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hey guys the throw huh and today I’ll be
giving a quick tutorial on how to
install a while add-ons through the
curse client okay first thing you need
to do is go to your web browser and then
search curse calm or curse there it is
right there
then go up to the top bar and click
curse Kline it will be on your left then
whatever operating system you have just
hit download now I’m not going to show
the download process or an install
process that’s pretty self-explanatory
it’s like downloading any other file
once you have that downloaded go over to

how to install addons wow

your curst client desktop store ok
when you load up cursed client for the
first time you’re going to need to
create account with cursed comm and once
you have create your account go to the
top left and hit add game ok now go to
the place of your game is saved all
right and then hit OK and you should see
your game up here up at the top like
this now one important thing you’re
gonna have to click the box right here
for enabling yes manage the add-ons for
this game checkmark that go down ahead
done now go over the top left and then
world Warcraft and hero of my add-ons

how to install addons wow

that I’ve already downloaded with the
program and then my add-ons tab now to
get more add-ons you click get more
add-ons go to the right search bar and
we want to search for auction ater
and there it is right there I’m going to
hit install alright wow that’s
installing we can click my add-ons and
track the download and install
and there it is just like that day I
don’t has successfully been downloaded
and installed into the game all right
now we’re gonna close course client and
go into the game and make sure it’s
alright once you’ve logged into the game

how to install addons wow

and you’re at the character select
screen go over to the bottom left and
click add-ons and here’s a list of your
add-ons and right here auction ater I
don’t we just downloaded that took no
more than 1 minute to download and
install to the game oh it was install
button that easy and these are all my
other add-ons that I have also gotten
from cursed client alright guys that was
the video thanks for watching um if
there’s any questions or comments just
let me know I don’t think there will be
but if there is let me know I wouldn’t
mind any answering any of them alright
guys thanks

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