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oh I think it’s time for another tutorial let’s go yeah steep one first if you lose stand up down but it’s gonna hurt yeah cause if you don’t lean back you’ll go forwards Oh TV which not very good which will be sick drop drop down like the other one on the grass and also these tutorials are for beginners not intermediate riders so if you want to get starting out on riding follow these tips to help you become a better rider step 3 what does nosing it in mean like dice Donuts dot SUV this new environment will drop in land hit you know then fly over to be that’s nosing into PowerSchool nosedive but if he knows it int it’s got a swamp like this like that means a slot like that no Xena movie gonna match the angle in which you’re landing it up so basically you’ll be riding or like you jump over and you want your you want your body you want your you to be going and the same angle of your slow yeah don’t go too far orbit so what does sessioning it mean you keep on doing it when you’re trying out different things I think even just doing the same move over and over you more counter seasonings ICC is next and then write down these years you will be sessioning what here so this is a feature that big platform is a feature cuz you can drop off those stairs are a feature because you can go down or jump down each stair at a time sideways that’s how you draw fleas yeah Cinda Wow that is how to drop ladybugs I’ll sleep

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