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How To Get Verified On Instagram In 2019 Video

how do you get a blue tick next to your name on instagram

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how do you get a verified account on instagram

what’s up guys welcome back to my channel if you haven’t watched my videos before my name is Nick I’m an Instagram marketing agency owner and I provided little valuable videos on how to grow your Instagram how to make money from Instagram and I’m also trying to do some videos on the client side of things how to manage client accounts how to find clients but if you have any requests for videos make sure to leave a comment below with what you want to see and I’ll definitely make you a video on that topic so let’s get into the video and this video is actually going to be about how you can get verified on Instagram because a lot of things have changed in the past few months before you used to have to get some you have to know the plot really you have to get plug or some dodgy guy who you you know spend a few thousand dollars on and then you get blue tick but everything has changed since then and there’s a much more legit way to get verified so that’s what I’m going to be going over in this video so this gets straight into it so now on Instagram is different so you can request verification if you haven’t seen this option it’s under settings and it’s literally called request verification and all they ask for is I think it’s a photo of your ID and if you’re a business on business documents but we’re going to be talking mainly about if you’re not a business if you’re like an influencer or a public figure now the first thing to be aware of is that you kind of need followers now that’s not to say that everyone who’s verified has thousands and thousands of followers you get verified with less followers but in general the more followers you have the more likely you are to get verified within reason you’re not going to need millions of followers to get verified but if you have a unity of people who are following you on Instagram you know thousands of people Instagram is likely to look at that a bit more seriously because you might be worthy of getting verified you might need to be verified you might need to be distinguishable from other pages but let’s go over some of the other stuff than you need so something when Instagram is looking into your verification request one thing that they will look into is PR press release or news articles should we say so if you type your name in Google what comes up are there different articles is there lots of people talking about you and one of the ways that people use this information to help them get verified is by basically buying PR and buying articles on different sites so Huffington Post medium entrepreneur Forbes these are well-respected media sites so having articles on these source sites is really going to help you with your verification request now one thing that Instagram takes into account when looking at your verification request which not a lot of people I haven’t seen anybody talking about this aspect I’m not sure how many people even know about this aspect but it is search volume on Instagram specifically so not Google search volume but how many people are typing or searching for you on Instagram because if there’s a lot of people looking for you that must mean you are kind of in demand in some way or people are looking to find your profile so it might be worth having you verified so you’re at the top of the list when people are searching for you that’s a little harder to fake if you like but there are ways around that I haven’t really looked into that myself it’s not something I dabble in but they do take into account search volume and how many people are searching on a monthly or weekly basis for your profile now one thing when before there was the request verification and you had to kind of go down shady route to get verified one thing that Instagram really looked into and it was something that your plug or your shady dealer would take care of is impersonating accounts or people who are trying to impersonate you or are basically detracting from your real profile so when people are searching for your profile they may land on an account which isn’t actually you but it’s pretending to be you so for that reason Instagram would think right we need to make sure that people can distinguish from the impersonators who is the real whoever it is the real Nick but they still take into account that it’s difficult to fake and if they catch the person doing requesting the verification to be making these fake profiles and if they can link it back in any way you’ve kind of screwed your application so be very careful if you’re thinking of Craig’s some impostor accounts yourself to help with your verification request because they can’t really come back and sting you and the final thing to really kind of be aware of when game verified is that you have to be a valuable member to Instagram they’re not just gonna unless you’re super famous they’re not just going to verify you if you know you’re not very active you don’t really post very often you’re not sort of a valuable member of the community if you’ve got a huge community of people who are obsessed with you and they love everything you post and you’re posting every day you’re putting stories up and people interacting with them and you just generally comment contributing value to the platform then Instagram are gonna take that a lot more seriously and you know give you a lot more leeway when it comes to verification if you’re really adding some value to their platform then they’re going to treat you and that’s in that way that you know you’re you’re valuable to them so that’s definitely something to take into account and just realize that you know you can’t just get verified if you just inactive unless you you have genuine celebrity and you’re famous then you probably will but otherwise if you’re not contributing to their platform why are they going to help you there’s the way I see it but yeah that’s about it for this video guys if you still there was value and you learned something today please hit subscribe hit like leave me a comment what do you want to see future videos on what would you like me to talk about I go through all of these comments and it’s great to read so please leave a comment below but for now I’ll see you in the next video

how do you get a blue tick next to your name on instagram

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