How To Get Out Of The Spiritual Desert!!

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How To Get Out Of The Spiritual Desert!! Video

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How To Get Out Of The Spiritual Desert!! Video Transcript

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well a lot of you are in a spiritual desert because you’ve been following and listening to people that aren’t giving you living water they’re not giving you the spirit and teachings of Jesus and His commandments of what he tells the whole world to do and especially those who believe in Jesus is like a instruction manual on how to fix the world and it’s so simple but yet it’s so hard for us to want to do that because a lot of us are just so distracted and busy and have these worries about the world but anyways I’m digressing I’m going so far so with Jesus what he teaches and what he commands those who believe in him either way if he wasn’t real or if he was real what he teaches are different from every other teachings the world teaches there I’m sure there’s other teachings that have similarities I’m pretty sure there is but with Jesus it’s the spirit because he tells us that his words are spirit and with his words and what he teaches and what he has told us those things that he has told us were judges when we die when the Judgment Day comes I know some of you don’t believe in Jesus or don’t believe in a God which is ridiculous you can have a clock without a clock maker you wondering where’s the clock just look at the sky anyways um let’s say I’m asked this to the people that don’t believe in Jesus I’m pretty sure you guys don’t believe it it’s probably either because you have a beef with Jesus y’all got beef with Jesus and or you’ve never seen a miracle happen you’ve never seen a miracle inside you happen and that’s me changing and wanting to be a better person and becoming a better person and learning cut alright so what was I’m saying I’m digressing too much this is gonna have to I I only have this to say and this is where I ended because there’s really not much else not much else to say you know and that is if Jesus is nobody if he doesn’t even exist if you just a man who who was crazy and and had his crazy followers or he wasn’t even real if he’s just a fairy tell them why are people being murdered persecuted hated the and oh man why if he’s nothing if he’s just a man why why does it matter if if if somebody believes what he teaches or believes and who he is and what he claims to be why why why murdered them oh it’s only the beginning it’s only gonna get worse that’s all I can say you know this is why so many people are dying being killed just because they believe in this man Jesus Yahshua yahushua doesn’t matter what you caught let’s talk about his teachings not about its name anyways it’s a good start talk about whether or not he even exists that’s the only way out is with jesus it’s with his words what he teaches what he commands all of us to do we got started with some basic commandments so the principle commandments that you should all know love God with your all with everything your heart your mind your soul your body your strength that means everything you must love God with your everything the reason you wake up and the reason you you do anything in your day in the reason you go to sleep is for God and you can find that in Matthew chapter 22 verse 37 to 39 and the next commandment is love others as yourself you know that’s that’s just I can’t really explain them it is what it is love others ask yourself and that’s also in Matthew 22 verse 37 to 39 another one is treat others how you want to treat be treated and that’s the same thing as you know love others as yourself it’s pretty self-explanatory and that’s in Luke chapter 6 verse 31 do the same as a Good Samaritan in oh no the Good Samaritan Inn is that you need to read that story that Jesus tells you in that story is in Luke chapter 10 but the specific verse or the specific line that Jesus tells us to do the same asked him to be like to get Samaritan it’s in Luke 10 verse 37 all right that’s a good starting now well you know what I just realized I’m gonna be editing these videos this is what I think you know are the easiest to do and you know what some of the some of the hard ones which are harder to follow and which I know from experience the first easy one have faith in God pretty easy right you know have faith in the Creator and the problem is you know you could debate what is the faith what kind of faith but I think just believing and uh something better than you something greater than then this world this in there and this something is also your creator and just having faith and they he will guide you in your life and teach you and lead you to the truth that’s faith in God now it’s in Mark 11 verse 22 alright the next one fear God fear God that’s let’s fear God fear Him you know what else can you say fear him did he can do what he pleases when he pleases whenever he pleases because he’s the Creator he made you easier guy yeah he’s given us freewill and all that stuff but at the end of the day he’s the Creator he’s the one that decides everything and that’s why you should fear he decides whether you wake up in the morning or you’re dead in the morning he’s one of the sides all that anyways that’s in Luke 12 verse 5 the next easy one worship and serve only God simple as that worship only God praise only God hallelujah praise God and only him never worship a man and ceremony only work for God and this is I could talk about this but it would take longer because it would go more and so you know stop working for money and start working for God oh that one was the worship and serve only guy that’s in Matthew 4:10 chapter 4 verse 10 and then the next one is don’t test god that’s in matthew 4 chapter 17 verse 7 you know don’t test him don’t don’t test god don’t play with him don’t he’s not somebody should be just messing around with and trying to feel superior to them because you’re gonna lose you should you’re not the one in control of God you’re not the one and these two hard ones that I have allow you don’t even know about them if you want to be a Christian forsake all that’s in Luke 14 verse 33 it’s simple as that Jesus tells all of us if you cannot forsake all you can’t not be my disciple and the disciple is a Christian you can’t follow Jesus wherever he goes unless you do what he tells you to do so will you have and give to the poor that’s in Luke 12 verse 33 this is not the rich man it’s not the rich young ruler this is not that that God that was come all good Master how can I enter into the kingdom of heaven and then Jesus tells them right well so we had to give to the poor but this is not that one this is a different one this is where you tell me he’s he’s telling everybody it’s following him so you have and give to the poor use your brains on these people sell what you have sell everything you have just a call you have what are you now you’re poor it doesn’t mean keep all that money for yourself you know give some of that to the people who need it as well there’s a lot of people who need your help so many people stop being so closed minded so closed off in America open your eyes to what’s happening in the world how many people are suffering for believing in the main you believe people dying of hunger people dying of thirst you’re dying of slow painful diseases what are we doing what are we doing don’t do you live cook I so the reason I’m recording this is basically just to say you know I hope you enjoyed the video I finished editing and so I just I’m just I’m just I just wanted I just wanted to say thank you if you watched it all of it I like I don’t really care if I only get fucking two three four or five views like I don’t care man like I’m just trying to spread this little seed cuz even if I spread it to a thousand ten thousand a million people man you know how many of those people are actually gonna want to do what I’m talking about in these videos and that’s for sake also all and go work for God and stop working in this system that’s corrupted and useless at this point this is an outdated system thank you hope you guys learn something like for real like I really do like I know at the end of the video the other one I can’t just cut it oh no what are we doing with our lives man like we’re just we’re so busy with useless nonsense man it’s not even helpful for us physically mentally and spiritually and we don’t give up wish people just people are greedy and I’m not talking about money I’m talking about what themselves with who they are I hope you got something out of this and you learn something new that’s all I wanted to say yeah Oh any of you guys you know if you guys the people don’t know who I am if you if you still talk to some of the people from high school or something just be like yo you know Hector you remember Hector or just be like you know oh he has his video blah blah blah he’s a he’s being a dumbass in this video or he’s crazy in his video he went crazy yeah anything man I don’t care just get me out there to lost souls and he’s saving them cuz dude you’re all heading the wrong way and I’m just watching well I was just watching but now I don’t care all of you need to know and I don’t care if I sound crazy I don’t care if I sell however I sound you know cuz this is the truth and there’s no other way around it and those who are gonna fight the truth there’s gonna be those people always even after I’m long and gone even before I’m either over there so I don’t even surprised finally found the truth

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