How To Hit 2,500,000+ Damage To Broly

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How To Hit 2,500,000+ Damage To Broly Video

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How To Hit 2,500,000+ Damage To Broly Video Transcript

inflict over damage with rising rush

we are Kochi what’s going on guys it’s your boy right here and welcome back up so the drag wall legends and in today’s video we are going to be going over something requested just in case some of you guys missed out on my live stream or if you guys are having problems with this early mission I’m gonna teach you guys today how to do 2.5 million damage with the rising rush to broli IX stage number 4 guys because I personally had trouble with this stage for a while I couldn’t beat it and it’s a long stage and it’s a super important stage to grind for especially if you’re trying to max out your Broly and it’s really really really annoying to have to do this separately with every run considering Broly has 3 HP bars of 1.4 million so total this guy has around 14 times for it at 14 plus 14 plus 14 so yeah that’s around 4.2 million HP guys so you definitely want to be able to complete all the challenges so that you can use your skip tickets in order to complete this quest so how did I do this guy so I was running a few different teams but the one that I ended up using and succeeding with is a mono blue team as you can expect because he is a red unit but the key being the rolling movie Goku I believe it is so he is the most important unit in this so if you do not have them maybe there’s other solutions I would think that Frieza pod Frieza could be a good bet running her with or running him with more blue units as well as maybe the Doria and Zarb on because they do give Frieza a decent boost but this is a team I’m running I’ll go over everybody’s passive just so you guys can see what’s giving what to who so really you want to focus on Goku and what Goku is getting from this team is honestly incredible he’s getting a thirteen hundred percent boost Goku himself doesn’t have a good passive he only gives strike defense which is okay I guess in PvP but not the best link for this one consider we want to do more damage so he has so frost is giving a strike and blast attack 22% which is an amazing link frost is one of the best extreme units for this event that you can get and I’m sure a lot of you guys have frost but not because everybody pulls trim units and here units but nobody ever pulls sparking is in this game I’m just kidding we do post barkings but extreme units are pretty common so I’m sure most you guys even if you’re free-to-play have this frost by now Vegeta who is a hero units I’m sure everybody has who gives blue blast attack 20% which is amazing Frieza who gives strike attack and defense you don’t really need as much the Bora who’s also fantastic link gives strike and Blas attack during battle which is the best one out of all these and kid trunks who gives blast attack and defense during battle so the key to this guy’s is Goku himself has a passive where he is able to get more damage if he’s the last one alive so you guys get me you gotta let your other two units die use those green cards that you get from Goku and then rising rush so we’re gonna do this together we’re gonna start the mission just so I could show you guys and we’ll hop into her alright guys so a mistake that I made the first time i did this mission was the fact that was the fact that I did it on burly’s first HP bar which is the biggest mistake that you could possibly do in this event and the reason for that being is that you have to beat the event after to get the reward and it’s hard to beat Broly with 1.4 million HP twice when you can’t swap characters so that was my biggest mistake it was super clutch we beat it live on stream guys and the homie rom saw was there which was pretty cool and it was just a very clutch moment I’ll probably throw a little clip in at the end but learn from my mistake guys even though we beat it learn from my mistake that it’s best to save it for the ending guys best to save it for the ending when pearl he’s on his last HP bar cuz then you’ll win the game you win the round you won’t have to worry about clutching 2.8 million HP so we have an amazing setup right now we should have two key blasts just from Goku’s passive alone and we’re gonna actually switch into Frieza because I’m worried Guk who’s gonna die before the end of it as I said this Broly event is still no joke he does hit extremely hard so it is hard to clutch up at the end so trust me guys take my advice listen to your boy right oh my god so we’re gonna have to use a blue card right now because we want to save these green cards for Goku trying to get him into the country you know we got to save him the green card good joke no okay I’ll stop I’ll stop okay so I’m gonna skip ahead and tell girlies on his last HP bar guys I won’t drag it out for your homies and then we’ll do some real damage all right guys so bro Lee is on his last bar of health so we’re gonna let freeze a diary now okay now we’re gonna switch into de Bora we’re gonna let de Bora die oh no okay Goku please stay alive okay sir Bora and just you know we could just do some damage whatever shows show bro Lee who’s boss to be honest this rush he’s gonna destroy he’s gonna destroy DeBoer pretty quickly okay the cool thing would be if we can get over there it is we can get the stun off with the borrow the paralysis if he doesn’t dodge this that’s pretty cool okay so that could clutch this near the end if he ends up getting paralyzed but we want the border to die right now well let this happen as long as brawl he doesn’t get his rising the rush we’re in the clear because if he does it’s gonna reset all of our cards and that’s gonna be it’s gonna suck for all of us so roley’s lost alive we’re gonna use our first green card it needs our second green card and now we’re going to rush in and luckily he’s paralyzed and we’re gonna rising rush guys and this is gonna be as long as we get the card right it’s gonna be GG so we’re hitting him with our special which is gonna do so much damage on its own hopefully he doesn’t pick fizz this is the scariest part I would just reset the stage by closing the app if this happens yeah as you guys can see it lasts alive and we’re gonna do 2.6 million so my highest was 3.2 million because we had three green cards and 250 key supers but it still worked out we got 2.6 million and it really wasn’t that difficult guys so if you guys enjoyed this clip this helped you guys at all with being a stage please let me know down below I’m sure most of you know already how to do this because you guys are beasts at this game but those who don’t hope this helped you go through the clip at the end of me clutching it and yeah if you guys want more legends content feel free to hit the like button subscribe more and I’ll definitely uploading you guys more content soon thank you guys so much for watching and your boy ray I’ll see you in the next one please I know two legends on one stream man it’s actually crazy I’m a peasant yeah okay buddy okay what does that make me man I’m like the dirt underneath your boot if you’re a peasant okay can you kill me can you kill me bro Lee please there we go okay obviously baited the dodge nice okay perfect guys here we go moment of truth oh my goodness please let this be a please let this be a okay that’s okay that’s completely fine it’s not so fine all right here we go guys I hate to cut yourself some slack nah we’re just playing around guys they’re just playing around where’s nan oh okay oh if he guesses the same car doesn’t mean I’m leaving I’m walking away from this I’ll thank god you’re the hope of the universe come on man please finally boys okay do we have to win this now please tell me we don’t have to win this to get that I don’t think we have to win this thank God man 3.2 million that was beautiful I don’t think we have to win this but we’ll try to win this anyways I’ll show you why is there no game sound by the way that really upset oh you have to win so don’t tell me that okay my god okay oh he’s yeah give me that ass boy no not yet oh wait hold on why the music stops you eyes I’m a mess right now I own a computer officer I’m playing on an emulator man that’s why I apologize for the annoying clicking it’s it’s the way I can flash them don’t choke you know those are the best words to hear oh my goodness yeah I’m sorry for the spam clicking I’m playing on an emulator um that’s why you hear clicking right now I got to put it back on my phone soon Oh God Roley okay we’re gonna take a little bit of damage you’re gonna dodge this alright guys I don’t choke Oh No okay good oh oh don’t super Rolly please oh my goodness my heart’s racing my hands are clenched boy if you don’t boy if you don’t please please don’t please don’t boy Oh woof woof get off my screen Broly oh my god guys the music stop

inflict over damage with rising rush

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