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so today we are going to answer one question from the comment section which i think is really helpful and I think everybody can relate to so the question was how would you handle a call when you just know you are not going to be able to help the customer with their issue you understand their frustration you know they’re right but you also know that there’s no way for you to help them hey there means you’ll welcome back to my channel this estrella once again and you are still watching call center ninja if you’re new here in your life content about cause our tips and lifestyle then please consider subscribing just click the red subscribe button below if you have already subscribed then thank you so much it is really very challenging because you don’t know exactly what you will do anymore this is what I usually call a dead end call because there’s no way out anymore and you are not supposed to hang up right and this type of situation or scenario usually happens when your customer asks for refunds or maybe they want to cancel their plans or subscription to subscription but you can no longer do it so here are some tips that I can’t think of and a lot of them I’ve already done previously and this is just based on my experience so if your account has a different way of handling this type of call then please follow the guidelines of your account first so my first tip the very first thing that I do is to make sure that I have exhausted all possible means to help the customer and you have to be very sure that 101 percent sure that you have done everything in your power to help the customer with the concern have you checked your draw Bates have you checked to your knowledge base have you asked your supervisor your mentor or whoever is there you already exhausted everything in your brain cells or your gut your interesting everything just to be sure that it won’t backfire because you might think that you have done everything for the customer but you haven’t so it might just be taken against you which brings us to our next tip the second tip is to offer escalation which I also refer to as proactive escalation however only do this when it is allowed in your account in my previous account there are a lot of circumstances where and we were not allowed to proactively escalate to a supervisor or a manager so when I say proactive escalation that’s when you offer to transfer to a supervisor or a manager or to escalation team even when the customer did not ask for you to transfer him or her to a supervisor so if you’re allowed to do this and you think that you have already exhausted everything like all possible means then just transfer to a supervisor because sometimes you know some customers really just wants to hear it from someone else hear it from a superior or someone with an authority to tell them that something cannot be done any more or their requests cannot be fulfilled any more in that situation or that scenario it is also important that you did not provide false hopes to your customer so just because you are proactively escalating the call doesn’t mean that you can tell your customer that there is a guarantee that the request can be fulfilled or a refund can be provided so do not provide false hopes to your customer because again it might be taken against you and you might get now just a deduction but be a customer complaint or feedback for that our third tip is explain why the circumstance is valid so in every situation or scenario there is always an explanation and on your end since you are the subject-matter expert you are the specialist you should know why you aren’t able to fulfill the requests of the customer or you aren’t able to further assist the customer any more the customer will not just wait there to hear you say that you can’t do it of course you have to explain why you are saying that the request cannot be fulfilled there is an explanation for that and you should be able to explain that in a positive way using positive scripting if you need help with positive language I have an entire video about that I will link it up there so go ahead and check it out tip number four always provide options or alternatives or future references you know if you cannot do something for the customer there is always something that you can do so in this case just focus on what you can do instead for example you are supposed to refund a customer let’s just say for $100 but the customer is not eligible anymore maybe you can look for ways if possible to give her a partial refund just say $50 or even less than that it’s better than doing nothing so always provide an option or an alternative whenever possible because although you are not able to completely resolve the customers of concern in that call at least you did something to make the customer feel happy or at least a little bit satisfied at the end of the call most likely any customer is going to hang up first if they feel that there’s really nothing you can do anymore and you know even though you really badly wanna help like summer there’s nothing that you can do but sometimes it gets bad and that is when you really just have to accept that things like this happen in a call center this can actually be an ahd driver like maybe the customer is willing to wait on the line in silence with you so who knows or maybe the customer will tell you to hang up first so he or she can take the survey and you might be given a low survey or poor survey we never know and if that happens if you feel that calls going to be bad or you’ll be given a bad survey then it might be best to just tell your supervisor right away that you are expecting that bad survey instead of just letting your supervisor discover that you have a bad survey at least you already proactively tell him or her that you’re expecting that’s your baby tip number five if you have already done everything from 1 to 4 and just to go over that real quick you have already exhausted all possible means to help the customer you have offered to escalate the call but the customer did not want to be escalated for example number 3 you have already explained why the circumstance or the situation is valid and why you cannot fulfill such requests and number 4 you have already provided all options and all alternatives then it goes down to number 5 which is do your best to make sure that you have covered all bases in your explanation so what this means is that if your customer is still there on the line and does not let go because apparently the customer still needs or wants to hear something that would make him or her understand what is happening then you have to try to rephrase your statements or perhaps use words that can be easily understood by your customer so try to put yourself on your customers let’s just say you are someone you the agent or someone who is new to the system or who do not know how the system works and how will you explain the situation to yourself as someone who does not know anything about the system so have you simplified your words your statements or your faces have you explained it in a way that a person who does not have a background about your system can understand it because if the customer still does not let go then maybe the customer still does not understand what you are trying to communicate with him or her there are so many instances where in an agent tries to explain to the customer and believes that he has already explained to the customer what needs to be explained however the customer on the other hand still does not understand so sometimes you feel like you have already explained it to the customer but the customer really does not understand what you’re talking about the customer is not fully or completely satisfied because you cannot help him with the concern but when the customer already understands what you are talking about then you can politely ask the customer if there are any other issues or concerns that you need to address you can ask something like have I answered all your questions how I clarified any doubts or questions that you have in mind things like that and then politely end want to say that your account may have different guidelines so I’m just speaking based on experience and as usual if you liked this content please don’t forget to Like subscribe if you haven’t yet and don’t forget to like my Facebook page and I’ll see you again in my next video take care

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