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How To Download Fifa 19 On Pc For Free! Video

fifa 19 free download for android version

How To Download Fifa 19 On Pc For Free! Video Transcript

fifa 19 free download for android version

hey there welcome back to another cool video on technical spotted I have already made a video on how to download and install FIFA 18 game without any errors and this video is all about how to download and install FIFA a 19 game without any errors I don’t promote using the crack or applications this is just a tutorial how to play fifa 19 game on your PC and strongly in commend you to support the developers by purchasing the game keeping all the things side like the tag begin you first of all you gotta copy the link in the description and get into your favorite browser just paste the link you will get this page open just through the mother of the internet that you are a human and click on continue then you gotta wait for some time and click on get link once you click on the link you will be redirected to this page this website gives us a lot of formats to download the game you can download the game in any of your preferred format here we provide the game in is or zip torrent and in many other formats however ISO is the preferred format for me to download the game once you open link of ISO you will see the page with some error like this so you just have to click on the second link in the description and paste it in your web browser it will redirect you to install a VPN I suggest you to download this ultra short VPN you just have to add the extension to your browser by clicking on add to Chrome option once you are done with that you will see something like this then make sure that the cobble in the ultra sub extension is turned on and be sure that it is showing connected once you see that just reload the page and you will be shown something like this just click on the download button click on the download option then click here to get the download link then the download automatically gets started in my case I am using IDM software to download the game it automatically captured the download in case you don’t have this software installed in your PC your browser will automatically download the game for you in case if no other links work just click on magnet torrent link make sure you have a torrent downloading software like utorrent or vatan is pre-installed in your PC once you’re done just click on OK and to increase the speed right click on the torrent and click on for start then again do the same head over to bandwidth allocation and set the priority to high then you have to download the Direct X and microsoft visual c++ in order to run the game without any errors just download the Direct X software from the link in the description ax up the settings and click on next after the installation gets completed just close the dialog box then you gotta download the microsoft visual c++ and then the link for the software is in the description box just allow the permissions and simply install the application after the installation gets completed just close the dialog box once you’re done do the same for the 64-bit application sotas just be sure that the Direct X and both the versions that is 32-bit and 64-bit software’s of microsoft visual c++ is installed in your PC before the actual installation of the game once you are done just get into your downloads folder you will find these items listed in your download folder be sure an ISO extractor is pre installed in your PC any software or WinRAR will do the work just right-click on the ISO file and extract the contents this process will take pretty much time in the meantime I will growl to show you the gameplay I recorded after the installation of the game an international that I’m afraid on paper looks very one-sided and Alan Smith it might turn out that way on the pitch yeah as we know football not playing on tied to and we have seen shops in the past as a neutral you don’t want it to be too one-sided but it has that look about it doesn’t it we’ll wait and see it’s an international fixture here white lads in midfield they’re going to be important both got a bit of pace paper drill getting round the outside good position they’ve worked this attack very well into a quite a dangerous position now defenders come very well there to stop the cross so we’ll restart with a throw it can really get at the opposition here and the goalkeeper given catching practice from long range really really sparkled in the best years of Borussia Dortmund under Jurgen Klopp didn’t be Marco Royce certainly did and he’s got the ability to pop up in the box makes really good learns from deep and it’s hard to pick up for defenders giving themselves a job I take but he stood good and is one of the biggest shocks can’t believe it have to be there to store it the Brandon and dollars reward just couldn’t miss it was approached his effort the final finish was difficult but to get there took a little bit of interesting so the first goal it’s one though or attempted to pass really stared true slipping it through again and onto the ball looking for a teammate play by the keeper but still a chance to credit pass through but not successful played away well away from gold that’s gone behind for a corner it’s gonna die again so far but the fans entertaining themselves with this Mexican wave and then it goes good defensive clearance there Royce Vernon Julian Draxler read the intentions of the opposition there to make the interception shut up that’s a good block the defenders between them in a minute well it was close enough to think for a moment that they might have gone to in front yeah it’s not the easiest but it was a decent effort not far away from the target at all all right guys our extraction process is nearly came to an end just have to wait for couple more seconds yeah finally our extraction is completed head over to your extracted folder open up the folder you will see this contents in the folder just open up the crack folder and copy all the contents in it and get into the setup folder and paste the files you have copied earlier if you see any pop-up like this just simply click on replace option once you’re done you are pretty much good to go just double click on the FIFA 19mm you will see the game open this wait for some time don’t worry for the fullscreen option I’m gonna show you how to get into the full-screen mode to play the game just bear with me set your language II a sports to the game once you see this option just press the spacebar on your keyboard and everything works like magic just call him mr. Champions League Cristiano now in order to get to the full-screen mode you have to get into the FIFA set up hold up double click on the FIFA config application then you will see this user interface here you will have some options to select your language I will stick with the English US version click on the game settings here in this drop down menu you will see certain resolutions set one according to your monitor here I am going with 1366 by 768 you can even set the render quality and frame rate which is fabulous I would say once you’re done with all the settings just click on the okay option and close the window then you are completely done just open the application once again then you will be able to play the game in full-screen II a sports to the game the break is definitely on an incisive past not able to take so that’s it guys for this video I hope you enjoyed it like this video if you did share this with your friends and stay tuned to technical spotted you

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