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What’s going on everybody! Emeka from the blue print publishing academy and today it we’re continuing the five-part series on a keyword research so I’m just gonna dive in and we’re kind of you should be able to see my screen right now and I went inside our Facebook group and just asked people to give me a couple niches and I’m just gonna dive in and find a couple profitable keywords so you can kind of see how I do this live so to speak so let’s just get started so the first one it’s gonna be minimalist so let’s kind of check in I so so I bring up Katie spy here hopefully it shows up on the screen alright so right away look in the screen here we got the first book thirty-four thousand then thirty two thousand twenty-nine thousand twenty thousand six five okay so so minimalist living at first glance shows to be profitable keyword now out of the first six books three of them have reviews over two hundred so what I would do with that is I just kind of looking see what we got here so Genevieve it doesn’t look too bad actually this doesn’t look too too bad clerk who is this person all right so she’s like a real person got a blog post from a week ago so she’s active driving traffic to this book alright so what I didn’t want to see I didn’t want to see this showing up here so that’s good because that’s a big authority figure so ain’t you know what now it’s a small Aneesh there’s only a thousand results here I might do a bit more confirmation on looking into KTB raw hit to check out the actual demand for this but first glance this is definitely a profitable keyword let’s see if let’s just take that out see what we can get from here so once again hopefully the screens recording the KDP spy or kitty spy that I’m using here so this is a free software it’s not free how am I kidding it’s how much is this thing like fifty bucks and what it does it just saves you time instead of me having to open up all of the books individually it just brings up all the information for me so once again minimalist profitable keyword at first glance but the reviews are too high I won’t – I wouldn’t really a lot of mess with that because you’re gonna comment come in here and your books just not gonna have any reviews right when you when you launch your new book so you know we could just get it to the top of the page fire odds and you know it’s a good enough cover it could work these are just three authority figures so like they’re not giving up that real-estate anytime soon so I’d rather go for what did we living minimalist living before let’s try home see if that comes up with anything but so all in all at first glance this is like this is definitely something you can look into do a bit more research like I said I’m not using Katy kitty P rocket in the these videos here but you know cross-referencing with that this could work yeah like one thing I’ll tell you right now your $5 cover ain’t gonna sell here because look at these covers look how they’re designed you’re gonna have to come up with something that’s gonna fit this type of like how these are and you also want to understand who’s the market who are you targeting here rate drop me in the comments who do you think’s buying these books what demographic right male or female what age because I can tell right from here exactly who they’re trying to target their age their sex tap let’s see some other ones all right so we got hacking it’s when I asked for niches everyone’s giving me keywords to check so yes that’s just how it is so hacking so 4,000 searches that’s fine okay let’s bring up alright so profitable keyword so this is an easy go hacking 100% I got books on hacking you can make money with this keyword 100% I’ll just tell you that right now there’s demand it’s it’s getting crowded but there’s still good demand in it you just got to think differently wow those books suck right here like that is like oh my god that’s horrible what is this person thinking hopefully you’re not what advice – no no those covers are horrible it just does not look good Zach Weber fix that but yeah no definitely profitable keyword there mortgage I think I’ve checked this one before and it’s not the best because remember the main thing you’re doing with nonfiction is you’re solving problems all right so let’s fucking if you want more videos like this if you drop the niche like drop the niches don’t drop the keywords because then I’m just confirming whether or not but if you want like you say hey I want to go into this niche what are some keywords to go into drop them in the comments and I’ll I’ll grab them and do some do some videos like this alright so here’s an interesting one so ninety five twenty eight thousand eight hundred thousand ninety five thousand thirty one thousand and then it’s like nine hundred thousand nine thousand two hundred thousand six hundred thousand seven hundred thousand so I wouldn’t do this because they but if we bring up the info from Katy peas rocket it’s gonna show not a ton of monthly searches that’s what I’m guessing and these top three yeah I want to touch just I want to do this here it nope not for me okay so arts and crafts okay so that’s okay so this is more of a niche so let’s try to see if we can find keyword t is yuria perfect like this how to sell on maybe if I smell it right only 200 so it might be a small niche but there might be money here I don’t know could be I found success with under 100 searches search results before it takes us yeah takes a solid strategy because you have to drive traffic to it because there’s not a ton of traffic going to it already cuz it’s very small of course alright so let’s just do it manually alright so let’s take a look scroll down so 151 just look at the best-selling rank here 104 48,000 480 I don’t know this doesn’t look that nice I wouldn’t mess with this know once again I’d confirm to see because here’s the here’s the thing with keyword research the BS ours might be high but when you go on a Kate kidney P rocket you find there’s a ton of searches but nobody’s find the books I could just say there’s a disconnect between the demand and what is being offered for the customer so that’s where you have to use both tools but um anyways drop loose Tunisia’s and I’ll do some more keyword research videos like this but hey we were able to find a couple profitable keywords in I don’t know how long this video is but let me know what part of Cuba research you want more help with yeah don’t forget to subscribe for some great videos till next time everybody I’m Emeka, speak to you all soon!

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