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I mean and this is this is I feel like because I know myself as like as a high school student going into college you seem like you was so on top of this um I just want to know real quick before we jump into your life in Cornell how was your situation at home did your parents or was your parents guiding you through this guidance counselors at school because even though I was here I had all the siblings that grew up in America that went through a process I have I was in the same high school you had the guidance counselor’s that helped me throughout the way but you seemed like you were so on top of everything right how did you navigate your way through the college application process especially knowing you only been here for a year now yeah so I mean home I mean I gotta say kudos to my parents like they really were supportive I mean if some days they couldn’t work and had to come with me to college fairs downtown like my dad drove so many miles to get with all these schools to visit different college campuses I mean he got he drove me all the way to Cornell and back that’s like that’s 300 miles one way and then 300 back in the same day pop up the first good for you my mom was always checking in on all of that but I mean also like Newton North really their resources exceptional the year that actually now this is the point where we’ll talk about how I met you yes so this program so me and the principal at the time he was Jennifer Price who happens to be a mentor she talked about that so she wanted to start a program for very long time a program for first-generation students and people to know what first-generation students are these are students who are the first in their family to go to school in the US and that year I was a first-generation student and so she had wanted to studies for a very long time to bring people from our community community of new in yes community knew and is very well educated very wealthy a lot of kids it’s almost expected to go to college exactly so a lot of people have gone through the process either as parents or themselves or as grandparents or guardians of any sort so the year that I was supposed to apply for the program because I a little bit early I was able to work with her and kind of get this program going where we looked for a couple of mentors in the community and we would group we’ll find a group of first-generation kids in my ear and pair them with mentors yes and those people would help them go through the college process and at the end of that all we’ve the one kind of thing that we hadn’t thought about but thank God we did was for kids who knew where they were going if we could find a mentor in that profession that could help them through the process would have been great yes and so I was in the first cohort of the program that now they call transitioning together at North High School and the first time we had a meeting this guy over here came to talk about his process and he’s college application process and that’s how I met him and found out about all these amazing things that he’s doing and so because I was in that program I got an amazing mentor Stephanie Gilman she’s an architect by profession but she had sent a son to college before me okay and had been through the process and knew all these things about how to apply to different architecture programs how to get you know get funded for all these things so while my mom and my dad was supporting me at home I had her to support me in the school environment and also I think my parents didn’t want me to they doing me too much in my face yes in the process so she was a very good person to talk to and now I mean she’s practically part of our family now it’s a great relationship with her so she also kudos to her she gave me a great support system care of that I love that and I think especially for those out there and like so this is so Patricia I think is I don’t want to say you’re the envy Li everybody thank you definitely the minority because a lot of students don’t know what they want to do they don’t have to be exact I give what they going to be but a huge part is just the resources that are around you and using what you have to allow you to get to where you hopefully want to get to

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