How To Guarantee Results In Your Affiliate Marketing Business!

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How To Guarantee Results In Your Affiliate Marketing Business! Video

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How To Guarantee Results In Your Affiliate Marketing Business! Video Transcript

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are you pissed off because I know I was pissed off when I wasn’t getting results within my affiliate marketing business and this video we’re gonna go out and cover the exact steps that you need to take to finally get results and to finally get one step closer to succeeding and your affiliate marketing business what’s going on was Eric Ellis jr. here back at it again with another fire piece of content and I stated we’re gonna get right into the good stuff of how to get results within your affiliate marketing business and five practical things that you can apply to your business to finally start getting results now when I first started at affiliate marketing used to piss me off but I’ll see everybody else getting results and not what wasn’t right they were living the dream they had the nice lifestyle and I wasn’t and I really didn’t know how to figure it out right that’s why I create this type of content so that way you guys can actually get the steps start applying these steps get results and happy days no more crying right now if you guys busy first time coming across my content my name is Eric Ellis jr. I’m a serial digital entrepreneur and I lived the dream life so I want to teach you guys how to do the same with the Philly of marketing hit the subscribe button hit the notifications bell to join the family and get one step closer to crushing it on line if you guys want to actually get access to my inner circle first link in the description you guys can get access to it and literally I’ll be your mentor now let’s get into the content now the first thing is knowing your avatar so the first step to getting results within your affiliate marketing business is knowing your avatar a lot of people when they’re doing their advertisement where they’re speaking to somebody trying to sell their product right they’re speaking to the right or the wrong people right so you need to know who you’re selling to right now before you even pick a product right you need to find your niche and then within that niche with the type of products you’re going to go ahead and provide you need to know who you’re trying to actually speak to right now for my specific avatar beaking to struggling affiliates people who need my help right and I sell those type of products right if you’re trying to sell a weight loss weight loss products yours might be middle-aged to elderly women who are trying to lose weight right so anywhere from 40 to 55 years old who are a little bit overweight and who are interested in weight loss and dieting right so those are the type of people I’m gonna go and speak to and that’s how my marketing message is going to come across right marketing message to market to those type of people so you need to know who you’re marketing to right that’s the first step number two it’s picking and off of that converse so many times people know they’re speaking to right they have the right marketing message in their advertisement but the offer is crap right now the best way to figure out how to find it off that converts right some people if you were if you’re promoting Clickbank products they might say look at the gravity score right and all actuality guys what’s most important is actually looking at the video sales letters now the video sells loader is simply the sells video for the actual affiliate offer if it’s something if you were in that target audience and you watch that video sales letter and you’re not convinced to actually buy that product it’s probably not going to convert right so find something that’s actually going to convert right if you watch it and it’s compelling and it’s engaging and it’s a story and it’s persuasive and they have strong call to actions at that point even if it’s a weight loss product and I’m skinny as a freakin toothpick if I feel like buying the damn product even though I don’t even need to lose weight that’s a good time that it’s a good product and that it’s going to convert right number two is make sure that even though it does convert that is congruent with the brand right I don’t just promote anything I’m not gonna go to promote something that’s false income claims or false claims or just scammy spammy looking type of offers I want it to look essica right so make sure this has to go make sure it converts so finding it on for that converts look at the advertisement material look at the sales material and make sure that it’s going to be compelling and your target audience is going to want to actually buy right because sometimes it might be a really good marketing message but if you’re getting that marketing message in front of the wrong people it’s not gonna work so number two number two is finding enough for that converts number three I should remember this but I need my fault right number three is you want to drive consistent traffic right consistent targeted traffic a lot of people’s like oh my gosh I’m not getting any sells right but they’re doing affiliate marketing all wrong right they’re reaching out to people in their inbox they’re saying hey do you want to go ahead and buy this product or hey are you let’s say you’re there’s something gonna make money online product hey are you interested in making money online or getting rich quickly or whatever guys that’s a value sell products on that right that’s not scalable whatsoever right trading your time for money the whole reason why people get into affiliate marketing is so that way they don’t have to trade their time for money like they do it a job and they can actually scale their income right make a thousand dollars in a week make five thousand dollars a week ten thousand dollars in a week and so on right the only way you can do that is if you set up automation and you drive consistent quality traffic now once that’s profitable you scale the traffic that you’re driving to that offer right now just a prime example creating a youtube account and creating a how-to videos or something along those lines within those niches and then having a call to action can eventually over time blossom into this really good quality traffic towards for my youtube account I get over 100 leads per day right that’s that’s a ridiculous income number to Facebook guys they’re really targeted and you can scale it up but you need to know what the heck you’re doing right so consistent quality traffic find a traffic source that you can be consistent and that that you can drive a lot of it number four is follow up so many people don’t follow up right whether you’re doing retargeting ads with Facebook you put a pixel on your actual your offers and your retargeting people right or even if you’re following up with people with email marketing guys 80% of your sales will come on the back end most people don’t buy up front most people don’t buy off of impulse they want to think about it right they want to see okay this is a great decision or they might not have the finances at the time a lot of most people I buy they don’t have the money but they do want to buy it so you have to remarket to those people or aggressively so that way you can actually monetize those people and get those cells so remarketing following up email marketing how have you decided to figure out a way to actually follow up with these prospects so that way you can increase your overall return on your advertisement spent and even if you’re doing a free advertisement or free traffic sources you want to follow up last but not least guys this is the number one thing number five is testing and optimizing when it comes to your sales funnel you want to split test your landing pages okay this one’s converting at 30% this one’s converting at 50% and we’re going to keep this one okay let me go to change the headline okay this one’s converting better let me keep this one let me go ahead and let me go ahead and test the color of the button okay green means go red means no okay so green works better let me go and keep the green one you continue to optimize also with your advertisement you want to go to optimize the headline optimize the advertisement image advertise or optimize the message optimize and test the audience attach the marketing to that is the number one reason why most people fell in affiliate marketing the only way you’re going to go ahead and get results is if you optimize and a lot of people don’t have the ability to optimize because they don’t have the money to do it right it costs a lot of money to optimize when you’re doing a paid advertisement right so get a budget work a job work extra hours invest into your business right and if not do something like an Instagram page or a YouTube account to where you can start building a following you can start marketing these products around that niche base following that you’re building and you can start optimizing your sales funnels and everything along those lines with that traffic make money from that reinvestment to your business will pay traffic optimize profit rinse and repeat so those are the five practical steps that you can start applying as soon as today to start getting results within your affiliate marketing business hopefully that helps and if you guys want a mentor and if you don’t want to do affiliate marketing alone and you don’t want to do entrepreneurship alone you want to join a community and you want to be mentored by myself personally you guys can get access to my inner circle so where I’m simply gonna go and show you how to get results I’m gonna answer your questions for you right basically expedite your success process instead of you going through trial and error right I’ll show you the ropes I’ll show you how to get results within your business and not only that show you how to quit that nine-to-five and live the freakin dream life right so click the first link down below if you guys want to get access to my inner circle if you guys gain value from that hit the subscribe button hit the notifications bell give me a thumbs up yeah boy we’ll see you on the next video Eric Ellis jr. checking out

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