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enter the forest movie

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in the building pass warriors

one today there’s a video where I’m teaching you how to enter this with out dying so that’s what you do you see this you have to be very quickly so you go up you see that part right there you don’t go up you go to the tip right here and once you shoot go oh my gosh I messed up all right I gotta redo this alright hey don’t mind my pile of loot over there I was just itching around alright so this is how you do it get your bills I’m a noob right now so don’t blink don’t mind me just building like a perfect person and so once you do that take this no not that see that Amy right there and you go like this boom and you enter right in so whoever was just in there will be dead what are you alright like subscribe and do whatever you can to the video and I’ll see you in the next one and by the way I’ve been house

enter the forest movie

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