How To Download Durecorder And Get Facecam

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How To Download Durecorder And Get Facecam Video

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How To Download Durecorder And Get Facecam Video Transcript

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yo what is up guys crazy game over here and on today’s video I’m going to be basically showing you how to download do you recorder for your YouTube channel so you can have like webcam like those patrol youtubers who have webcam and little peep even small youtubers we have webcam so basically this is a tutorial on how to do a webcam by using d-u recorder let’s start without any more for it okay so once you got d-u recorder i mean first things first since I already have did you recover oh so you are going to need to go to play store type in D or do you oh there it is d tu recorder tu recorder there I wondered again so since I already have it I’m just gonna open it but once you get in here it’s downloaded install it and open it just like this so once you get in here you want to have like a little webcam right so it’s easy this thing has many features and many tools to use this is kind of my things these are my personal things these are people who are filming live videos as we can see here there’s a little bit of a Minecraft I think I don’t know what that there’s a little bit of that there you can watch videos online if you like for tonight you can watch people appearing for Night Live funny guess minecraft videos also I do minecraft videos so once you get in here you want you want to use um what does it call face come so you’re gonna go into your settings scroll down scroll down scroll down until you find this so as we can see we over here we see screenshot camera and brush so don’t put this don’t switch any of this as you can see we are in recordings tools so come here press this and boom press camera here we go this is how you get face cam on do you record works hundred-percent on any smartphone on any smartphone works 100% whether you’re on iOS Android or mobile so yep that is how you get face cam on D you recorder yep guys that is an awesome app to use I recommend you should you get it if you’re on mobile and you don’t have any webcam things like I don’t know like if you you as you can see people who are using a PC they can just buy a webcam I’ll show you the PC webcam it’s gonna pop up right here and also a webcam is gonna pop out so if you’re using a PC you know there’s a little dot over there on the PC little that that’s the dot that you know I think they make a web they switch on their webcams so you’re gonna need to connect it with your origin with the webcam that you have the our pop-up everything so yeah guys that’s how you get it and if you wanna you know like get some nos and stuff all you just have to do is get into pics or lab this is how you get your terminals as you can see here my I have already done a thumbnail as you can see your hair Oh autumn save is I already have an autosave just open and this is the family out that I’m going to be using for this video it looks awesome looks fresh looks clean it’s very basic to use but it’s simple app to use them yeah after your some know you just have to make sure if you wanna you know like have a cool some nail that pops up you have to get a YouTube studio and make sure that your YouTube account is verified if it’s not verified then these this awesome Sam nose won’t work so yeah guys that’s all for today’s video make sure you like subscribe don’t forget to heal that hit that Bell button ding ding ding ding ding so you’d never miss out on any of my brand new contact so because I would hate it if you missed out on any of my videos with that all being said I’ll see you guys in the next video make sure like subscribe and comment if you would want to see more of these videos as you can see we have our webcam on it looks great guys if you wanna make a little bit small so it goes kind of good with your videos like a play minecraft fortnight you name it see you on the next video guys goodbye

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