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hey guys it’s Kristen so I’m doing a really quick last minute Christmas video I’m making mistletoe that only cost me four Reeboks sometimes it’s like eight to ten dollars just for like a tiny little mistletoe at Target or Walmart so this is just a really quick and fast way that you can do it also very cheap so let me just show you guys exactly what you need and then how to make it for this DIY you just need some string some fake greenery that looks like mistletoe and then you will also need some red ribbon so I just cut off four pieces from my greenery so you want to make sure you get right down to the stems but you just want to bunch them all together like this and then just kind of make sure it looks good like right now you can see and if you can see it’s like in a point so that’s not gonna work you want it to look kind of like a ball all right so that’s a little bit better of what we want now I’m gonna take my string I’m just gonna hold these together and I’m just gonna wrap this around multiple times and we’re gonna tie it to make this easier kind of get a knot ready so I’m just gonna leave it open like that and then I’m gonna put the ends in there and we’re gonna just tie a knot to keep it kind of from moving we’re gonna wrap it around really tight to make it stay but you just want to kind of get it going so get a knot around the first little bunch okay pull it as tight as you can now I’m gonna leave this tail off because we’ll use that to tie the end of it but now I’m just gonna literally just start wrapping this around so I want to get this tail I don’t so we’re gonna wrap around really really tight so you can also go through a couple of the pieces just to make sure it’s really staying but we’re just gonna wrap really tight around this whole thing once you get it wrapped around really tight then you’re just gonna tie off with the first string that you used so I’m just gonna tie it right here I’m gonna tie it in a few knots so just don’t want it to move cuz I’m gonna cut this off and I’m gonna grab another piece of my string so now you’ll want to take some extra string depending on how high you’re hanging this or how low you need it to be so the sealing that I’m putting on is it’s pretty I need this string to be pretty long but you’re just gonna kind of find the center of it so let me grab the center of this right here okay and then you’re gonna put your mistletoe over top of it and I’m just gonna tie another knot and I’m gonna make sure that I go like behind these two little berries so that it stays in place so I’m literally just tying a knot and I’m gonna go over like that and we’re gonna pull really tight again and I’m gonna do one more one more knot really tight now I’m gonna just take my ends and just gonna make a knot through that there we go and then I just add some of the ribbon to the top to make a little bow to add a pop of color this is how my mistletoe turned out it’s just a cute little decoration you can hang in the house and it only took me about five minutes to make and about three bucks all right guys so that’s it for today’s video I hope you liked it and if you did please give me a thumbs up also don’t forget to leave me comments below and if you’re new to my channel don’t forget to subscribe and then hit this Bell so you’re alerted when I upload a new video and I’ll talk today you

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