How To Make Money Online Free – 2019 (Part 1)

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How To Make Money Online Free – 2019 (Part 1) Video

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How To Make Money Online Free – 2019 (Part 1) Video Transcript

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everybody what’s up how’s it going welcome to my channel I have another channel but this is my new one I’ve decided to make this so in this video I just want to talk about how to make money online for free because I know everyday a lot of people are you know getting tired of jobs getting tighter you know school if you watching this and you and you know you’re in school I know I got 8th graders and I like watching it don’t drop out I’m not saying it but I know people just getting fed up and they just want to build a business online because they starting to you know recognize the the power of the Internet and they know that making money online is a big thing and I see a lot of people doing it so I just want to show people how to start making money online for free and if your starter the best way to go now to my channel I’m not the type to show my face too much and I love that because I mean honestly who gives a shit right like you you you click this video for a reason so the best way to start off making money online in my opinion is affiliate marketing now if you completely new you don’t know what affiliate marketing is it’s basically you become an affiliate of a program or a company and you promote their product or service for them in exchange for a commission for example right here this program called no checking social master social masters whatever it is I don’t know what it is but let’s say I was to click this and I request an affiliate link to promote that program they’ll give me an affiliate link and if I blasted around online wherever postcards business cards whatever and people click that link and actually sign up and they pay the Commission where there’s 8 dollars 20 dollars I will get a piece of that Commission so that’s pretty much how it goes so my favorite program website is called a warrior plus now you have Clickbank jvzoo you have a lot of them I recommend where your plus is because I know it’s the best so in your case what you’ll do you’ll come to warrior plus calm you’ll just start an account okay now once you create an account are you gonna do right here is click marketplace because you’re going to come to the front you’re going to click marketplace okay so once you click marketplace you’re actually going to click affiliates and once you click affiliates you’re gonna actually click offers okay you’re gonna click offers now what offers is is basically I mean this probably goes all the way back to like 2012 offers on here I don’t know how long where your plus been around but on here it’s a whole bunch of just new programs always coming out as you can see right here today is December 18th 2018 is that the one I was just talking about this came out yesterday so basically what you’re gonna do is you’re going to skim through these programs right here you’re gonna skim through and whichever one you like the most that’s which one you’ll request to link to so for example let’s click one penny drill I don’t know what it is November 12 so let’s click penny drill so when you click it are you going to do is view sales page so the purpose of viewing sales page is if you become an affiliate of this program that’s exactly how when people click your link this is how it’s going to look now the beauty of affiliate marketing is you never have to really converse with anyone all you do is bless your link around online when people click it the owner of this program they actually do the selling for you so for example she’s probably the CEO of penny drill so let her do the talking if people like it they’re gonna buy him now what I recommend is when you click the view sales page don’t ever request a program to have too many words because the be honest people really hate to fucking read they like to see numbers so for example this one right here is pretty cool so people see like oh ninety eight hundred and thirty days so this is a program I will probably promote because it’s not too many words you have a video somebody actually speaking and you have numbers actually showing results now you got some programs words like a guy may be just recording itself in a closet and nobody wants to see that they just sound dry like they just trying to scam you right so make sure when you skim through you you find programs you know that’s actually kind of catchy if it catches your attention and be like I think this program is cool you got to look at it from other people’s perspective when you bless that link around and people click the link is gonna actually do the same for them so this one right here I will probably you know go for this and try to promote it now this is this is it right here I know people see this like it cost $17 why did he say you can make money online for free you’re not going to add this to cart and buy it so what you’re actually going to do is if you like it you’re gonna go back over here and request approval so if I wanted to request approval all I will probably say is I will say something like I really don’t sorry about that I really and I can’t spell I really love I really love this offer I would love man love to promote it and I probably just say like thanks so I really love this offer I would love to promote it thanks request offer now if you get approved you’re going to get an email and it’s going to have your affiliate link all you do is copy that affiliate link and you start blasting it all over online wherever Facebook groups YouTube comments you know it doesn’t matter just start blasting it around like it’s no restrictions there’s no limits right so I mean you can get business cards made with it or you know whatever so go back here now what I just put right here is I’m quite sure a lot of people going to see this video so if you’re like one of the first probably 1 to 100 viewers to click this then exactly what I just put and request approve will put it but if this start getting a whole lot of views and you watching this video after a whole lot of people then don’t put the same thing because you won’t get approved because this person these companies don’t hear these programs they’re gonna start seeing people saying the exact same thing and they’re not going to approve you so try to be creative with it um I’m questioner most of you watching this was smart enough to come up with your own thing like hey I’m new to this but you know I have some experience and you know making money online so I was just wondering if I could promote or something like that you know but that’s what it is here ok will you come over here to offers and I know some of you are like I know he’s probably just making a video he probably never even made money so over here you go to get links these are all the programs that I’ve requested a lot of them I didn’t like I just wanted to test it out because they were new the program I’ve probably made the most money with is the 5k formula you see I got average sale is let’s say around $24 471 sales which that is actually wrong by my calculation I think it was really 680 but you know I used to keep tabs when it sails are come through in my email so right here as you can see is really around 680 so let’s just do how much money I made with it wasn’t a whole lot it was like in a few months time 680 time say 24 that’s around an average order so I made around $16,000 with this and this is when this program came out 2015 I wasn’t on Warrior Plus in 2015 so this is the launch date of these programs so you can see a couple more programs where like this one I got you know 22 sales average orders $30 this 146 sales average order around $30 so you know I’ve made a decent amount of money with warrior plus and still making money to this day so this is part one it’s going to be different parts of us in this video this is part one of how to make money online for free so the first thing getting started is you know come to warrior + create account go to marketplace affiliates then offers and just skim through you know what you like okay just skimmed through whatever it is that you like whatever catches your attention which every one of these programs catch you attention let’s just randomly click another one let’s click this one like I said don’t do want to have a whole lot of words where people are required to read cuz people hate to read so if you start blessing that link all over don’t really expect any sales because it’s not catchy to people so few cells page so on this page I’ll let you know if it’s something that I actually promote or not this one right here just kind of looked goofy to me yeah I probably wouldn’t I really don’t like when people just sitting in front of a camera talking and it’s you know kind of loose look goofy to me I in general way too many words not that many results yeah so I wouldn’t do this one right here okay so like I said this is part one if you watch this whole video through then make sure you click part two of how to make money online you know the description to be down below or you should see the video on the side somewhere you know we go from there so make sure you create this warrior plus account

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