How To Install Ubuntu 18.04 On Vmware Player (Vm)

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How To Install Ubuntu 18.04 On Vmware Player (Vm) Video

how to install ubuntu using vmware in windows 10

How To Install Ubuntu 18.04 On Vmware Player (Vm) Video Transcript

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hello everyone welcome to my online into that comes video tutorial in this video tutorial we’ll learn how to install Ubuntu on a virtual machine and this time we’ll be using the VMware Workstation player as a virtual machine so as you can see here we are on the host operating system is Windows 7 and we have installed the VMware Workstation clear already there is a video and the the the link of the video is provided below in the description and but you can watch that video to know how to install the VMware Workstation player but in this video tutorial will focus on installing Ubuntu as an operating system which will be the guest operating system beside the Windows 7 as a host operating system using the VMware work system clear so first you have to go to this website and and then you need to go to the download feel here as of today you know there’s a 1-2 desktop that 18:04 LTS the long term support version is available so I’ll download this particular version here and as you can see there is an ISO file this is nothing but an image of the operating system which is of the size of 1 point 8 GB you need to save this file but I already have saved it so I am NOT going to save it again but it will take it will going to take a time to you to you know since this is 1 point 8 GB size ISO image we need to open the virtual machine workstation player and here first thing that you need to do is create a new virtual machine you need to click on this option so I will just use this option that I will install the operating system later and here you know from the game operating system select Linux because we want to is a Linux operating system and here you will select the Ubuntu 64-bit so there are two options Ubuntu 64-bit and only Ubuntu so we’ll select the Ubuntu 64-bit option here and virtual machine name I will keep it unchanged but you can give any name by your name or something like that and also the location you know I will keep it something like this I will keep it unchanged and click Next so now it is asking about the disk size so let me allocate you know 30 GB 20 GB is recommended I am I’m allocating more you know space because I might need more space inside that operating system ubuntu or you can select the store virtual disk as a single file and then I’ll click Next so now here you can select see the options available and then you can customize your hardware settings here so by default that 2 GB memory is allocated but I will increase it to 4 GB processor our Liberty leave it as it is and in this option now here we’ll be browsing through that ISO file which already we have downloaded so this is the ISO file which already we have downloaded from the Ubuntu website we are going to use this image and then click network adapters everything is fine and then close this option and then finish so now at the the operating system Ubuntu 64-bit is appeared in your left side panel and just to make sure that our setting is correct we’ll just click on this option edit virtual machine settings and our of memory is 4 GB processor is a number of core processor let’s increase it to 2 the hard disk is 30 GB of size image file is there and we’ll click OK and also there is an option to have here which you can you know see the options over here and then she had folder we’ll do it later on but as of now you know we’ll keep it like this and then keep clicking ok and then I’m playing play the virtual machine so this will start the virtual so now boon to has started for installation so a new option has appeared to software updates you know you can download and install so this is basically nothing but a VMware tools for Linux it’s good to have it so I will download and install so I will keep it in a site the software updates so now we’ll select the language as English and then click install Ubuntu so the tpod layout will select the default one English us unless you need to change it and also just taste keyboard so my keyboard is working fine here so I will click continue so we’ll do a normal installation and also the download updates while installation ubuntu is by default is selected if it is not you can select so I’ll click continue so here what you want to do you through with your hard drive so the by default it’s erase disk and install Ubuntu I’ll leave it is leave it as it is and don’t worry that it is not going to it is your actual harddrive but it is going to install it is there in that is the shared folder that is been created for the one two and install Google 2 into it so now I will click install now so I’ll click continue here so it’s asking my location so I’ll say I’ll put location here and it continued so now before installation you need to provide my name and that computer name user name that something like that is the name I want to give your computer name is and to edit it something like my online ed ovm and user name is my own line I do I’ll choose a password and I’ll keep this option require my password to log in and then click continue now it is going to install the Ubuntu as a virtual machine on top of the VMware Player and as you can see that the software update is done so I’m going to close this one so this is going to take some time I’m going to pause this video so it’s almost half an hour and it’s still installing Ubuntu so let’s wait for some time being until its installation is completed okay so now as you can see the installation has completed so you need to restart the computer in order to use the new installation so I will restart now the click on destruct Now button so sometimes you know when to will automatically come up but in this case it’s asking me to please remove the installation medium then reboot so what I will do is I’ll close the VM player option and I will click the power of and reopen the VMware Workstation player and I will select Ubuntu 64 week and then again play the virtual machine for now Ubuntu is rebooting again after the installation it will take few minutes come come up with Ubuntu so there you go you’ll see that now open to is booty so alright so now when logging window has appeared and as you can see this is the username that I set up during the installation it’s asking me to press ctrl alt to return to my computer so I’ll click here and then I’ll use the password that I provided during the installation so okay now you can see that we’re going to is installed properly and now I I can use Ubuntu and click Next now don’t send me the system information don’t send information and I’ll click done so so now open to is ready to use but if you see there is one issue that if I pack summize my vm player VMware Player so my open to screen is not getting maximized so let’s see how to you know resolve this issue so first what you need to do is you need to click this so application button here and then search for terminal so terminal is opened so now here I have to type a command sudo apt – gate install open – p.m. there’s tools ok as you can see now it’s asking for do you want to continue I’ll press Y so it’s installed it’s basically up installing that VM tools so now we need to run one more now we need to install one more application by using the same command line but this time just put open that’s VM that’s tool – desk top I’m going to press yes so this is installed now we need to quickly restart Ubuntu I will click the restart button over here so now basically you want to is restarting and once it’s restarts hopefully we’ll be able to get rid of that issue that if I maximize the VM ware player window so the boon to screen also should you know maximize okay so again no good to have started so now let’s see if that issue is being resolved so if I maximize the one two is getting maximized fantastic so now it’s now this particular system is ready for use again let’s open the terminal and just write some UNIX command here so you are good to go thank you for watching

how to install ubuntu using vmware in windows 10

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