How To Get Office 2019 For Free (Mac No Torrents) 100% Free!!

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How To Get Office 2019 For Free (Mac No Torrents) 100% Free!! Video

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How To Get Office 2019 For Free (Mac No Torrents) 100% Free!! Video Transcript

office 2019 mac

so it’s a ouija time back for another video on in this video I’m gonna show you how to get Microsoft Office 2019 for free so basically what you want to do it is you want to go to links in the description and you got these two files so basically what these two files is is this is to Microsoft Office installer and this is what like activates that without buying it so basically now what you want to do is you want to open up the Installer once you’ve installed it I’m just wait I know say welcome just click continue continue then agree nine gigabytes just cook in the store enter your password and just wait until it’s installed I just put this in the corner yeah so it’s just writing files and then it’s just downloading so while it’s already appeared it’s nice oh don’t try to open it if you see the desktop icons right here do not try to open it yet because it will results in the unstable operating machine so just wait and I will be back shortly once it has finished installing guys I’m back the softer just installed so just go ahead and click on close on a bump do not open any of these applications yet what you want to do is you want to open up office 2019 serializer and click continue install this will be very quick so just do that and also if you don’t know what seri riser is it’s basically cause to activate office you’ll need like a serial number so what it does is it generates a serial number or a fake one and tricks the program into thinking it’s been paid for or activated so now I can go ahead and activate it open up anything so I’m Sophie Microsoft Word chuckle okay you see us okay start using right so if you’re thinking that um I already bought why did because it says behind you she wanted on it do you want a pump I’m just gonna tell you now that it’s just because I deleted word and I reinstalled it for the purposes of this video if you do not believe me on that I will show you that that I didn’t have one so let’s just go ahead and click on what about Microsoft Word I’m bad volume license 2019 quality ID so yeah so now I’m just going to get the proof I don’t I think purchased word okay but see I have not bought office look if I click on this now I just refresh the page so I’m just gonna show you I haven’t done expert it’s inspector let me know anything like that see nothing it says by office365 so yeah thank you guys for watching this tutorial and i’ll see you guys in that video bye you’re if you’re a bit you’re a bit suspicious and you don’t really want to do it this way and you don’t want to like you do to serialize it I’m gonna show you how to get it for free the official way but you’ll have to be like in school or you have to have universe do you have to be a student so basically why would a type is office365 education and basically what you do is you want to click on the first link and it will probably say you can the office for free for free if you have so it says and your squid images but you can also do like University College just like type it but obviously I already have officer Diaz um do not use it your normal email just typing in school even though just an you’ll be able to get it free Thanks also if you’re a bit confused on what to do next um log in to office 365 after you’ve done this and in the corner it should say install office 365 click on that and then you’ll get this installer and you get this installer and then you just follow steps and sign in with your school ID so yeah thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you guys another one

office 2019 mac

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