spot so definitely claim your spot second tip I have is kind of just look at what game you’re playing um when I first started doing the pop-up cups the first thing I would do I tried to find a magic formula and I was like okay well if I land you’re hot every drop I can maybe get three kills and get a quick point and if I died then okay I only wasted like a minute or two and now that that doesn’t really work it didn’t really work back then and it really doesn’t work now mainly because now you have a game cap you have a 30 game cap and it might not sound like a lot but that’s a lot of games to play like I don’t think I’ve ever reached the cap but it also might be because of the way I’ve been playing the game so it leads me to my point so say if you have your spot now and you land and say no one lands there I used to be like I need to get max points so I’m missing out on all these eliminations now I just have the point I just have to push everybody and that’s really not the good way to go about it anymore I kind of discovered okay if I don’t have anybody here I can fully loot I’ll probably be fully shielded i’ll probably have decent loot if where I’m landing is indeed a good spot and now let me just go for placement what you want to do is look at every game and try to figure out how can I get the most points that is realistic in this game now if I land it hot and there’s a lot of people there and I end up coming away with like five kills then I know okay I can take my time play slow and steady and I can probably get those other two eliminations I’m gonna play a little aggressive so I can try to lock up that other point but in the same sense I’m not gonna force anything and what happens is when you have a spot so say now if you land somewhere and there’s nobody there now you know okay my plan is just the farm up get all my loot and try to just survive to the end game and maybe I can come away with a one elimination point you don’t need max points and that’s where I’m really getting at try to totally maximize your decision-making and that will maximize your points because what I did was I looked at pro players and especially for the Winter Royale a lot of the people that qualified for the Winter Royale only played like ten games they meet every game count and I didn’t mean that they had max points every game that just meant that okay maybe they took advantage of eliminations that game maybe they took up an advantage of placement so it’s really important to note that another tip I have for you guys is be prepared for endgame if you’ve gotten far into the pop-up cups and you’ve gotten a lot of points and the games got a little more sweaty you’ll know that it’s it’s unlike anything you’ve probably played and game for tonight unless you’ve done scrims or you’ve done other pop-up cups it gets very competitive and it becomes very like if you watched any of the skirmishes it kind of gets like that to a degree of course not fully but a lot of times you’ll have people tunneling and people building on top of one another and just trying to scurry to the circle so what I’m trying to get at is save your good materials for endgame I use wood almost the whole game until the end then I’ll start using my brick in metal and because you’ll see when you’re started building up on top of people and your make building in metal or brick it gives if they try shooting at it you’re getting a free shot on them because it’s not gonna break quick and it’s just gonna overwhelm them with the look of it so I hope that video this video helped you guys good luck with your tournaments and I will catch you guys next time

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