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How To Draw Hands – Easy Simple Basic Shapes Video

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hello my name’s Emily welcome to my channel today we are going to be drawing hands realistic hands at that so we’re gonna do about three exercises to help you get the dimensions and like all the kind of things that you need to like take in before you actually draw hands especially realistic hands because those are really hard but it’s gonna be great so stay tuned and we’ll start with exercise and do Bruno okay so exercise the new great oh no this is too but this is one numero uno it’s going to be drawing while just looking at your hints not looking at the paper you’re not even allowed to look in its direction I actually suggest that you hide it from yourself just so that you know you can’t look at it so what I like to do is I like to use my own hands you make kind of like whatever you want to do mr. lamma lamma lamma lamma lamma drama you can do him just stare at that guy don’t take your eyes off of them and get a pen and paper and just start going you know it’s not supposed to be accurate at all you’re just supposed to be looking at that dimensions and the shading at the detail taking in every kind of detail of your hand that you can inside your brain so that you can call upon that in the future just so you know you are gonna have a reference photo i really suggest that for the later exercises but for this one just stare your hand may get any kind of shape that you want and let’s get started alright first of all sorry my pencil marks are so light I didn’t realize until I looked at it afterwards but basically you’re just gonna stare at your hand like I said and you’re gonna feel like you’re doing it right it’s gonna be so broke so don’t worry about a thing you’ll see at the end it’s gonna look crazy one time I did an entire picture with so many other aspects just not even looking at it and it looked like a bunch of scribbles or like when I try to draw with my left hand okay so you have moved on to exercise too this one is going to be pretty cool I always liked drawing skeletons and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do because your hand is made up of different layers obviously you have bone you have muscle veins and then skin over that and you kind of need to know what’s going on underneath your skin just so that you can tell where the anatomy lies it’s gonna make it look way more realistic than just like blobs like sponge ball pans so as you can see you’ve got bony protrusions and that’s gonna make the that’s gonna make the intense and those are gonna create shadows and then also highlights and that’s keys when making realistic pictures is shading and highlights I don’t know where I would be artistically if I didn’t know how to shade or highlight and there’s a bunch of different ways that you can shade personally I just like laying down the first layer and then like smudging it out with my fears um I don’t really like using smudge sticks unless they’re like the little tiny baby ones I can’t do myself but honestly you can also do lines dots however you want to do it but we are not at that phase yet we are just going to be doing the anatomy so that you can get down the proportion so this is going to really help you figure out where to lay like how long your fingers should be because obviously your hand is bigger than you think like it’s as big as your face and I got a pretty big head so I also have pretty big hands a lot of people don’t have long hands but I mean if you’re using yourself as a reference photo that’ll be fine I actually suggest to Google a picture of a skeleton hand and then just kind of dive in there because obviously you can’t see your skeleton if you’re still alive and looking at your own hand so spongebob – Patrick I just wanted to do that anyways so you’re gonna get your tail tip picture and just stare at that guy start drawing your skeleton hand I’m starting with the bones in my wrists moving down to like the first finger that I can see and they go in with the ones that are in the back as you can see your bones kind of go in in the middle of those little segments and then out one way in which that joint this is your knuckles and the parts that Bend and your finger and those are going to be a little bulbous and they’re also gonna have wrinkles and a bunch of shading and that’s also going to be the point at which your fingers will point toward or away from you so you have to figure that out as well even though your fingers are long they might look shorter because they’re pointing away from you or they might look shorter even so when they’re pointing towards you because you can only see like the bottom part that’s just like coming after get that stuff drawn now I’m probably gonna do a little bit of minor shading but you’d really know how to do it’s just as just an exercise to get you prepared for all the dimensions and all that good stuff plus it kind of looks cool badass I was actually thinking about doing a picture little figure trying to keep it appropriate so you’ve made it all the way to exercise number three yeah we’re almost done so this one you’re just gonna be blocking out your hand doing some minor shading kind of like getting your lighting and the spot that you want for this one I really recommend having a reference photo whether or not it’s a picture of your hand then the shape that you want it to be or a picture of somebody else’s hand if you want to just stare at your hand just be really really careful not to move it I used to do that all the time when I was a kid just learning how to draw hands pretty much all the hands in my sketchbook are this one my lefty and Ken’s can’t do it with you right you know John but yeah so get a reference photo block out your hands you can go off of the skeleton one or not depending on what you want to do this one’s probably gonna be a better explained as I’m drawing it because there’s a lot of little techniques that I can show you rather than to share with you verbally so let’s get to it okay so we’re starting this one out I took a picture of my hand you can see up there I put the flash arm so I had like adjusting to lighting to go off as well up to you whether or not you want to do that so I always like to start off with my thumb because it’s kind of like the biggest part of your the bottom portion of your hand and you’re always gonna have kind of like a pointy part where that knuckle comes out and it’s curved and then your actual kind of swoops up when you get to the pad of your fingers those are always gonna be more juicy so you wanna round those out and kind of look at your skeleton picture and you can see segments and use that to help you I really like to use the folds of my skin to help with the proportions and to go off because they all are intertwined shadows I’m just gonna do slightly nothing too crazy not really going details with the shadow so you’ve made it all the way to the end thank you so much for watching I hope I didn’t bore you to death if you liked my video like subscribe to my channel they’ll be at hana on the videos being watched soon thanks bye see you later have a great day cuz you’re beautiful and you know let me focus it so you can get it real real close up hold on hold on hold on no that’s not working oh no oh no maybe if I put music to it it would be looks weird if you like this I think it got weird

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