How To Make An Amazing Youtube Thumbnail! – Gain More Traffic – Pro Tips!

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How To Make An Amazing Youtube Thumbnail! – Gain More Traffic – Pro Tips! Video

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How To Make An Amazing Youtube Thumbnail! – Gain More Traffic – Pro Tips! Video Transcript

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hey guys thanks for joining me today I’m Sam and today I’m going to be showing you guys how to make great thumbnails for your YouTube videos let’s go so one of the most important ways to be successful on YouTube is your thumbnail now some nails on YouTube are probably one of the most important parts of having a successful channel because trying to get the viewer to come watch your content is very important and the thumbnail is that little is a little bit that kind of grabs your viewer in say hey come come here and having that little bit like because they’re not gonna see you see your channel unless they see that thumbnail first so it’s got to be good enough to be able to get your view to wall viewer to come and watch that video today I’m gonna be showing you how to make free thumbnails with an online thumbnail maker that I have and it’s really popular and it has like special settings for a YouTube thumbnail and which I’m gonna be showing you guys how to change the settings to what’s actually most popular with thumbnails and how to make it so that it’s gonna grab viewers okay so um the website that a lot of people use to make good thumbnails is actually this website called I’ll put the link in the description the biggest reason why I would recommend this website is because it has pre-made templates for YouTube banners and thumbnails so if I go right here and I just search up a YouTube thumbnail then it would just automatically load up here so this it just it’s already made me though as you can see it’s already mainly the size for um the YouTube thumbnail all we have to do now is just add in our our main photo to make a thumbnail you could take a snapshot of like the video you already made for your thumbnail but it’s actually a lot better if you just take a picture outside of your video so that it’s more affected and so it’s like you’re purposely doing it so um I go over here to uploads and I can do upload an image then I can select the image I just recently downloaded and selects my image okay so now now that I’ve uploaded it I can just click on it and it’s already here so um this picture actually is um I took it with my iPhone camera so it’s actually not it’s not the best quality but since it’s so small you can’t really tell and I’ll get actually getting here right now I’m how to make the settings so first I’m just gonna size this up to the right size so you can at change your photo to make it um you can make it the right size so um I’m gonna actually I’m gonna crop this so now once you’ve got that we’re gonna change we’re gonna go up here at the top left up here so if we click on the image and select adjust then we’re gonna get a bunch of these settings over here so the brightness you can choose how bright you want it to be but um maybe maybe a little under bright like a little less bright is good so um research shows that if it’s thirty percent more contrasted so like if you put the contrast a little bit up to about right there and then thirty percent sharpened so this like blur thing here if you can like take take that down a little bit then you can see that the image is it’s nice and sharp and when you have the small image it’s really important because then with that small image you don’t want a blurry one nice and clear because um that’s that it really grabs viewers in to do that and so as you can see like this image right here it already looks it already looks great even though I did it with like my iPhone camera and even you can do it with a DSL DSLR camera like a better camera that that even it makes it even better but as you can see I use the camera and on my thumbnail so um this this picture I actually took a few minutes ago and it already looks great maybe you can add the saturation up a little bit so see ya this picture already looks great so now with the text so on the text if you click over here this little text button over here on the side panel it’s gonna open up your text options now um with text on the thumbnail it’s you don’t have that much space so you want to make it as as small as possible but it makes but that but that you try and try and get as much as you can to tell the viewer hey come watch my video but as little as possible so actually to make them pop out you can go to over here to elements and I just search up like square and then we get a bunch of results right here so this one you can you can really use any of them which one you want actually I don’t really like that one let’s go with how about this one so now you can change the size around I’m gonna have my I’m gonna have my thumbnail right here so let’s do I’m actually making the thumbnail of this video right now so um yeah if you really liked the song if something was what you brought in hey I’m gonna show you how to do it so yeah um so I think it’s something that looks cool actually is um the color I think if it’s like like a neon green or so um kind of a neon green actually looks really nice let’s make this a little more blue so um so now uh if you add like some kind of background to your to your text it makes it pop out a lot and so let’s actually it’s not a heading in right here so so I went ahead and added these headings as you can see I had a good and effective YouTube thumbnails and to be honest I’m really happy with the result especially when I used my camera on my phone and plus this like this picture looks it looks really great and so the main things that I want you guys to take away today is you can use like like your phone camera it’s not gonna be that bad even using a higher-end camera you can you can also use those too that’s gonna make even better you should also up the contrast a little bit like 30 percent like as I showed you earlier and then make it thirty percent more sharpened so because then you can get that pop to it so it’s gonna be nice and clear so they can uh so that little want to click on your video and then maybe want to up the saturation a little bit and this um this font that I use actually um Antonio bold and a toteal light I actually like those plus the background boxes that I use it really gives it a nice pop especially this like I love this black white and this like green blue color I’ve it’s just those are some really good colors and I would recommend and they always like wrap me eggs and like hey that that’s a good thumbnail it’s like when I’m watching videos I mean I want good thumbnails too so think you guys so much for watching I’m gonna be posting more videos every week please consider subscribing so I can make good videos just like this one and yeah so don’t forget to Like and you can share with your friends and yeah so thank you guys for watching see you guys later

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