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happy holidays everybody today I’m gonna make you one my favorite dishes for this time of year the soul way guess that wouldn’t really be a dish be more of a bowl let’s pack a ball pizza the first thing you’re gonna need is an insta pot make sure that shits clean no resin then get Bob dry – Chile’s beyond sausage one sweet onion a green zucchini make sure you keep this one away from your chick this is a can of hominy lime some garlic this is Bragg’s Liquid aminos it’ll put hair on top of your ball hair it’s very nutritious cocoa powder cumin oregano this salty ass-full syrup vegetable stock agua that means water in Spanish at redbull Cola and a goddamn Ninja Blender because then just do this yeah they’re badass now you’re gonna grab a badass now you’re gonna grab a frying pan and light it up toast the dried chilies for two minutes flipping occasionally holy that’s hot as hell now you want to transfer them bitches to a bowl pour two cups of hot water on them and soak them for 15 minutes it’s been 15 minutes the front of these chilies from the waters I can use condom remove all these damn seeds I don’t mean the Ninja Blender Wow let’s take a dump string the rest of the remaining water into the Ninja Blender removing all the seeds time for an abortion let’s say you save 18 years of child support money add one two three four five cloves of garlic Wow the Ninja Blender get some cocoa powder Wow and it’s redbull Cola Wow now gonna blend this up around the Ninja Blender and Wow Wow and that’s gonna be your chili sauce paper so Lane grab an onion abracadabra would you like to see that magic trick again voila nothing up my sleeves grab some Veon sausage rip it open and grab a link check out my dog dogs though the beyond meet on a skillet let them cook flipping occasionally and transform to a cutting board this reminds me of Lorena Bobbitt we don’t know who that is she cut off her husband steak google it alright we’re ready to make them soul a pizza add some oil and onions to the instant pot mix that together let them caramelize nice tuna slided you beyond sausage there’s only one hole so you should be able to find it don’t burn your meat or get gonorrhea grab the liquid aminos bukkake about two tablespoons and some zucchini 129 ounce can of hominy at the dried oregano cumin and salt mix all that together it smells like love up in here Wow grab the chili mix and add that oh that is just lovely now you need 5 cups of vegetable stock give it a little mix put the lid on tight and set for high pressure for 12 minutes well that’s cooking here’s a clip from a video part I’m working on shit’s done kinda let the steam out let’s pop this litt holy that smells awesome time to pack a fat ass ball don’t forget the juice about to take a bite hold the up read the garnishes cilantro radish onion some lime with tequila alright we’re ready to celebrate this holiday hmm please stop it uh hey guys want to pack your bowls

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