How To Get A Good Backround And How To Get A Good Set Up

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How To Get A Good Backround And How To Get A Good Set Up Video

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How To Get A Good Backround And How To Get A Good Set Up Video Transcript

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hi guys today I’m gonna be showing teaching you how to get get a good background so one way you can do it is you can just use a ball like a little blank space walk well you can just use like a ball it’s really easy or blinkin this go hey I just woke up or something and I know you can do it like I don’t really use backgrounds much I’m just showing you ways that you can do it if you want like a setup or something you can get like uh so what I use is I use like um books I pile them up and then hey guys what’s up or like something and that also works I also use you can use a chair balance do it you can set it right here I have like a piggy bank that I set it out now like hey guys oh what’s up and like it’s like good area you need something that’s a little bit taller than you you so you’re like hey guys what’s up so yeah you you’re gonna need something a little bit taller or you can go like hey we could just well you could just just do it like a random way just like or you could just set it right I am you can get I have some for university of this where you could just go hey guys what’s up or if y’all still it’s a YouTube video you you don’t need it perfect well I like doing as I like right here or you could set it just set it somewhere and just kneel and be like hey guys or you could go back and get on your knees like this hey guys what’s up look there’s so many different ways to do it um guys if somebody is active and they’re watching my youtube channel right now please tell me something that I can do the only thing I owe ya I know I’m gonna do my next video so yeah oh my gosh my tie is like not around me I made sure you had to do like a braid but guys I think that’s it for today because like those are the those are the ways how I know how to do it and yeah so thank you for watching please subscribe and hit that notification bell would you do it please first shout out so comment down below if you did it or not and I won’t be if I will be giving out a shout outs so yeah guys you guys are the best

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