How To Get Multiple Followers In Skyrim Se! *Easy Method*

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How To Get Multiple Followers In Skyrim Se! *Easy Method* Video

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How To Get Multiple Followers In Skyrim Se! *Easy Method* Video Transcript

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so John battleborn born for battle would you like to become the most powerful man and starvin well mr. TRACON born how would I become the most powerful man in Styron followers My Dear John followers yes but in Skyrim you can only have one follower at the time you do it well that’s where you’re wrong you stupid white run guard you see there are some amazing mods for both the Xbox one and ps4 in terms of follower mods now if you guys have always wanted to get multiple followers this is a really easy way there’s no glitches you don’t have to really work that hard to get these followers all you have to do is install the mods I’m gonna leave a link in the description in terms of the ps4 and Xbox one mods that deal with the follower system but I’m playing on my xbox one so I’m gonna focus on the Xbox one mod for this video but how the followers make you more powerful mr. track and board well John born of the battles I’ll tell you how John the more followers you have the more people you have fighting with you so you can spend more time I don’t know we ting sweet rose while your followers fight for you you don’t think I take down dragons all by my lonesome self do you ha how would be a well that would be preposterous so uh so you’re just a lazy piece of crap then no I’m a hero so for the ps4 mod I’m gonna leave you a link to that in the description it’s super easy to use all you have to do is download it onto your ps4 in the mods section of the main menu and there you go it’s straightforward if you just read the description it’ll tell you everything you need to know now for the mod on the Xbox one it’s a little more depth and I think it’s a little better just because you can actually make any NPC your follower while the one for the ps4 you can only have followers that available in the vanilla base game or followers that you added through other mods so for the Xbox one I use the amazing follower tweaks with two add-ons the amazing follower tweaks that basically lets you have no friendly fire spell damage which is very useful because obviously spells always kind of hurt your followers where this add-on does not let your spell’s effect those followers and also the add-on that basically just lets you add more manage followers in the base amazing follower tweaks mod you can only manage up to 32 followers at a time this add-on lets you add up to 64 managed followers at a time so obviously doubles the amount of followers that you can manage which is awesome and this is kind of like a must-have add-on so basically how this mod works is you go into the magic menu you go all the way down to powers and you’ll see that towards the end there is two commands tweet commands and tweak make follower so you click on that tweak make follower and then you hit the shout button whatever that button is for you on your controller you click that and burn al kiri warrior is now a potential flower so what you do is you click on a start a conversation with them and then manage with AFT so that’s gonna take you know a couple seconds to register and you’re just gonna be chillin there and then Burt he is now a follower you can trade things with them and one of the cool things is you can tweak his options you can play around with this there’s a lot of different things but you can add spells to the characters you can make him do some things like sleep like dance for me I’m not gonna do give me some sugar because that’s basically your follower kisses you but I don’t know I think this is kind of funny this is the best follower mod I’ve come across and I really I really do enjoy this mod so the other command that you get is tweet commands so when you hit the shout button again there’s just different actions that you can do there’s certain tools you can summon all of the manage followers you can set a home for all of your followers you can transform to werewolf so you can make your followers a vampire lord and werewolf there’s ice there’s so many different options you can do with this mod and you can do this with any non-hostile NPC which honestly I mean that’s that’s amazing like that’s really cool so yeah give me some at QB so guys I hope this helped you just go up to any NPC click the shout button on them and they will become your follower you can do this with multiple people having them follow you around at a time it’s so easy and it just makes Skyrim a little more fun well John I hope you’ve learned something very valuable today that will help you on your adventures I mean uh when kinda I didn’t oh just take an arrow to the knee ah they can barely tolerate our presence on earth today they take away your faith but what of tomorrow but then do the elves take your home’s your businesses your children your very lives and what does the Empire – nothing may worse than nothing

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