How To Get Krampus For Free! Massive Vbuck Giveaway!

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How To Get Krampus For Free! Massive Vbuck Giveaway! Video

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How To Get Krampus For Free! Massive Vbuck Giveaway! Video Transcript

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alright guys we got to do our stuff here today we got Krampus Krampus is Little Helper and we got the new Bratz catcher axe what we’ll do is we’ll do a giveaway I’ll try my best to get off you guys we’re gonna do it as I usually do I mean I’ve been trying to keep up with like the every day a new scare do a giveaway I kinda like you know you know like missed out a few days but we’re gonna talk about that weirdo giveaway for this set Krampus I grabbed his little helper if you guys do want to support my giveaways it means a lot the reason I could do these giveaways is because of the support of Korea tag let’s go giver whitey it’s the greatest tag you just really should use if you plan to buy anything this is how I actually afford doing my giveaway so yeah I should really hit the tag but yeah we will do a giveaway Krampus and the Bratz catcher you guys will have enough to buy crap is I won’t think you’ll they’ll have enough to bite just Krampus and one more item maybe not gobs 2800 versus how much I give it away if you guys want ads right you gotta subscribe to this channel hit that like button terminals posted locations what you do is you got to subscribe to my second channel I would not pick you if you do not subscribe to my second Channel and you gotta have those polls over Katia’s out there too the link will be in the description make sure to follow my twitch – I’ll be streaming the giveaway on Twitch in a few minutes so make sure you guys tune in to that too again if you want to enter subscribe for both channels try to post notifications a both channel both channels follow eye twitch tune in to the twitch stream easy as that you guys can win also comments are comments um crevice if you want to win I will try to pick up a guy for the comments a yo yeah thank you for subscribing welcome to the stream but yeah guys I will do a giveaway for you guys I mean I like this kid it’s odd you guys probably do like the Skinit son I missed out on one of the days we’re not gonna talk about that I did not do a giveaway that day so I know you guys want more so will do Krampus giveaway today hope you guys do win good luck to everybody who enters in again make sure to do those things subscribe to both channels turn on post notifications on both make sure to follow my twitch I would be truly I’ll do the stream there I’ll leave the link in chat right out and I’ll leave the links in the description below make sure you guys hop in and do those things so you guys have the best chance to win but yeah we’re gonna just put the check the link right now so you guys can do it boob there you go I’ll talk to you guys in a bit thank you for watching enjoy and yeah have fun

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