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hey everybody its Book of Catherine and we are back for how to beat the UN and boy am I going to knock your socks off today I don’t think you’re even going to be ready so I know that it’s a Nazi agenda but it’s very different this time it’s very very different and you’re about to hear why you will be so shocked oh you’ll be so shocked so I wanted to show you up close and personal here it is here it is the piano thank you guys very much so this is the gift under the tree uh just for you to me thank you very very much for it I’m very very grateful for it if you’re all my twitter feed then you know what I’m talking about so thank you very much alright so let’s get started how to beat the UN and I love some of these notes underneath my page on the video for why the UN wants no borders and I left them on the comments underneath it below I should make a note that I said agenda 21 was started 91 and 191 and it was actually signed in 1992 and I apologize for that HW Bush made three speeches about the New World Order in 1991 he made three speeches in a row two of them to Congress announcing the United Nations New World Order so I keep I was doing a lot of research right up until that point so I had like all these numbers in my head I don’t really apologize about that I you can hear in other videos I knew is 1992 and then pan we get to that videos just because I had so much research stacked in my head so it is 1992 that it was actually signed and you can see that in the stock market like you can see actually the the world’s wealth is going along like this the one percents appear and the bottom 90% is here and they are liked it to do to do to do to do to do to do Oh agenda 21 our common future is introduced in 87 Boop there’s the crash of 88 happens right do to do to do to do to do to do to do the world finds agenda21 boom and then it just keeps going dick today to do to do digiti to do like the one bottom 90 percents wolf goes away you know one percent wealth goes up and then all of a sudden like they bill clinton signs an executive order for it to be a law in the u.s. boom it goes even further did to do to do do do any good change to all presidents Bush Obama Clinton all the presidents that just keeps going and then boom the housing crisis happens and it just soars you know and you can just see this and so that’s what’s constant like it’s just they just keep going their agenda keeps going no matter what through all the presidents and you can you can tell that like I always said if there’s a non-politician you know I was just like people if there’s someone who you know they people could tell both sides were no longer working for the people and we find out that they weren’t and it’s very very interesting so let’s find out how we can get out and so here are some ideas for you so here are something to know about UN 21 so the United Nations is not a government body like keep that might all of their little aid agencies this is how the UN works okay the United Nations was formed right so there’s this United Nations and they meet together in New York supposedly New York and then Geneva they say they meet in New York but then they create created this climate change agenda like they create a climate change agenda which is really agenda 21 in the Nazi agenda it’s like they took ice cream you know they took this ice cream and then they put a label on it that this is green beans and so everybody’s like oh it’s good for me I’ll eat green beans did it it it does thinking that it’s green beans and it’s good for them and it’s not ice cream it’s terrible for them it’s kind of like that so they did the same thing with the Nazi jet the kids say like hey we’re doing a Nazi agenda on all you people you know by the way we’re bringing Nazism back you know hello everyone in the world would have rejected it everyone would have said like we’re out so they had to give it a label that everyone in the world would sign up for because they don’t rule they don’t have a government they can’t arrest you if you don’t do what they say they have to have people go along willingly and say oh yeah vote for that so when they put a law up on our ballot they have to have you have to vote them in every single time every election they need us to vote for them every single year they we they need us to vote for their politicians they need us to vote for their Senators they need us to vote for their laws they need us to vote then once they get in like Obamacare is their goal number three someone could come in afterwards in a democracy and have it removed and then they have to start all over again and they know that they don’t actually have any kind of authority which is why they want to do the migration compact they want to have the authority so what they do is they introduce this climate change agreement and what it is is it’s just like a label over the Nazi agenda it’s this is nice pre label and it says we are climate change now who’s gonna say no to that we’re environmentalism we’re so pretty it’s like this big shiny ornament and they say we’re climate change and everyone goes ok we’ll buy that we’ll buy that oh oh and so what they do is they go around the world meeting in climate change meetings and they go around the world they go to guitar and they go to South Africa and they go to Fiji and they go to Marrakesh and they go they literally meet all over the world they’ve had like 28 big huge conferences climate change conferences but that’s just the shiny label inside each conference if you actually read what’s going on inside each conference they have the Nazi platform had a 17 point or 25 point agenda the climate changed the shiny thing you open it up and there’s 17 points and it’s exactly the Nazi agenda it’s just all they say every with every single agenda you know they go oh this is no poverty and then you open it up and you find out oh you’re actually creating world socialism you’re getting richer when you start going into each policy you’re like so this just makes the rich richer like when you really break it down like every single policy for example they want jitter one other I think goal number five is equality they want equality but all of their goals focus on women it’s like we want gender equality and woman empowerment and so all the entire agenda focuses on women now what’s very interesting is is that the you know 50 countries even these last 30 years it would empowerment one of their things for the last 30 years you know there is the still the Muslim world where woman’s word is worth 50% of a man’s no they don’t actually carry out these agendas what they do is they use them in each country to wield it and make you feel bad to vote for them so like they go oh you know they hate Christmas they want Christmas to go down because it’s something culture they want us to be a globalist Society so they go they use they go oh a good one to tear down Christmas is number five let’s go after Santa Casey’s mail we can use number five gender inequality they actually have a campaign called him for her changing everything that’s him switch it to her and so they took Santa you know and that’s they took Santa and they’re like oh it’s gender-neutral but we know from cheryl atkinson that all those surveys are a false they’re totally false and they put it out in the media to make you think that’s really happening it’s not happening if it was happening there would be gender-neutral Fanta dolls no one wants an serve to be gender neutral or else they’d be selling dolls that way everyone likes santa just fine as a male but they use this thing to tear down christian Christmas and make people feel more miserable and tear down a cultural holiday because they want a one-world community that socialists where they just looked to the UN it’s interesting I was watching Russell Brand do an interview with Candice odin’s they kept saying he kept pushing socialism in he’s very specifically pushing the UN’s form of eco socialism it was very sly everything he said was just their socialism to a tee and I was like do you know that’s not seasoned do you have any idea like do you know what you’re pushing and and every time she’d say he pushed socialism and then she pushed democracy they say oh I don’t think that’s compassion I actually think that’s just intellectual jargon and I was like oh so when you push socialism it’s compassion but when she pushes democracy its intellectual jargon and he would just make statements and judgments and you notice you start to notice how they used the media and then he says I’m not a Democrat he goes oh I’m not a Democrat and you hear that from a lot of these progressives I’m not a Democrat I’m not with it party and I’m like right you’re with the Progressive Party and I used to think maybe this new Progressive Party is different from the progressives as old nope nope it isn’t it’s the exact same agenda I carried it out in that last video exact same agenda I’m like oh no you guys are exactly the same you know sterilize get out the weak population control the whole nine yards whole nine yards you know certain populations are not worth hearing from free speech should be countered the whole nine yards I was like wow and so Russell Brand goes out there they all go out there and they say I’m not with the Democratic Party I’m like yay you’re with the UN world government you see a utopia in the future then he doesn’t see that chart of the rich getting richer or the poor getting poorer or maybe he does and he’s enjoying writing that rich getting richer you know she’s like oh I healed myself and he’s like I don’t accept that reality and I’m like right because humans can never do anything on their own in a socialist system it has to be the group so if it doesn’t go with him he’s just like I don’t accept that reality and that’s like straight-up Nazism like just like you read what the culture went through back then and they said everything’s an optical illusion in Europe like everything they say isn’t actually so and everything that so is never actually said Europe is one big optical illusion and I was like its back welcome its back and did you know they actually have patches patches from back then of the Nazi symbol wish the Ottoman Empire like a Turkish sword for Islam they actually had Islamic soldiers for the Nazi Party that Nazism actually had Islam carrying out his tasks and I was like well there you go thank you for that confirmation so it’s it’s really amazing so let’s get on to how we can actually knock it out right so there’s the UN so we’ve got the UN up here right and then the UN what it does is it goes to all these climate change conferences and in between them they’re negotiating every time you hear they’re negotiating you see all these press releases the UN is negotiate these countries are negotiating on climate change they’re negotiating those seventeen things on their little Constitution they’re negotiating your lives they’re negotiating banking they’re negotiating our land they’re negotiating our water they’re negotiating your socks you know they’re negotiating everything and then they come to an agreement at that climate change conference once a year and then they hand down the agenda and it’s right now it’s called agenda 2030 and they hand down those 17 agenda goals that control every part of your lives just like China controls every part of their lives and they hand it down to all of these to this one like institution called Italy just kind of like you know and Hillary Clinton had her thing and then she handed you down to a lawyer’s office and then the lawyer’s office held it handed it off to people and that’s why they always whitewashed there is a Simon and piri-piri you know that one law Fateh law office in DC there’s like a really big law office in DC and they all hand it off all the politicians hand it off to a law office first and then the law office does all the hiring so that their hands are clean of it so the law office is called akley and so ICLEI which is what I outlined for you and my clean the GOP video so the UN has everything – Italy Italy whitewashes it and then hands it to the NGOs now notice they are all called NGOs that stands for non government agency and what’s amazing is they all have labels – they all have bright shiny labels they’re all called like feeding America bread for the poor st. jude’s all these pretty pretty shiny shiny things that asked for all of your money make you give tens of thousands of dollars they do clubs with kids they have kids do banquets they have clubs and schools they just go everywhere into the community they do workout classes they have everything area and people don’t even know its associated with the UN they go of every kind and so like in India they’re supposed to be like upwards of like 25 million of these like little NGOs everywhere and none of them report their financial documents and when they finally get looked into less than ten percent of their earnings are actually going to the poor just like the Clinton Foundation exactly like the Clinton Foundation who by the way always worked with 174 countries that’s the UN so it’s very very interesting like how it’s all intertwined like all the money at the top is intertwined but the point is is that that gives us a hint like then the NGOs go out and then they spread the money and then Italy and then Italy will go into governments and they’ll go to your government officials which is why I say get involved in your local governments get involved with your mayor get involved with your they love going into City Council’s that’s how they get those micro apartments built that’s how they make sure like single-family homes don’t get built anymore and how they make sure wildlife preserves get built like they we’ve got enough wildlife preserves and every single wild priced reserves was built by the UN right in order to make create a a Hunger Games type life Hunger Games that’s why you see all those high speed trains being built in California we were like why the heck did Jerry Brown just signed into being a high speed trip we didn’t ask for it we didn’t vote on it we don’t have the money for it we were already bankrupt why were they doing that yep because of UN they want the rich want these high speed trains to go from city to city you know while we just kind of die off but we can leave let’s find out how so number one vote out their laws so how do you vote out their laws well you know it’s their law easily it has that label climate change on it it’s clean energy clean I mean organic all that stuff organic clean energy cleans you like environmental environment like you already seen all the documentaries on organic finding out that it’s actually not in fact it’s dirtier than the real stuff like you know it’s it’s pure agenda21 like going back to the dirt all the stuff that used to protect humans they removed it all and so you get sicker on it and they charge more for it it helps the 1% and it makes us thicker straight up and so you just anything that’s environmental a gas tax any kind of like clean energy tax anything that’s green or environmental or global energy or global environment or anything that has to do with the environment or clean energy or clean look up the sustainable development goals anything that’s along that or like you know equal this or equal that or whatever it’s so easy to see now like you can literally see all these tweets by politicians I can go to Nancy Pelosi’s tweets or Bernie Sanders tweets and I can actually tag the UN sustainable development goals to every single one because the UN is left it’s so directly like they write the script I used to always say there’s a script there’s a script there’s a script that’s being written there’s a script that’s being left written and that you we now know who’s writing it and they write they work very hard to develop it at these climate change conferences that’s why they have so many negotiations because it takes a hundred and seventy four countries to agree on what they’re going to be tweeting for the next year to agree that oh we’re going to be focusing on transgender this year we’re going to be focusing on climate change this year but you’ll notice on those 17 things climate change is 13 well if they were all climate change conferences why is it 13 you know so it’s just a pretty pretty shiny label and if you notice when tucker carlson went after environmentalism they were all after him on the UN migration compact they were all after him and so he was like you know what I’m not afraid of you I’m not afraid of you I’m not afraid of you and by the way illegal immigration hurts the environment and you don’t seem to care and I was like like he hits sustainable development and just went silent and people were like why and I was like because he touched the label he said he attacked he actually said I know I know that without this label if they find out that you actually couldn’t give a crap about climate change the whole Nazi agenda will be exposed like you want me to keep talking I’ll keep talking that’s once the mask comes off it’s over for them it’s over for them and that’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna rip the masks off so vote out their laws so when law comes your way say no on it and then when you have politicians in office start undoing laws start all of our permits and everything have something to do there is a reason that you can’t do things on your land you have to get a permit from the government that’s all them like you have to take public good over what you get to do with your land if it’s really your land they wouldn’t be able to do anything on it like you should be able to do whatever you want your land you shouldn’t have to get a permit from somebody else to tell you well okay you’re doing public good by doing this on your land right so if you apparently like if you yeah so it is just one of those things where that’s happening in DC right now we’re finding out what I’m learning why John felt like I’ve really become a huge admirer like now I’m I’m I’m like now I’m sold on the Trump like I I can’t he has I have been watching what he’s doing now and I’m watching it cut off every single one of the un’s legs he just made Obamacare unconstitutional he he took their SD g3 their first thing that comes Reagan said in every society that they start in every society socialism begins with health care that’s what they started with the look that was the first law they put in and he undid it and then his budget proposes like an 80 percent cut in energy and clean energy and I’m like that’s another hit and all of it goes to their contractors and just on and on and on he’s just hacking away at them so and I’m like look at his agenda like look at Trump’s agenda it’s literally like we don’t want to be a socialist regime underneath the UN we want to be an independent nation we want to write our own laws we don’t serve you now if you want to know why a hold on all right I forgot what I was going to say so I apologize if it was really good point so but you but it’s proof and the reason they they are not reporting any of it is they don’t want you to know that democracy works like they really don’t want that’s what the whole point of the Russia story is the whole point story is to distract you from the fact that you know democracy works and it all this UN stuff can be undone but it does you can vote in people in your state in your town in your city to undo all of the things they bought before now why are migrants coming in that’s what I was saying everyone’s been saying oh the UN wants migrants into the nation for the richest servants know the rich doesn’t need eleven million servants this is why this is their ultimate agenda and I just figured this out because of an amazing researcher and she just she just no she’s giving me two pieces of research that ain’t able me to do the last video and then she gave me this one and I was like I was like bow down and what it is is that if you look at Sweden if you really take a look at Sweden Sweden’s owned by the UN now there it is clear ever even Volvo is doing full volt wente 20 now its vision 2020 Volvo and every time Sweden has a meeting of their chemical companies it’s now the United Nations and Sweden’s government and the chemical company is meeting now every time something had happened it happens at Sweden its Sweden in the UN and now the UN is speaking for Sweden when it comes to the vote on breadstick everyone wondered why all the migrants headed past all the other countries in went straight for Sweden did you know in 2010 they said that Sweden was headed to be a third world country already from migration because there’d rate they have the wealthy like they give out the most in welfare benefits and so they took all they just hit him hard with migrants and sent all of them to Sweden they skipped all the other countries listened to the numbers that the other countries actually took in Sweden took in by far the most they took in a crap-ton to the point this 191 men to every single woman that’s it you didn’t do whatever do you do baby oh I thought you ask the question okay so um that’s how many people they in like that’s how much it tipped the skills in Sweden and that’s how many on welfare and boom it crashed and what happens when a government crashes the World Bank has to step in and who is the World Bank the UN the UN is the World Bank look at every World Bank order and you’ll see that it’s asking for sustainable development I looked up China and its urbanization all the urbanization orders in the world are all from the UN the UN ordered organization even though it created mass poverty look it up in ten years they put a billion people in ten years of agenda 21 they put a billion people into slums and the UN said oh we need to reverse this policy if we want to end poverty their number one goal and what did they do they turned around and ordered China to move 250 million people to the cities for sustainable development for climate change and then the rich went it took all their land and started developing it for themselves while the migrants lived in slums there are now slums all throughout China but who ordered it for sustainable development that would be the World Bank what are all these migrants for they are to literally break the welfare systems and break the governments down so that look at all the 17 sustainable goals they are all huge drains on the government the UN doesn’t pay for it the UN makes the government policy and then tells all the countries to pay for it that will break their banks and then their biggest break and the UN World Bank steps in and they have a world government for real with real control I think they already own Greece because we haven’t heard about Greece in a while I think they own Greece and now they own Sweden but they’re not going to own us because we already knew is wrong we already knew our budget couldn’t handle it but that’s why you here Bernie Sanders constantly saying we need Medicare for all we need to pay for college for all and every time someone says how are you gonna pay for it he literally says I don’t know he just knows we need it because our budget needs to fall it needs to crack for the UN World Bank it just has to happen because a socialist system is just weddi and rating behind him the UN to woo us all and that’s lesson for the rest of you countries out there all those goals they have of universal health care are just designed to crack your systems and bring socialism in and slums they’re not compassionate so how to get out vote out their laws the green laws and all of the health care like all the universal you know federal aid all those compassion things or at least decrease the funding for them to vote out their politicians if they support climate change policies they work for the UN there are some politicians are out there that are like you know they’re you know they’re this or that or like I’m okay with climate change but they don’t like say the policies or they’re not like you can tell the difference like some don’t really care about climate change but no the so no the 17 sustain the SDGs no the 17 SDGs of agenda 30 and you’ll know you won’t know there’s a big difference between them and I’ll clean the GOP people were all they were none of them were agenda 2030 you can tell number three the media is at the wall I found it I found remember how I said they use TV and then all Center are we changed and wanted communism man I found it the UN holds governance awards for the media around the world they use a thing called inter inter and they use it to spread their there are goals out throughout the world and to the media they use Eco socialists in the media and then they hung up governance awards for partnership in governing they govern through the media but that’s the point it’s all they have they govern us through the media by yelling they don’t have any actual power so number four is stop living under their laws and under our own for example P see what you know political correctness the thing created by Communist China and created by Soviet Union P see that was just suddenly brought upon us out of nowhere know that literally started in 1992 by agenda21 literally they all say it started in Stanford nope it started at the UN we have it in writing and it’s a socialist regime and we know it but how is it interacted and set as law through the media telling us shame shame shame well that’s their a little law enforcement well all they get to do is yell through our phones that’s it we don’t go to jail our law is free speech so by you know one of the things I found out that they made a wall let me shot you oh oh it’s I just woke up Tiberius sorry tippers what’s that oh are you freaking out are you freaking out because it’s against the law to wear fur in this country or are you freaking out because it was manawa by the media aka the UN would you like to know all those movies in all those videos you saw against fur yeah I looked into it after I learned out about the UN and the way they do things and through the media and I was like you know what I have a question because I started paying attention to all the things I’m scared to do which means I was bullied into it which means it’s not the law that we voted on as a democracy it’s just something we were bullied into by some fictitional government that doesn’t actually have any control over us that just likes to yell and wishes they had control but they don’t they have nothing so what they lie about with fur that we used to wear all the time well what did they say in the UN the UN said it’s not social justice for individuals to accumulate wealth except that they you should see their little gatherings at the Nobel Peace Prize dinners that look exactly like the Nazi Christmas parties and exactly like exactly like the progressives in the 1914 G all the parties are decorated exactly the same and the tables are lined up exactly the same and the tables are decorated exactly the same it’s an it is Easter seeing how the progressives and Nazi Germany and the Nobel laureates all have the same exact formations huh I think I’ll listen to our law that we voted on ourselves and one of the things I learned about our law is that it is okay to accumulate wealth and look wealthy and first one of the ways we do that and if you’re freaking out I just want to ask you something do we wear leather do we wear leather purses yeah we do very no difference number two all those scary things that Janice Dickinson had us watch I had a hunch about something so I checked it out cuz I was like man that really scared me half to death that really scared me and then I realized I’ve been up to Alaska and I’ve seen the furriers there and I talked to him and I was like wait a minute yeah they may tape of the worst furriers in the corner of the world and I started paying attention I started paying attention and if you read those articles they say the führer’s in China kill animals when they’re alive skinned them alive yeah China also amputates the livers heart everything out of people while they’re still breathing and talking and sells them off to the world of course China kills animals when they’re alive and Schism alive or whatever and things like that that’s China they are the most horrific people in the world they still have concentration camps of course they do sick and twisted things why wouldn’t the UN want Americans and the rest of the world wearing fur number one they want us to get used to being without wealth they don’t want us to think we’re who hid they want us to think it’s a social injustice to ever have wealth so how dare we look wealthy number one number two didn’t we all start wearing jeans remember when black pants started becoming a bad thing and start wearing Julie started becoming a bad thing we started wearing jeans remember when men stopped wearing business suits to the office and they all start wearing slackers clothes and everything like that do you remember why they said that so we wouldn’t notice when we started losing our wealth and the gap went like this gosh darn when we couldn’t afford our furs anymore we’d start noticing ever think about that screw up I’m living under there other laws the ones we have voted in I’m going against them I’m not living under the UN anymore and you would be amazed at how much you live under the UN you’d be amazed they put celebrities on the sidewalk and they have pita throat PETA oh uh NGO NGO right up to the UN stop funding them they have them throw thing on so that makes you think you’re gonna get pain thrown on you you know what happens when I wear a fur out which is still hard for me to do it’s not for me to wear a fake fur out oh my gosh I go out there and wear it and you know what happens even a little Royal City I get compliments the house people love it people want to be wealthy again they want to look good again and American trappers and furriers are some of the best in the world because we have humane practices we are an amazing amazing society we are industrialized and gosh darn it does it make sense that they’d ever take fur in fashion on a rock wouldn’t that ruin the fur and the other reason I like fur let me tell you why you know the first time I started questioning fur was when my husband wanted me watch Great America have you seen what animals do to each other ferm you just watched Great America a little bit and I was like yeah that’s what happens to the fur if I leave it out there I would rather give it glory and do it honor and let it live forever in beauty you got to be joking letting it be torn up have it but be screwed up and you should see the things that happen to animals out there and I’m like I’m supposed to let like that’s what oh that’s oh yeah yeah Indians did it sorry Native Americans did it you know what I mean and they do it the rich do it they just don’t want us doing it they don’t want us getting hoity-toity and thinking we’re above our station but they do it look at their little NGO dinners look at how just on hoity-toity they get so the media is not the law by made in the USA it’s so much freaking cheaper anyway but when you buy made from China and even any other communist country you are funding the UN when Venezuela went down trying to funded it and the world bank funds China they fund China it is just the way it goes oh so it’s even more and it’s so much cheaper or buy locally but I my woman she brought up a cat box that we had gotten and I thought it I thought it was broken and she’s like oh no it’s right here and I was like oh my gosh and I was like yeah I was like I bought that before I knew about made in China right I say except that it was so much cheaper it’s like it’s so cheap is like seven dollars for the whole entire you know cat box and lid and it’s made so good and I was like actually you know now that I think about it so cheap and it’s made so well you know I wonder if it’s made in America and she looked on she’s like yeah made in the USA cheapest cat box they ever bought that’s made all the others are like $80 to get a closed lid fricking you got to be joking all right my battery’s running low all right stop living out of there Mei Mei vintage luxury good it’s what the celebrity so anyway do I look good in this I think I do you don’t have to buy fur but just wonder if you’re doing it because you’re scared you know because the media told you not because of anything we decided you eat meat you wear leather the people who say I mean you’ve got to be kidding me and they don’t treat humans very well the people that do these things it is absolutely incredible they all say these things and then they go out from China they absolutely do all this work with China socialist country that are harvesting organs like really you really care and the things they’re doing to animals in China so things are doing the animals in China so I don’t really want to hear it the hypocrisy and their funding don’t fund the NGOs nearly every charity club and churches so many churches actually end up being eco activists or tied to the UN in some way so and then I said and finally learn their SVG’s that stands for sustainable development goals but they call them SDGs number three was Obamacare which was just ruled unconstitutional because of people who lived out though ideas above but in other countries it’s crushing their economies like South Africa and Greece that makes them rely on the World Bank which is the UN now go and be free enjoy living exactly as you want they have no strings on lists unless you let them it’s your choice XO love you guys Merry Christmas mwah so just remember like the press is there law enforcement and the worst they can do is yell and they lie they lie why why cheryl atkinson when she talks about show a consent goes on and on about how all the astroturf thing is 501 C 3 s that’s all NGOs and she’s like and they make up stuff it’s all fake news it’s just the media it’s how they govern and they hand out government’s and words for it well you don’t have to listen to the news anymore and that’s why I’m so proud of Tucker Carlson for going out there and saying I’m not intimidated and the UN Compact says you it is illegal to speak about immigration and so he went out and he’s like I’m not into and he spoke about a little figuration he spoke about illegal immigration and then he said and by the way it hurts the environment your scientists used to do reports on that they don’t anymore it’s interesting that you don’t care about the environment anywhere I thought you did why does the left hate the environment now and I was like that’s bravery because he knows it’s Nazism and he faced it head-on on the very medium they used to govern and the thing is is that I know that all of us around the world have that kind of heart because we hate what they did to the world and we have a choice and we are not going to let it get us I love you guys so much run for office get involved hand out fliers share what you can but make sure you tell people to start taking a look at climate change conferences get their hands on SDGs before they start erasing before I start downloading stuff before they start erasing it because once they think you’re onto them download all the press releases all the PDFs for every climate change conference and things they talk about in between their negotiations because it sure ain’t climate change they’re talking about it’s talking about rule in the world and you will be amazed at what you find and by the way a lot of my research I find when I do images when I research this I don’t do the links I do images nowadays I just I search for eco socialism and I look up Google Images that’s how I find everything yeah so I’ve really changed that I’ve changed to looking at the images like agenda 2030 and I look at the images and then I find sites through that and then I click through those links so that might help you a lot like while they still have stuff up you can find amazing things don’t look at the links they’ve got the links locked down but they don’t have images locked down yet so get on it while you can I love you guys so much and go out and form people or win Bernie Sanders tweets you can answer and just say this is climate change Bowl this why are you working for the UN and not the world it’s so interesting that when we see things and they say you know Hollywood’s releasing men and black international audition we know what that is now it’s not China it’s the UN you know maybe funding it through China but it’s the UN it’s so much easier now UN National Socialist regime but unless they on our government they don’t own us and we’re gonna prevent that no more socialist policies no more universal health care no more universal programs we’re going to pull ourselves up on our own and we’re going to beat it because we know it’s on the other end and it means that we don’t exist anymore and we certainly plan on existing and not with them love you guys so much Merry Christmas Happy Holidays new year Happy Hanukkah and all of it wow you guys are amazing this is first time I’ve worn it actually so cuz I’m too freaking scared so I’m going to really work on that buying it was my challenge and so I will work on that together love you guys bye

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