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my baby Sears today we’re gonna do a video on how to get to beat three from the red line so the red line is really easy it’s much easier than the blue line because first of all you have a lot of science let’s say b3 so you want to try and find one of these signs at an exit like an escalator and then just follow it up and its really close follow me you can see another sign for b3 and our meeting point it’s at these gates on the left so here we are I work the beat three gates this is the Beatrice mindful that HSR and here we have the sign for the TRA so there are just two station before you can buy your tickets interest on trad now it’s very important when you get your ticket and you’re going somewhere to a school or whatever by yourself make sure you go to the right station for HSR or for tra because if you go outside of Taipei a lot of the places have separate train stations in the same city so when you get you’re on the schedule for the school they will say in the information box it will say tra or will say ths are so make sure you buy the right ticket otherwise you will end up in the wrong special okay

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