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How To Make Forever21 Graphic Tshirts || Shania Diy Video

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How To Make Forever21 Graphic Tshirts || Shania Diy Video Transcript

forever 21 graphic tees

hey you guys it’s me Shania and I’m back again with another DIY tutorial for you today I will be collaborating with Bianca from a Owlipop and together we’re gonna be showing you three different graphic t-shirt ideas that you can DIY so definitely be sure to head over to her channel and check out her tutorials she’s pretty cool her channel is really awesome and check out the different tutorials that she has so let’s get into it to make my t-shirt I’m basically using canva once you create a design use custom dimensions you want to select inches for mine I did 11 inches wide and I did 7.5 inches long or high I guess and design once you have your page open so elements and then shapes and then you’re just gonna select a rectangle you’re just going to just organize it into a simple rectangle for the color you can click here and you can choose a color here or you can do add a color and choose a custom color now I’m going to show you exactly what I did to get a pretty like close to Gucci color what I did was I went to Google and then I did Gucci logo green and red you can see it popping up already but Gucci logo green and red and then I went to shopping and then I just went to one of these whichever one cuz these are all like legit Gucci um things so let’s do this one and I did visit site and then I have this eyedropper tool installed on my chrome and it’s called Colorzilla it’s just an extension and what it does is it picks a color anywhere on a website for you and it gives you the RGB code so I just went to the green I put my cursor on the green and then once you click on it it copies it for you to see it here so you don’t have to do anything really and I went back to Canada and then I cooked here then I did add and then higlighted and deleted that code then I paste the new code click on this and you copy and then just kind of like drag this up and then maybe copy it again and just make this a little bigger and this a little smaller it’s not like proper but I’m just showing you the gist of what I did then I selected that middle rectangle and I changed it to a red so again you can go back to your Gucci page get your eyedropper color picker pick a color from image click the red it copies it and go back to your Gucci design highlight delete paste and there you have it right obviously you can play around with these shapes until you get something that’s like close to what you want so once you have your shape now obviously you can just like play around with the colors and the positioning and all that stuff again this is just the gist of what I did to add your text you’re just gonna go over here select text then I did add heading and then just drag it up and then you can type in whatever you want like I don’t know like you can type in Brooklyn or wherever you’re from Brooklyn whoo-hoo and then the font that I use was Cinzel I’m probably saying it wrong it’s C-i-n-z-e-l cinzel or cinzel then you can just kind of extend your arrows make it as wide as you want and then just go here and play around with the sizing of the text if you want to kind of spread it out without like space barring and all that stuff which is kind of annoying you can just do spacing letter spacing and I’m gonna space it out for you then you highlight and then select be bold and just kind of play around with it so that’s how I got my spot and you could either stop here and just leave it as like text and the logo or you could go to Google and just type in for example lion face cartoon PNG transparent background and obviously it doesn’t have to be a lion and once you’ve done that you’re just gonna do right click and you’re gonna do save image as you’re going to title it so Tiger baby and you’re gonna save it you’re gonna go back to your canva and you’re going to go to uploads you’re gonna do upload images find the image that you just saved tiger baby ok it’s gonna load as you can see I already uploaded it so there’s a duplicate then you’re gonna drag it over you drop it and then you’re just gonna resize it and center it and position it wherever you would like it to be you can experiment with different animals and maybe different colors different texts whatever you want to do when you are ready to have your design printed you’re just gonna go ahead and click download choose whatever page you want downloaded or in your case you might just have one page then you’re going to save it where you’d like to save it then you’re gonna just click to open it I went over to and I created a new design to use custom dimensions I’m gonna change it to inches for the width I’m doing 8.5 inches and the height I’m using nine inches design I went to Google and I searched rose stencil and I just kind of browsed through the different options that popped up I chose to use this one and what I did was I right clicked save image as and then I titled it rose stencil in my downloads folder upload our rose select your rose do open drag it over then just stretch it out download open it and then you’re gonna print and I just went to Google and I typed in red rose PNG transparent background and then I found this one here you can choose any one that you like and then I saved it to my computer so you just right click and then you do save image as then you save it with whatever title and whatever destination that you’d like upload it into canva once you have your roses uploaded you want to probably drag about three of them over and just kind of resize them position them however you like after that you’re going to find a Frida Kahlo image so I just typed in Frida Kahlo looking down I just tried to find an image that’s pretty similar to the one on the t-shirt and right click and save image as Frida Kahlo go over to pixel editor you’re gonna do open from computer since I’ll be dealing with a black background I just went ahead and added black squares behind my letters so I just went to elements and then I’m clicking shapes and then I’m just choosing the square and then I’m just making the square black and then I’m just sizing it down and then I’m just for now I’m putting it above the letters just so that I can see it and then I’m just gonna copy it and kind of rotate it copy it again rotating some more and then I’m just gonna take these and send them to the back actually just stretch them out a little bit okay and then I’m just gonna arrange and send it all the way to the back okay and then that’s it thank you guys so much for checking out my video and be sure to check out my previous video right here and I’ll see you guys in the next one hmmm ciao

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