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How To Dye Your Hair In 5 Min Video

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hey guys you go to answer that and welcome back to my channel now today your girl’s back with the T you know T’s for Tony T’s for Tina your girl is back to give you all the T on the realness on how to those transform those dried up weeks that you probably have underneath your bed or underneath your closet that you ain’t even trying to look at into this blue bombshell realness using the watercolor method so if you want to see how I achieve this look keep on watching alright so for today’s look we’re gonna be going in the adore creative image and indigo blue 112 and Royal Navy 178 I absolutely love this hair dye shout out my girl with Bobbie who put me on this it’s super cheap you can find at your local beauty supply store it’s about 399 or $5.99 like it’s not a lot of coins at all and it does the job next up it’s time to grab your unit this is the unit had for over a year now from beauty mark bundles I will link it in the description box down below so we’re gonna grab our blonde unit this is in the color 613 we’re gonna grab our hot water and immediately begin to add our hair dye so after you’ve poured in your hair down to the hot water you want to make sure that you stir it thoroughly right now I’m just using a whisk that I got from Sally Beauty Supply um you can use anything a spoon comb or whatever you know floats your boat what you want to do before you dip your hair in if you want to grab a paper towel and a brush and apply some of it onto the paper towel to see if it’s your desired color in this case it was a little bit too light blue and I want it to be more of a navy blue so I’m gonna go in and add some more color and then I’m also gonna go in and add the other shade which had more of a violent base because I want to be more of a violet navy blue type of vibe so you’ll see me doing that here so we’re just gonna repeat the same steps as last time we’re gonna stare it up we’re gonna grab our brush in a clean paper towel and we’re going to dab it on to see we have our desired color and in this case we do so we’re good to go and we’re gonna just dunk our hair right on in so you want to make sure that the colors evenly distributed throughout the hair so I’m just using that same wisp and later you’ll see me use the brush and I’m just using it to apply the roots of the hair because this was an ombre block to 6:13 I kind of make sure that it transitions out and later and the completed look you’ll see kind of gives its own like ombre effect um from light to dark which was pretty cool so you just want to make sure everything is evenly distributed don’t be afraid to dump the hair and I’ll show you in a bit that the colors not gonna get on your lease at all so you told you have nothing to worry about literally just dunk the hair make sure its applied evenly throughout and I promise you you will have bomb results for bottles of what color you’re using once I felt like I had my desired look I went and washed it out welco washed it with some silicone mix and here’s the final look you can just see me pull drying it I’m gonna go in next and strain in it and guys it literally took like five to ten minutes to achieve this look it’s super easy to die you’ll see there’s a little bit of an ombre effect like I mentioned earlier with the color I absolutely love this color and will totally be using the water color method in the future alright guys that’s it for this week’s video if you like this video and want to see more videos like this you know the drill don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button and show you girls some love I love you guys and thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time bye

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