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we tried to tell y’all we really did we tried to warn y’all yeah I want to listen we said it we said the machines is taking over it’s crazy I’ve never seen anything like it we gotta do something we got like this video we got a subscribers video we got door for children how’s it going everybody welcome to meet your media and thank you for joining the media moment sorry for my freakout earlier but it’s gonna make sense real soon I promised the machines really is taking over it’s crazy but before that I like to say Happy Holidays to everybody because it is the holiday season the perfect time to intermingle with family and friends and people you ain’t never met before so to commemorate that I’m doing these videos in my family room with pictures of my family and Neil’s baby see kind of big picture no we’re not doing that go back so this video is all about something I’ve been waiting for since April so in April when I started this whole you know buying camera equipment stuff trying to do my own thing I ran across this Kickstarter called Arsenal don’t think of it I probably bought it for the name like awesome oh that’s a bad name so what it is is basically a mini artificial intelligence program for your camera and I highly recommend this for anybody who’s doing photography or videography to take a look into because what it does is after you get it and you mount it onto your camera and you set it up and everything like that with the phone app and the camera it’s not that hard really when you go to take a picture you put it on smart mode and basically what this little machine does is searches the internet real fast for pictures that are similar to yours to the one that you’re trying to take and it kind of automatically readjust your camera settings to fit the picture that you’re trying to take so that the settings look really good and this is really helpful because especially photographers who are doing something like event photography sometimes you may forget or sometimes you don’t really have the time to adjust every little detail when you’re about to take a picture to adjust them to adjust the white to adjust the ISO level let’s be thrilled if this happened like this sometimes you can’t adjust like this but that’s what this machine does that’s where it comes in handy I’ll show it to y’all right now it’s gonna be crazy check it out so this is how it looks when you first take it out of the box and just to give you something to go by this is my hand this is the Box hand box hand box it’s super small it’s crazy to think that the thing that can do all that stuff that I just said comes in this tiny box so you open it up and the first thing you’re met with is a thank you note thanks for choosing Arsenal visit Arsenal to get started that was pretty nice of them to do next is the device itself this is Arsenal it even says Arsenal on on it don’t know if you can see that but showing it to you anyway it’s super small this is the whole device there’s the middle there’s two ports there’s one for charging and on the other side there’s one to connect to your camera and it’s super simple to set up LED comes on tells you that you’re good to go you plug it in and you’re ready to start shooting one of the most important things I think for this for me is the fact that it’s super lightweight so even if I put it on my camera and I have my camera on a gimbal or something it’s not going to drastically change the weight it even gives you everything that you’re going to need in the box itself so you put that down and underneath the box is all the devices that you’re gonna need it has the the wall adapter which I’m not gonna lie i use for my phone sometimes because i can’t always find my wall adapter it also comes with a charger cord it’s pretty long cord i think it’s about 3 feet which is really good lastly it comes with this cord is pretty much a connector cable so if you have a newer camera like the sony a7 3 you’re gonna need one of these cords because not all of the cameras connect through Wi-Fi so pretty much yeah this is it guys but you’re going to have to go in and say your specific camera so they can give you the right cords and chargers so that kind of concludes our arsenal camera assistant review or unboxing however you want to call it again I highly recommend this for anybody that’s doing photography or videography to just take a look into like especially if you’re starting out I think that this is something very important to have until you learn how to adjust your settings properly for every exposure and you learn how to do it efficiently so until next time guys peace I was a cute baby

how to take professional pictures with phone

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