How To Make Money Online For Free – 2019 (Part 2)

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How To Make Money Online For Free – 2019 (Part 2) Video

how can i earn free money fast

How To Make Money Online For Free – 2019 (Part 2) Video Transcript

how can i make money online fast and easy without investment

okay so part two so now I mean you’ve created your Warrior Plus account you’ve requested a link from a program that you like let’s say that you know that program a person behind a program actually approved you they email you the link are you gonna do is copy and paste that link right so for example let’s say I come over here and I go to get links like I said these are already the programs that you have the newest program that I’m promoting right now on here is actually which one is it this one right here and I actually like it a lot especially for new people now actually paid to get into this because I actually want to see what the inside was about but I think I forgot how much it costs so when you get the email when you get approved you’re just gonna get your link you gonna copy it right and you can bless it around on your phone or whatever so I’ll just copy this now let’s come right here and actually coming here so this is this is my link right here is coded to me people come here they buy I get a sale I literally just started promoting this so you see right now have 15 sales I forgot how much it cost to get in I think around like $13 I had tried to you know request approval for this this guy actually reached out to me because he already knew who I was and just act like hey make you you know promote my program is great you know I gave you the link for free but I actually bought into it because it was pretty cool now the only reason I bought into it was because it actually teaches you it teaches you being ads and Facebook ads and different things like that to actually help you make more money with this now being as a facebook ass of course the cost now online you got to understand there’s so much competition everybody is getting online now so a lot of free methods they still work but when you really want to take it up and not to start having those thousand-dollar days you know $10,000 months you don’t have to put money into ads don’t be scared of doing that so this right here is $11 to join so I paid 11 to actually bought the whole system but I I do recommend you know you all get this because it will teach you a lot so if you got $11 to spare even though this is make money online for free video and you clicked it I mean you know everybody have $11 to spare so I recommend this so for example what I’m saying is you get your link right so let’s say you want to promote your link for free so are you gonna do is you come over to Facebook and you know this is my regular Facebook page now you’re gonna see I’m not the type person that only talked about making money online on my Facebook page I barely even post about it I’m just a regular guy I’m not you know cocky I make a lot of money online but like I’m I’m very very humble so let’s say you go to Facebook now you can come to groups and you can join a whole bunch of make money online groups it’s a lot of groups that I’m in that I didn’t even join people just add me to and I just stop the notifications cuz you know I all you do is add me back to us so I’m in a lot of groups right so make money online affiliate marketing so hover over it let’s see how many members they got 54,000 that’s decent how many this has 82,000 that’s great preferably 70,000 or more that’s where you want to really post that now this has 345 members so let’s say for example I come inside here now this is this is how you going to do you some these groups on the electric posts so let’s go back okay now this girl right here has 82,000 members so if you come in here all you gonna do is you’re just trying to stand out so you’re just trying to get people clicking your link obviously not everyone is gonna buy into it but you’re gonna get some people that actually you know be interested they have the money to spare and you know they’re gonna buy into your program so this is how you make money online for free so you can use Facebook groups you can use Google+ communities LinkedIn mr. whips I called IBO toolbox I’ll leave all the links down in the description anywhere that you can post online for free then post it so exactly exactly how I make my ads or you know my post when I post in these groups you gotta understand there’s thousands and hundreds of thousands of people posting here and everybody looking to make money so you have to really try to stand out so this is how I post my and a lot of people don’t do it I actually put emojis everyone do that but I actually bowed to some of my words so all I do is I literally just come over here to bold word see bow text generator and whatever word you put in into other bucks is gonna bow so let’s just put dog okay and you see over here is gonna boat it so I’m gonna pause this video and actually setup exactly how I will make a post tax and stand out from everyone else one second okay so I said I had a to money bag emoji so I mean you can put your own alert Wis to it so you’re just Google money bag emojis or whatever I said 231 dollars every single day you know what the people are really making 231 dollars every day with this program it’s insane no need to inbox me or comment just check it out yourself no need to put a long post people hate the read like I said to keep it straight simple to the point don’t have people in boxing you you don’t want to make time in boxing everybody bag and click here and this is the the link right here so while you’re saying a bitly link is because let’s say I took this Facebook groups link if you go over to bitly and you put it in it’s actually a short nerd so you put it in and get your own link so you take that copy it come over here put it in it’s gonna take you to that Facebook group okay now the purpose of that is because you don’t want to use the lone warrior plus it just looks really really goofy so you want to do bitly tiny URLs a lot of them out there I just use a bitly so now you don’t want to just have it like this obviously you want some type picture it can be a goofy picture from Google cartoon pictures just to catch people attention now me in my case I can just put a one of my screenshots um like this is my Instagram right here so if you have an Instagram follow me so I could just put in one of my screenshots over here from like you know warrior plus you know from when I made I have this one right here you know this is how my Commission’s look almost every day all day you know I have a screenshot when I made three hundred and seventy two dollars in one minute so as you see right here like one hour two hour just commissions coming in so me I have an advantage I can do that so starting off I’d be used to put like cartoons and stuff whatever to stop people need tracks so don’t don’t you know start panicking and be like man I don’t have any screenshots I don’t have money to post it can be something goofy now I know people reading this like man it’s kind of lying though you said two hundred thirty one dollars every single day and this is I knew I said it was not allowed now now a secret is I’m only putting the title of what it says on a front page of the link that they’re going to so that’s to come over here and put in a link but a program right you so if you go over here to the program the profit incentive program the one that I’m currently promoting it says get the exact reset system that we use to bank two hundred thirty one dollars per day so that’s all I put so if you have a system and say hey I made you know seven hundred dollars and you know four hours then you put something like hey people are really making some when I was in four hours so let’s not misleading because if you come over here it’s not saying that you are doing it it’s saying people now two hundred thirty one dollars every single day obviously I’m doing way more than that so I wouldn’t be lying if I was to say I’m really making it but you are you saying people okay so all I’m doing is putting exactly what it is so that’s the key okay so I’m just giving you steps on how to start building yourself a business now a lot of people think you got to invest a whole lot of money you got to go crazy you got to do all these years in school know start with affiliate marketing so I showed you how to set up warrior plus a Carol how to get links how to start you know posting you can start a Facebook groups go to Google+ communities to just join a lot of them with a lot of members you can go to LinkedIn IBO toolbox like I said they’re all be in the description now what I really recommend you doing if you really found a programming you want to build it to the wheels fall off and you know eventually start having those 1020 thousand dollar months and you love the program it’s not going anywhere I recommend you go to Namecheap or GoDaddy and actually and actually get you a domain and forward it like walking bank-account calm that way it looks more professional and you forward that program to that so when people go to walk in bank account calm it takes them to there now you really start building up your rep start making more money online with affiliate marketing and everything then you can start a blog and you know talk about it and start ranking whatever that’s down the line right now I’m just trying to show people how to start making money online for free so you know like I said if you haven’t seen part one go back and watch part one I’m gonna make a part 3 so like I say it make sure you do all of these steps and we go from there

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