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is barley grass gluten free

guys welcome back to another video and today we’re gonna be playing brawl stars again know as you can see right in the corner I have unlocked a new brawler I’ve unlocked three but before I say anything else I want you guys to like subscribe and share this video and turn on the bone notifications because that would help me a lot I’m trying to reach 100 subscribers by Christmas and I really want to do that because that would mean so much to me so let’s just get right to the video so as you can see I have unlocked for new brawler’s for that is right for and I will be testing them out in some new events like brawl ball and in three days we’ll be testing out big game or it’s one big person versus five other people so I’m not very good with both but let’s start off with el primo and showdown he’s pretty good and so down so is Shelly Shelly and I’ll promote both really good for them especially duo if you have a bug meetup or oprima back up back up that’s my power point yeah that’s what I thought you ain’t coming arrow pretty long Oh or six it on their own Zach Holt self who a bow flip of the bow oh yeah it’s gonna scare off Holt’s mind boy there man boy lemare boy I’ve got eight power points is where I open oh so good you can just rush in and dominate my more I saw me you got a kind of sneaky oh we got it both I’m just gonna kind of sit here and wait for one of them to come up if both would come out that would be nice it’s just Colts in ball Colt please Cobo no I want I want it bold to kill Kult because I really don’t want Colts norming up against me Colt can be deadly if he hits all his shots soil him dead okay put a hidden room well public holes come drunk in my bush lon lemare boy ah yes showdown victory yeah +8 tariff is all my heart’s pounding whoo they say exercise gets your heart rate up but all you need to do is become a showdown match Gangrel foes like we got a lot of coins there might be able to break up one of my brawlers ooh poker I want poker up we go okay no I’m going to be testing out barley he’s kind of good in Jam grub so let’s go put him in there No as you guys probably remember I asked um I wanted barley in the last episode the first episode of brawl stars but I didn’t get him but all you have to do to get barley for free is going to supercell ID and shooting no go into settings and hitting supercell IDs then you make a super so ID account and you get this free skin for barolo to you you’d like a super saw ID account and then you back out of it and then you get Berlin and you get his first gun on the house boys Oh like I died you so much gents oh I died okay I don’t have any jumps all run pretty bad if I hug once it’s right now I think I’ll dance I’ll get em guns we’re getting pushed off a lot what my super-hearing get out I swear I’m not super bad album what matter so little is this any really high hope oh man I’d you I just can’t get in and do damage or anything job well we won’t help him off hopefully that super kills them no it’s not gonna kill them they have enough gems anyway can’t spun back in time well I am I am pretty good with barley but I guess roving our team I’m gonna stop making excuses and going to connect split poco poco lets you Bravo I have not tried them yet in that match so bro ball oh yeah you go in you grab the ball you try and shoot it into the goal as you can see right there but get back get back mmm ohh Barley’s going in buddy’s going in you might get the score ah just died it’s cute little bali-ba got our Mita no and I get a Shelley I can get it no I didn’t get it barley got it I’ll protect barley Oh Gerald’s going in pass it to me pass to me I’m open you got me turning it up to 11 I like always he gonna get again almost got it I didn’t get it I grabbed it from home I can get it I didn’t realize I got it until I it what till I kicked it I realized I had it I didn’t have it Oh Barley’s coming in don’t know oh yeah just what the crowd said bill Oh help him up no he’s picking it in no it looks like Oprah mo doesn’t know how to kick because he is really dumb just gonna walk in or he’s just mocking us so it looks like we have enough time so we’re gonna go in with bull in Bravo yeah bull was kind of like el primo he’s just kind of like he’s exactly like el primo with a little bit less Hoff a little bit more range he’s like a Shelley but with more health pretty much and less room stuff there’s a lot of lost minutes going in I’m going in I’m going in no no no I had about a myth that it’s so annoying when you have it we’ll just mix Oh probably should have done that yeah both super is not very good but at all in damaging well thought the ball damaged it can you guys get cold yeah I can’t can you guys go and get quote form a place can you guys like get an opening for me at all no no looks like you can’t oh no nothing to be able to get it though we just need one goal and we can just defend come on guys it’s not that hard moved up and I’m moving up to shoot shoot shoot it’s not working I want to just like kick the ball back there squeaking okay we’re regrouping come on guys let’s go this way shoot up on shoot at them shoot at them cover fire cover fire please you know I’m just gonna have to run in I’m actually just after them it’s fine if NATO no oh so close why don’t I have to see that we’re not even gonna do anything cuz we can’t we can’t do anything that’s 30 seconds Oh guys you guys just team you got cover fire well I think that’s gonna end up for today’s video as always remember to Like subscribe and share I want to reach a hundred subscribers by Christmas so bye guys

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