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what’s up guys welcome back to the channel no today I have a little bit of a different video now I bet a lot of you are probably wondering how in the world could you afford all the tech that you review on the channel and I bet most of you are also thinking you probably get that stuff for free right and part of that is true now for many items I have like my computer my monitor desk ps4 turtlebeach tel 700 things with my money I saved up for it especially for the PC I saved up a long time for it but I bought it myself but some of the products like the ones you see on the desk here some fine microphones some CPU coolers easy SMX cool 2000 and a couple other items that aren’t here I got from brands collaborating with me by the way I apologize my voice is a little different I am feeling a little bit under the weather here so I do get a lot of products for free now before you guys think that you know they’re paying me to say stuff now every video I make of products any product is my honest opinion take for example the Hades m1 the gamma T is Hades m1 initially I give that a really bad review because it’s what I really thought about it it didn’t perform well so I gave it a bad review anyway the purpose of this video is for me to help you guys I know a lot of people are starting YouTube channels and want to be in this sort of position where companies contact you because they want to send you free stuff for review now I’m here to help you guys get to that point now my channel is not big by any means I mean it’s big in my eyes but compared to like some other channels it’s it’s really small but I do have some experience and I do have some tips for you and a lot of these tips you guys have probably heard before but they’re true so let’s get right into it last video we did hit the goal of 15 likes this video I want to try to hit 20 I want to one-up that one 20 likes is the goal for this video you guys are really good with that so I really appreciate it now I watched videos with experienced content creators giving tips about how to do this and a lot of them give the tip of keep a professional image and that’s true you have to keep a professional image say for example if I reviewed a product and set a whole bunch of bad words and profanity you used obscene language and stuff like that and even you know how clean my my setup is imagine I had a cup of coffee spilled all over the desk no one would want to send me stuff because they know I’m not gonna take care of the item now you have to be professional use professional language I mean you can make jokes here and there but try to keep it appropriate and try to control yourself you know don’t go way overboard and once again try to keep a clean set up like the one I have here it shows that you care and companies and brands could see that through the video if I was contacting a youtuber then I would want to see you know a clean set up and a professional image this also comes down to your you know your channel banner your channel logo now I may not have the best channel banner or logo but it looks better than a lot of people who would normally put like a standard image someone actually made the banner for me but I made the logo and it took me some time to make it my next tip is to try to be guest consistent as possible with your videos now I know I don’t upload every day I upload maybe twice or three times a week but I try to stick to that schedule two to three videos a week now recently I’ve been on and off because of finals and exams and stuff like that but I generally try to keep you know with two to three video schedule a week and that shows that you’re active on YouTube also respond to comments I respond to almost every comments I always set aside time in the morning to respond to comments and emails because I care you guys have questions and comments I will respond companies see that believe it or not they know when you respond to comments they’ll actually read some comments because of course they want their product to be in good hands and someone who responds to comments shows that they care and that’s what a brand would like someone who cares and having more videos on your channel quality videos on your channel means that you have some experience you know you kind of know what you’re doing I mean you don’t have to be professional I’m not a professional at editing videos but I kind of know you know what I’m doing when I’m doing it this video for example it’s not you know all over the place or anything like that it has some sort of order going to it an organization also if you don’t have any money to start up a channel or you know make tech videos of certain tech you want to check out just make videos on stuff you have for example a couple years ago I had my gaming setup you know it was the monitor a ps4 and a headset I made videos on all those things I even made a video on a blue Yeti microphone which I got over time an elgato capture card i don’t know sure if those videos are still up but i remember making videos on that because i didn’t have money to buy you know extra tech to review so yeah just make some videos on what you have even if it’s just you know a phone case or a laptop sleeve something like that some earphones everyone has the earphones come on some earphones you got with your ipod you know five dollar earphones from the dollar store I mean dollar earphones but you know what I mean you could review anything that and on that note everyone has a phone and iPod something with a camera you could use that to record in fact I’m using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to record now this is a good phone but I used to use my note for my LG g3 LG G flex I’ve used a bunch of phones to record videos I just happen to be with this one now but I do plan on getting a camera very soon now when you think your channel is big enough and you want to try your look you could contact companies yourself now say for example your channel is the size of mine you know 4k subs you could contact companies and hope that they reply and send you some stuff but I’ve done it in the past and I found that most companies don’t even reply to you I’m sure they’ll only respond to people with you know thousands and thousands of subscribers maybe even millions but since my channel is still small in their eyes I probably won’t be able to offer much to them so now I just sit back and if a company wants to collaborate with me they’ll email me and many times they do now as my channel keeps on growing I will be contacting more companies and see how everything goes but for now I’m just not contacting any companies I’m just waiting for them to email me because I know that if they want me to review something they’ll email me I know most of the times you have to go out and get it but in this case if your channel isn’t big enough they’re not gonna respond to you so just don’t worry about that in the meantime grow your channel they’ll come to you and then eventually you could go to them on top of that say a company wants to collaborate with you they send you an email asking if you want to collaborate with them make a review for a headset and you do you review the headset and stuff like that everything goes well now say a couple months pass and you want to collaborate with them again you could email them and I’m sure they will want to collaborate with you again since they’ve already worked with you they know that you could keep a promise in making a video you will give your honest opinion and you could work with them and you could communicate with them well and that adds to your portfolio to your experience and of course experiences everything another good idea is to branch out have an Instagram Twitter of course on top of YouTube there are so many brands and companies looking at Instagram Twitter Facebook because they want to see your professional look they want to see that you could interact with people on all platforms because everyone now has all platforms now I need to do this a little bit more because right now I’m mainly focused on YouTube I do have an Instagram and I do have Twitter but I hardly ever use them so I need to take my own advice and start using them a little bit more but once again try to keep a professional image and if you do have all those social medias try to keep them all aligned and have the same user name or something very similar now one of the biggest things is patience now I’ve been making YouTube videos for years and only now have I noticed substantial growth but I’m a very patient person I didn’t give up the first year when I only had like 300 subs I kept on making videos first of all because I enjoy tech I enjoy making videos and I want to learn new things I’ve done all of those things so far still learning and still enjoying tech and now the biggest difference is that my channel is growing a little bit faster patience is key nothing’s gonna happen overnight I mean it might in some rare instances it takes a lot of time and dedication and for that you have to be very patient now I’m sure there are a whole bunch of other tips I could give but these are the ones I found the most helpful and I hope they help you guys out tell me in the comment section below if you’re in this position where you want to start a YouTube channel don’t know where to start need some tips I’ll be sure to respond of course like I said I’m very active in the comments section below once again I apologize for my throat I’m a little under the weather here but that’s gonna be it for the video I hope you enjoyed please make sure to leave a like a comment down below and consider subscribing I’ll see you guys in the next video

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