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hello today we’re going to learn how to
put world warcraft addon into the world
or warcraft directory today we’re going
to go through how to download it off the
internet extracting and then moving it
to the right folder alright so we’re
going to start off with is going to a
website for add-ons there’s multiple
websites for you have let’s see you have
I believe it is
Wow dot curse com we also have Wow
interface calm those are the two major
ones that are really good for most
foremost at on curse gaming is probably
the number one when it comes to add ons

how to install addons wow

today we’re just going to go ahead and
download a questing mod called quest
helper so go ahead and type that right
in the middle let’s search click click
go gives you a list it’s the first one
it gives you the name the category that
is in and how many times just downloaded
and all that good stuff go ahead click
quest helper the very first one I’m
going to click click download
they’re going like choo mirror
automatically should pop up with the
save i’m using firefox right now so this
might look a little bit different for
you i’m going to go ahead and save it i

how to install addons wow

set it onto my desktop so here we are
just go ahead and extract it to my
all right here it is right here this is
the ad on what it looks like inside
Hubble 2gb stuff that we have no idea
what it stands for that’s okay alright
so now we’re going to go into watercraft
directory I’m usually default it’s in
the C file the sea hard drive I mean you
might have a different depending on
which one is your operating system hard
drive but usually it’s in local disk and
then it’s into the program files then
you usually have it down at the bottom

how to install addons wow

where it says vulnerable craft so but I
don’t have it of this which is ok you
can change it up I have it in the
regular so it’s going to look exactly
like this when you go through program
files and open it up alright so we just
want to go to interface and then click
add-ons and I’m going to go ahead and
give you the actual from the Warcraft
and you just go to interface and then
you go to add-ons once you hit the world
or warcraft folder all right from there
all you got to do really is drag it into
it so we’re just going to go ahead and
select it here and drag it into it make
sure you don’t put it inside a folder
that happens a lot just click it make
sure it looks right then drag it and i
already have it but that’s okay so we’re
just going to go ahead and if she rather
highlight it at the bottom depending if
if you use vista or XP that’s about it
folks you just want to go ahead and open
up watercraft and then go into your
add-ons as soon as your character list
pops up and it should be there check it
if it’s not thank you I’ve great day

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