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today I’m gonna help you get a girl to come back to your place after a date I know in my previous life before I was a dating coach something I used to think about used to have problems with now it’s no problem for me and so this should help you a lot once you know these seven steps it’ll be really easy plus if you really stick around till the end of today’s video for the value bond since in it I’m gonna give you something that’s gonna really make this cake really easy let’s get started to start with and I’ve broken this down before but the basic way you do it is the way you structure your date first of all you don’t start with a big commitment in other words dinner don’t make dates for dinner with women you don’t know when you make a date with a woman you can say the name of a restaurant that’s okay what she thinks the date is about it’s fine but what you’re going for it’s coffee or a drink one of those two things I’m gonna recommend coffee if a woman says I want to get a drink fine you’re gonna go to a place that has coffee and alcohol but you want her to be the one that says I’m I would like a dream because it means she’s trying to shortcut it for you she trying to make things easy if a girl says for example I don’t really have a lot of time she doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to meet for coffee what she means is I don’t wanna waste time not having sex I am serious generally when a woman is not saying I can’t but she says I don’t have a lot of time which she’s not she’s not trying to say I’m not that interested she’s trying to say don’t make it long I really would like to get get laid that doesn’t mean you go straight to her home you still make the same date now anyhow you’re gonna make the date for coffee or drinks the next thing is and I as I say I recommend coffee I also recommend it in a place where there’s something else to watch something else to look at for example my favorite my biggest recommendations is not a coffee shop unless it’s a coffee shop with live music or whether I don’t I don’t recommend to DJ because you want to talk the first part of the date you don’t want to bring her somewhere where you can’t talk at all you want her to feel like this is a conversation so she can ask you all questions that find out all about you you’re not going to tell her about you but you really want her to that’s the plan she has is to find out about you what a woman thinks is that compatibility comes from the things she knows about you it’s not true unfortunately or else I would tell you answer all our questions the answering the questions doesn’t help her it doesn’t matter if you answer everything with what she wants to know so you’re gonna start with coffee in the conversation what you’re looking for is moments that move forward for example all of those moments are when she is suggesting more for example when she says I like you when she smiles when she when she acts like she likes you when you get the feeling that she likes you good unless you are very bad at reading people and I hope you know who you are if you are a calibrator which is most of the people who have trouble getting women home are calibrators if you’re a calibrator generally you have a good sense of if somebody’s likes you or doesn’t if it’s going well or if it’s not and if that if that’s the feeling if you have a feeling that it’s going well those moments as well all of those are good moments those are the things to escalate on that’s called bookmarking when you escalate on something that is good for you those moments and I’m gonna give you some examples of key moments when she touches you is the best you can have but there’s gonna be moments like she laughs especially when she laughs like that shows her teeth when she throws her head back and laughs another one is when she’s not laughing at all maybe she’s staring you this the certain types of women depends on the type of women women are very different depending the type of women will stare you while you’re talking or and they’ll play with their hair but they’re just looking at you or they might look down they might do this but they’re playing what they’re here that’s another sign what you’re looking for is moments not general sense she likes you but moments where she did something that’s like she likes you for example she started laughing and something you said those are moments to escalate on and what you do is at that moment you’re funny you’re funny for example or I like your sense of humor now I realize that she’s laughing at something you said the truth is you’re funny you’re the one with a sense of humor but you’re rewarding her for this because what she’s doing is demonstrating I like you she’s not demonstrating a sense of humor and she’s not demonstrating that she’s funny she’s saying I like you so you say something that she laughs you’re funny are you hungry that’s the moment when you are suggesting the next thing that’s gonna happen you can also do this let’s say you’re talking about something that you both seem to like really oh my god I love jazz she says you I see you as that type we should really we should catch a performance we should see those guys in person you know they’re playing this week things like that notice that you are not saying let’s go see these guys very different that does not come step two and three this is step two and three notice two is you’re looking for those signs three is you are moving forward this moving forward is not let’s do this let’s do this it’s too far all you’re doing is tempting her teasing giving her some options what you want to do is see if she helps see if if the signs that she likes you increase when you make a plan of something to do or decrease if they decrease she’s it’s too soon she’s worried back up remember the motto one step forward two steps back every time is something that you’re doing is not working take two steps back return to chatting return to not touching if touching didn’t work return to the talking before the touching always back two steps up because you want to let her lead you back there you want to make a step forward that was okay comfortable again so you start with your funny are you hungry she says know it well I’ve eaten and that removes your opportunity to offer a dinner that’s why you asked you don’t want to offer something that is gonna be rejected but you on the other hand if you say you’re funny have you eaten and she says no I’m starving you don’t say we can get something to eat you move on to the next part of the conversation to conversation forward but now you have information you know when you push it pull the opportunity of dinner there’s a high chance you’ll see Allah shall bite understand when I said about structuring the date you don’t start the date you though you have made plans for coffee I make reservations I know where I want to go I want to go to a place where the people know me where they treat me well where I know the menu where I I know how this dates gonna go this dinner is gonna go I like the place I’m gonna go it’s gonna be a popular place I’m gonna be it’s gonna be busy that means that if I try to show up there and get a table even though they know me I’m pushing my luck what you want to do is have reservations but if you make plans for 6:00 make your reservation for 7:30 even 8:00 I tend to make them for 8:00 because I know I can fill two hours with chitchat and even if we have to go early we’ll go early at 6:00 or 6:30 but we’ll sit at the bar and then we’ll decide then let’s go to for drinks is a place I know and we’ll sit there and before we’re eating at the bar and the place is busy I know it’s gonna look really cool if I walk over there and get us a table now I’ll go over and get us a table and boom we’re sitting down at 7:00 or at a the high time to peak time so I understand too if you made plans at 8:00 for a few made reservations at 8:00 your best time to make to make plans for coffee at 6:45 7:00 somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00 you want to make plans for coffee that way you have a nice hour to fiddle around with I’m in a second I’m going to talk about where the conversation should look like but what you’re gonna do from there you know where you’re going for dinner you know the place is already booked you know you have seats there you know it’s gonna be good and you’re gonna sit at a good you know it’s gonna this is gonna work well so you’re chit-chatting but you say that you’re funny I like the way you said that I like your sense of humor you have a really interesting mind are you hungry so each of any of those things you are rewarding her for something that is either something you really like for example I love wearing high heels she says something like that to me I’m not a son to you you might like Birkenstocks I do not like birthing socks on a woman so if she’s wearing for example she’s not wearing high heels maybe she’s got a pair of flats on but she says somewhere in the conversation I love high heels high I said stop trying to tempt me are you hungry now understand again I’m rewarding her for saying something I like that’s not an I like you she’s not saying I like you but she’s moving in my direction she is saying something I like so I’m rewarding that I reward that I reward I like you are award for example I realize that I like you and you’re the type of woman I like this a third example it’s nothing to do with those if she says for example I’m not really that bad fussy about who I sleep with well that’s that’s good for tonight it’s not necessarily the type of woman I like though however I’m gonna reward that because that helps today go better at help me bring her home if she says she lives alone that’s logistics that’s the other thing you need to know to bring her home so whenever she’s saying you’re looking for opportunities to move towards dinner I know I think there’s a place I know I think you really love but you keep your conversation going I there’s a place I know I think you’d really love you said you went to Nepal now you let her you’re moving on the conversation now as I mentioned the PAS let me tell you what the conversation looks like in which you’re gonna be looking through these little things to pick out things to reward well the conversation looks like is the opposite of everybody’s conversation with every guy seems to want to do and I’ve seen coaches that teach it to when every guy seems to want to do is find rapport don’t look for rapport they also want to dig when they find rapport they want to connect on something don’t connect on anything not now connect later what you want to do is at the beginning of the conversation spend your time brush moving around wandering this is the time for not knowing what you’re talking about well that looks like is when she says something that hits you first of all you want to move the conversation at least seven times how to do that is you actually plan ahead of time you’re seven topics that doesn’t mean you’re gonna bring them up you just know them in your head you don’t even have to have them you don’t even have to look for them all you need to do is in the morning rehearse the seven things you like talking about that other people can talk about that you sound good talking about realize again those criteria you want to enjoy talking but you also want to talk about things that people like talking if you like talking about murder or eschatology or car parts most people are not going to be conversational for that so those are not things to have on your list of seven travel however that’s a thing that most people would like talking about food most people were like talking about so you have your list of things that you like talking about filter that down for things that other people will also like talking about and then if you can find as many among them that you sound good when you talk about those things for example the things I love talking about that I really don’t sound that great talking about art is one for example maybe I sound interesting I don’t know but I don’t know much about art I just like it something interests me whereas when I talk about psychology or language I don’t know that much about language but when I talk about it people who look like look at me like wow I never thought of that that means I’m good at talking about that specific thing so those three criteria you have a list of things that you like talking about and that’s somewhere floating around in your head you don’t have to worry about it you just start talking as you talk you use a three-step sentence generator I hope you remember what that is Wow I love the pictures here they remind me of Rome three steps I love this thing that we can see smell taste here a touch and some excuse for it if you notice and I just made a random example up but if you notice the excuse always involves you the pictures are physically here I love you don’t have a choice it’s always going to be a positive emotion but the but to say reminds me of Rome well I have to have been to Rome to say that I couldn’t say that if I’ve never been to Rome it wouldn’t make any sense I’m not making it up these pictures remind me of Rome I like the pictures in Rome or I like some Roman artists it has something to do with my life so what happens is forcibly some part of you gets in there but it also takes you out of your head takes her all right you chitchat you’ll find things you connect on here’s what most people do when they connect on something well because you know it’s not that easy because when you’re taking care of a dog oh you have a dog I have a dog too yeah he’s a black chocolate lab they’re so bad when they’re you have a black chocolate laughs I have a black chocolate lab my god worse similar and so they want to talk about this thing that we have in common do not do that please instead right there hold that put a little note you have a little marker black chocolate lab you don’t have to think of it you don’t have to try to remember you will remember what you but guys don’t seem to realize is in real life it’s not like taking a class where you have to make notes in real life you’re sitting across a person you’ll remember that she has black chocolate lab and you remember that you also have one you remember that you connect on this thing you don’t have to make any note of it it’s just there but what you do have to do is don’t move don’t dig into that hole right now move on how do you do that just talk about anything except the black chocolate lab move from the left for the black chocolate Labrador to something else you don’t leave ignore it you don’t non-sequitur although you can be dope non sequitur it looks like this you have a black chocolate lab that must mean you had a you don’t I don’t do not leave out that you also don’t you connect on this thing it’ll really seem creepy if you do doesn’t seem weird like why didn’t you mention that before but don’t just don’t talk about it you have a you you have black chocolate lab yeah so do I that means you must have a big apartment notice now I’m moving on to the place we live our apartment you have a black chocolate lab so do a high that means you probably didn’t grow up in New York even though she grew up in New York even if you grew up in New York that changes the topic to where we grew up to growing up in New York to something like that you have a black chocolate lab you you probably didn’t go through to graduate school outside of the state it doesn’t matter what you what you want to talk about I can move from black chocolate lab to that thing you have a black chocolate lab that means you can’t possibly have a studio at home you probably don’t paint it doesn’t matter anything notice that it doesn’t matter you know that reminds me of spaceships they don’t actually have to connect the point is black chocolate lab makes me talk about something else now we’re talking about this thing she may still want to keep coming back to black chocolate lab I’m not saying stop lady we don’t want to talk about black chocolate labs you’re not gonna are off you just keep moving to something else but you’re thinking but why would I waste this connection you’re not gonna waste it you’re just saving it it does not come this early in the conversation you do not talk about the things you guys have in common until you have been talking for at least 20 minutes for me that will not that does not happen until 45 minutes into the conversation minimum once you get to that part the conversation starts getting really good you’ve talked for 45 minutes you’ve found a lot of things that you guys have in common suddenly it starts to fade you can tell she looks around or you don’t know what to say in the beginning when you first start doing this this will happen in five minutes because he’s just not used to talking to people but after you’ve been doing this for a while two weeks maybe or 20 women you’ll find that it doesn’t you the conversation lasts half an hour 45 minutes easy without sticking on anything so now 45 minutes in you start to you know you’re looking around you don’t know what to talk about but what you’ll find if you’ve been using the three-step sentence generator is it when you look around instantly you’ll see something that you talked about earlier in the conversation that reminded you of something and that will bring that back piece of the conversation so you look around and you’ll see the pictures that reminded you of Rome and you’ll say so you went to Italy too because one of those things will connect to something you guys had in common and as soon as you bring up that thing she will light up like a candle because she felt nervous too things were going well and things suddenly stopped so soon did he do that yeah so tell about when you went to Italy she’ll go oh my god it was my favorite trip and she’ll light up and she’ll start to speak somewhere in the middle of that one or the second one you do if you have more if you only have one two then if you only have one you have not been talking to her long enough or paying attention listening but if you have seven Earth’s you should have seven things or so three to seven things that you know you can talk about with her once you’re there you start talking about the first maybe the second somewhere in the middle of that second one you go you know what let’s get something to eat what i guarante is in the middle of 45 minutes into a conversation with somebody she’s enjoying talking to in the middle of talking about something she really enjoys talking about that you guys have in common she’s never gonna say no let’s not go to another place that will never happen that will happen early in the conversation if all you’ve been talking about is one thing you have in common it will feel weird when you try to move that to another space and that’s usually why it comes while you get the note you feel like everything’s going so well no it’s not because you have nothing to talk about especially if you talk about Labradors you finish talking about Labradors you don’t know what else to talk about and then you say let’s get dinner never will she say yes cuz right now it feels awkward but if you have seven things to talk about in other words you have a guaranteed next conversation here you are talking about one of them you’re in the middle of the second one she’s like oh yeah it was it’s it’s so hard you think it’s going to be easy and then and then you really put yourself into it and yes I was so committed hold that thought I really you really got me interested in notice that she’s the one who started that who’s got me interested in you really got me interested in that place with the jazz let’s wrap up here let’s let’s you don’t mind moving on to talk about something else right so you move on now you go to that place where you have reservations sit down and what’s the first thing you talk about that thing that she was in the middle of that means that conversation is gonna go really well she’s not gonna even notice that you’ve moved to another place it’s gonna that movement is gonna come so easy that when you say let’s get dessert as a place I know she’s already moved with Hesus to one place and that movement was so enjoyable for her led to great conversations because I’m telling you you’ve guaranteed a great conversation because you know to talk about stuff that she likes now you think I did I used to think guaranteeing a great conversation is talking about what she likes and it didn’t work that’s because you were not talking about what she likes in the middle of a great conversation you were trying to use what she likes to get a conversation not the same thing at all the wandering conversation you had for 45 minutes felt this is a good conversation because we’re talking about different things and then when you started bringing up things that she already likes it felt like wow this conversation is getting so much better it’s increasing the joy so when you go to the next place it’s even better because now we’re talking about other things you like to talking about so when you reach the near the end of that you don’t even even if you didn’t save any of the things to talk about you might not have at this point even if you have nothing left it doesn’t matter their feelings she has is when we go to another place the conversation even gets better I connect so well with this person we’ve talked about so many different things you never want a conversation where you’ve talked about only one thing that’s the thing you never ever want that is never a great conversation there is no subject that is good enough to have that as your your whole conversation so you reach the end of dinner you guys have met at coffee and then evening just what just flowed on to dinner with no plan at all that’s the way it feels it just happened that’s what a woman wants it just happened so here you are near the end of dinner maybe you’ve had dessert in general depending on the type of place you go if you know a better place for dessert choose it it might be drinks depending on the type of person she is if she likes drinks if she’s comfortable that if not or if the place and there’s certain places are for example Asian fusion restaurants just have crappy desserts it’s a fact Asian restaurants just have crappy desserts so you’re if you’re eating at a great Korean place the desserts gonna be a couple of stick pieces of melon you say I know a fantastic place for dessert and you move on the best is if you’ve moved from coffee to dinner closer to your place to dessert closer to your place so when you say I’m just gonna show you this one place with an amazing view and it’s your apartment when you get there she goes wait is this your apartment and you go come inside she get upstairs now I ask you what is the chance of her resisting movement from 2 movement 3 when she’s taken movement from coffee to dinner with no hiccup no loss in conversation and only improvement in the night from dinner to dessert now even if the conversation didn’t improve from dinner to dessert dessert is sweetness it’s simple its coffee and it’s fast so you’ve moved from dinner to dessert comfortably and enjoyably and she had stuff she liked the dessert there’s very few but if you’re seeing a woman who doesn’t like dessert my odds are not an attractive woman they actually even though it doesn’t matter what she’s like if you’re seeing woman it doesn’t like dessert you have other problems there with this woman because she’s not a hedonist she’s not gonna want to go back with you anyway you move from that from the dessert place the next place is home that should be it three movements that should be all you need to do notice it’s actually two movements but three movements coffee coffee dinner dinner dessert dessert at home you’re moving from but by the time you get home it’s a done deal in a second I’m gonna give you today’s value bomb which is actually a free gift today for a limited time only before I do though don’t forget to subscribe by clicking or tapping in a lower right corner of the screen and leave a comment if you have a question or comment let me know I will answer them but it might take a little time okay so now that you know how to text her unless you really just want like hanging out with them and you’re gonna want a way to go from the date to having sex with her and today’s value bomb is an easy way to do just that it’s this handy portable deck of cards developed by and you’re a scientist to make people fall in love with each other so you can either bring this on your date and use it there or what I recommend is using this as a way to go from the date back to your place to play the game either you can tell her let’s be can go to my place and I haven’t I have something at home that’s gonna really make you find out so much more about yourself or better you use those other methods I’ve already given you to get her there and then bring that out again it’s Gotham Club calm slash David to get you a free copy of this make her fall in love with you deck of cards you

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