How To Get Dirt Cheap Hair Makeup & Clothes Wholesale Cut The Middle Man – Super Quality !

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How To Get Dirt Cheap Hair Makeup & Clothes Wholesale Cut The Middle Man – Super Quality ! Video

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How To Get Dirt Cheap Hair Makeup & Clothes Wholesale Cut The Middle Man – Super Quality ! Video Transcript

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hey well such at our April and I am so excited to do this video this is going to be like the most valuable list or this video for those who are interested in purchasing wholesale or just wanting to buy things for themselves wholesale or if you have a store or a website this video is exactly for you so I have three of the most important lists and I will put the description down below for you girls and guys who want to go ahead and download the list from clothing to make up to hair so you guys know that hair is like the most poppin thing on the internet right about now it’s trending here is really the popular I don’t really think it has ever gone out of popularity see me looking down I just I’m trying to just point out some key factors in this video to you guys but like I said this is the most valuable information that I’m going to give you and it is a three exclusive list that you can download from the link below so the first list that I’m going to give you is five international virgin hair vendors they are not vendors from Aliexpress they cater or they provide hair to exclusive salons to exclusive celebrities to just exclusive people but their hair is absolutely amazing and you can find these vendors on the list I’m going to provide you down below so I’m just going to look at some of the items or not be items but basically what I want to tell you guys because it’s a lot to just grasp at once and I don’t want to forget anything so the top 10 three best virgin hair tell real tailors so you can skip like the middleman you don’t have to go through one person to get to the other it’s directly from the actual vendor actually directly from the source this is the perfect list right here and I’ll post that below so if you want to start a hair business or say you want to sell wholesale hair or you want to make leagues like I do or you just want to purchase hair for yourself you want to wait for everyday then this is the perfect list wholesale lists for you that information like I said will be down below like I said you can skip the middleman none of these vendors are from Aliexpress these vendors have been in business for more than 30 years their hair can last for more than three years what the proper maintenance a lot of people don’t take care of their hair properly but with theirs it will last even longer even if you’re not one of those who are higher maintenance then I highly suggest checking out the list below also the second list contains ten wholesale name-brand makeup suppliers so for those of you who love makeup like one like myself I am like a huge makeup collector it does not matter if it’s drugstore or high-end pull up in all because it all is so different it all has a different consistency it all has a different payoff but these actual makeup vendors these makeup wholesale companies they cater to companies such as Revlon NYX Cosmetics Milani cosmetics cream of nature chart cosmetics Lancome Urban Decay sugarpill house of lashes so this is the perfect way to start your own business especially if you wanted to just makeup or if you are like an avid make of collector or makeup artist this is a great way to build your pick so this is also going to be included in the link below for you as well so like I said this is the ten wholesale name-brand makeup supplies and you’re not gonna be able to find this just by googling it because it’s not like it’s top secret but certain vendors like this are really really hard to find through Google they kind of stay in their zone if you know what I’m saying so yes check that out below I went ahead and checked it out and it’s really addicting especially if you love like hair and makeup then you have to like brace yourself but like I said if you want to start a business whether it be hair or makeup or clothes clothing as well then this is as well for you so the third list contains the best fashion wholesale companies or vendors for women clothes shoes and accessories and these vendors supply products to Nasty Gal H&M Zara amongst men others and as well as that as you’re not going to be able to find these vendors on Google either so take that into consideration if you’re trying to open a boutique and you want something that’s high quality not like the polyester blends but you don’t want to pay a lot and you don’t know where to start off looking for then these lists can be just for you guys so I wanted to make this video because a lot of people ask me well how do I start out with doing my website or where do I get my hair from and as well as that is when I did my jewelry website where did I get it from I got it from a list like this it’s really hard to just basically go on YouTube or not Google excuse me Google and search for certain things because a lot of things do come up and it’s kind of like a popularity contest it’s kind of like oh who comes first or basically which shows up in your Google who pays the highest for the highest ranking so with certain lists like this like this was really helpful for me when I was doing my jewelry website I got a lot of great helpful lists from this as well as like vendors for hair I’m not to say this one for hair but also for like clothing because I did want to incorporate like purses and bags into my website when I did have it up and running so certain lists like this one here you can find like there’s other ones out there but I think like this one is really really easy and I thought I would just incorporate this in a video because I’ve had a lot of questions well how do you start your own business how have you done this what happened to your business what happened to your smooches accessories website like my soldiers accessories you know I put that on the back burner because I moved here and I just basically never got it popping again but I did want to share this information with you girls so for those of you who are interested in starting a hair business which is really hard you do have to find like the perfect vendor then I would highly suggest checking this list out and for those of you who love makeup and want to start a makeup business or just want to collect it for yourself that as well as that as this is the perfect link for this actual website is the perfect for you as well as for clothing so I will post all the information for you guys below so that way you can check it out all is that there’s only a few of these lists available so make sure you click the link and I posted it is boss like chicks calm and you can go ahead and download your copy right away it’s just that simple and that’s what I have done and I’ve used this for quite some time and they always update it so yes you guys I hope you enjoyed this really quick video and as always all the information will be in the description for you guys below make sure you check it out like I said it’s a limited time so on that note stadia and divalicious and I see you girls and guys on my next video

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